When Girls Were Drugged with Aphrodisiac in Some CN Novels…


When Girls Were Drugged with Aphrodisiac in Some CN Novels… Chapter 6-7

Chapter 6

Three people carried on their path of trials. One day the protagonist needed to break through an important realm, but unexpectedly, he fell into Qi Deviation.
Both his body and mind were occupied by lust. Then he saw the girl.

Being stared aggressively, the girl was shaking nervously. and she asked, "Xiao Yan, are you alright? You look a little strange."

The protagonist gave a strange laugh, "Ho-ho-ha-ha, am I alright? I'm completely fine! I have never been better. Girl, I like you. Come and let me papapa you! Oooh! Oooh!!!”

Because of Qi Deviation, the protagonist jumped forward wanted to papapa the girl.

At this time, his little buddy appeared and used an Icy Heart cultivation technique to restraint the protagonist's Qi Deviation.

After the protagonist restored his consciousness.

Little buddy, "whew, that was close. I mean Xiao Yan, you gotta be careful next time when practicing your cultivation. Luckily I am here this time, otherwise, you probably already papapaed the girl."

The protagonist, "......"

The girl, "......"

Chapter 7

One day, on the path of trails, three people encountered Xiao Xun.

Xiao Xun asked Xiao Yan in confusion who the girl was. But before Xiao Yan could answer, the little buddy said first.

The little buddy said, "oh, this girl, she knew Xiao Yan way back. But this time, we accidentally met her during our path of trails and found out that she was drugged with aphrodisiac. At that time, out of good intention, Xiao Yan wanted to save her, but I have the antidote, which is a more convenient and quick way to save the girl. Later, Xiao Yan fell into Qi Deviation and almost papapaed the girl, but luckily, I know Icy Heart cultivation technique, so I stopped Xiao Yan's Qi Deviation, the girl dodged a bullet, and no one got hurt. so, we are just ordinary friends."

Xiao Xun smiled ambiguously, "oh, is it..."

Xiao Yan was sweating a lot "......"

The girl, "......"


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