What Came to Mind During My Third Time in Another World Was to for Now, Get Naked.


What Came to Mind During My Third Time in Another World Was to for Now, Get Naked. Volume 3 Chapter 14

014 仮面の人物


After safely getting out of <Hohan> we are now resting after arriving at the Myuhetsu Valley within Southeast of Rakshadia Republic.
After going past this valley, we’ll head further east until the port city of Sauzantaun to ride a boat there.
From there we’ll ride the boat north to arrive at the dominion of the Federak States of Gehrilohanes.

“HEGESHISHI!” <still a sneeze

“… don’t spray everything out if you sneeze, Kazuha”

My sneeze and saliva all went towards Selen’s long black hair.
And my sneezes won’t stop since last night.
I really am sick.

“Are you a child, Kazuha…”

Alzein mutters while sprawled under the shade of the tree, beside her are a ton of empty sake bottles rolling.
Just when did you had the time to buy all of those…

“ACHOO! Argh… I can’t take it any more. My head’s spinning…”

I wanted to retort at what Alzein said however I don’t have the willpower to do it with an unending sneeze.
When was the last time that I got sick…

“Of course you’d be sick after running the grassland for a whole day almost naked”<Tao

“Aren’t you the one who undressed me! ACHOO!”

“AAH! What are you doing Kazuha! Your saliva just went in my mouth!”<Ruru

My saliva sprayed as I retort to Tao.
And went towards the little girl’s mouth.

“An indirect kiss///”<Kazuha

“How can you say such disgusting things with a happy face! Disgusting!”

The little girl with a scone hits me on the head.
Even today the little girl is strict towards me…
Rather, I’m sick so could you please be nice to me….

“Ah~, I really can’t take it anymore… I’ll sleep for a bit. If a monster attacks then I’ll leave that to you al-”

I immediately stop and fall to the ground.
I think my throat started to hurt too from this fever.
Maybe running around with the wind in my underwear really is a bad idea.

“…What are you doing”<Tao

Tao softly whispers from above my head.

“What… Lap pillow?”

I flop onto Tao’s legs in exchange for not having a pillow.
Because Tao’s legs are really soft that works great for a pillow.
I mean, the surrounding area is scruggy from the rocks making it hard to sleep.

“Why did you selfishly use my lap without my permission! Tou!”<Tao


“OW!! You…! Why’d you poke my eye…! Are you planning on killing me, idiot!”

The china girl pokes a sick person’s eye, which is me.
I then faint.

“We don’t have any sake… Selen, could you give me some of your share?”

“Again… Didn’t you say that yesterday then drank mine to your heart’s content”

“Never mind the little things. Living without sake in several weeks is more of a torture than the real torture.”

I ignore the fired-up conversation of Alzein and Selen about sake.
The both of you…

“Thinking about it, I still haven’t heard the details as to why you were captured”

Ruru questions the two of them.
We didn’t have any time to talk about it because there were someone after us.
Rather, it hurts.
Tao holds her stomach while laughing…

“Yeah, well it’ll take long but–”

Alzein abruptly stands up as she started talking.
And we for a while listen to Alzein’s story.

From what they said, they were captured by the Dark broker several weeks ago.
They, the <infinity corridor> lead bby Rei-san, were assigned the mission of transporting the [4 treasures] by the Rakshadia republic.
However before they finish up their mission, an army of unknown monster have surrounded them.
They somehow managed to protect the [4 treasures] as a life and death battle unfolds but――.

“Masked man?”

“Yes, a strange masked man took the [4 treasures]. Just remembering it’s name makes me loathe it…!”

Alzein vexingly strike the palm of her hand with her fist.

“It’s because we were exhausted due to the assault of the monsters. That may be the plan of the masked man or it just coincidentally happened but…”

Selen continues what Alzein was saying.
If that masked man was really controlling those monsters then what would happen.
Even now I have not heard of a person who can control a powerful tyype of monsters…

“Eh? Do you mean that “that” masked person beat up everyone? Even if he’s all alone?”<Tao

“Well, you could say that too. He’s stupidly strong rather. Strong enough to face against Kazuha”

“To think… that a person as monstrous as him exist in this world…” (TL: It’s not a “he”, Japanese language does not specify gender unless stated)

“Ruru-san, just now you emphasized the monstrous part. While glaring at me.”

I don’t want to be called inhuman by a spirit!
Because I am a human!
I have humanity in me!

“After that he casted binding magic on everyone. When we came to our senses we were held captive in the dungeon of that mansion”

Selen says with a vexed expression.
So after a week of torture they were now being auctioned at that trap.
It seems that wound that they had on them were of small matters.
A continent top war mage, Alzein, and an ex-demon lord, Selen, are strong enough to handle those tortures.

(I guess they’re completely involved within it now…)

I once again look at the letter that Deborg set me.
He made it like a coincidence that he met me during that time and made me participate within the auction the Dark Broker was handling.
If that’s the case then the man controlling everything is behind this――。(TL: This is awkward, but makes sense?)

(Sigh… I guess I once again need to get involved with him…)

Just thinking about that person makes my fever worse.
The next meeting place is the Federal States of Gehirlohanes which for them has become the basis.
The magic town of Arkland.
A country where magic gene research is prosperous and the revered scientists live.
The town where the null attribute has been developed.

(Why are they picking a fight against me… Even though I offered them the position of being my allies…)

If I didn’t call out to them at that time, would this still happen.
Or were they planning this all along way back to the tournament.
If that’s the case then they’re well informed against me.
The 4 of them are all accomplices in taking my focus away from Rei-san and the others――.

(…No, I don’t think such a thing would be possible. It would be just a coincidence for the tournament and the mission of guarding the heritages to overlap…)

My thought process would not stop.
Maybe because I’m thinking so much about this that I’m in a daze.
Either way, I’ll never forgive the person who hurt my friends.

I silently resolute to myself.

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