We are destined.Let me pamper you


We are destined.Let me pamper you Chapter 379 - Going to Feng Corporation

"Everyone let's sit inside and talk," Xiu Mei welcomed them and Feng Junjie and Assistant Yang Jun nodded in unison as all three followed after her to the back garden where a special round igloo Patio was installed.

It was entirely made up of bulletproof glass in triangle shape framed in titanium to give it an igloo-like effect and to make it stronger. The glasses turn black in sunlight to prevent harsh sun rays from getting inside but turns back to transparent in the moonlight to let the person sitting inside enjoy the night view.

Feng Junjie noticed it was fully air-conditioned with proper lighting and soundproofing, a perfect place to spend some me-time in the lap of mother nature.

Butler Tom brought Tea and snacks for everyone.

"Uncle Tom I will serve the tea. You can take your leave and make sure no one disturbs us," Xiu Mei instructed butler Tom.

Xiu Mei poured the tea for everyone, "So what is it that brought you here Mr. Feng? I think we discussed everything on phone 3 days back, " she came straight to the point.

Feng Junjie frowned and looked towards his dad.


3 Days Before…

It was 11:15 p.m. in the night and Xiu Mei has just lifted the blanket to get inside when her phone rang.

She frowned...

Being her private number only a selected people were aware of it.

The special software installed on her phone to track the details of any caller mentioned the name on the screen….. It was Feng Dingxiong's private number.

Xiu Mei remembered she once gave her number to him as she owed him two favors. Out of which she paid back one and the other one was still remaining which was impossible to pay.

"Hello, Mr. Feng…" Xiu Mei said.

"….." Feng Dingxiong.

'How did she know it was me who's calling. Even with the latest software available in the market, my name would never be mentioned on the screen'

There was silence on the other side.

Sensing what happened Xiu Mei said, "I have my own ways to know who's calling, Mr. Feng."


'Can she read minds also?? And that too from a phone? This girl is really something'

"You always wanted to return me the favor that you owe me, Right?" Feng Dingxiong asked and Xiu Mei's eyes lit up. She wanted to take this burden off of her shoulder for long.

"Yes... Yes yes... Tell me what can I do?" She was unable to hide her excitement and replied instantly.

"Then I have a very important task for you and I want you to do it with all sincerity. And if you are able to complete it successfully then you don't owe me any favor." Feng Dingxiong said like a true businessman.

"Mr. Feng, since I owe you a favor you can ask anything from me and if it's in my capabilities I will do it for you." Xiu Mei replied.

Feng Dingxiong always liked her straight forward attitude and he also comes straight to the point instead of going a roundabout way.

"It's about my elder son Feng Jianyu…. He is gravely injured and I want you to keep him in your villa until he recuperates completely." Feng Dingxiong replied honestly.

Xiu Mei "….."

There was a pin drop silence on both the sides after this.

Feng Dingxiong gave her time to think about it and he waited patiently on the other side of the phone for her reply. But to his surprise, her voice came from the other side within few seconds, in affirmation.

"OK…No problem… you can shift your son to my villa,"

"That's it? You just said yes just like that? You don't want to ask any questions from me? Why am I doing this? Why only you? Etc etc….," Feng Dingxiong was surprised and asked her. Something was not right with the script.

"No," Xiu Mei replied shortly.

"Are you sure?" Feng Dingxiong asked again because he did not want her to regret and back off from her decision later. He did not want any glitches in his setup.

"Yes, I am sure…. Since it's just my villa that you want you can take it for as much time you want. I will shift somewhere else in the meantime" Xui mei gave a simple reply.

Feng Dingxiong "..."

'What did she understood? Who wants only her villa? Of course, I want her to stay by my son's side while he is recuperating.' Feng Dingxiong thought and put his other hand on his forehead as if preventing a headache.

'Is her IQ that low? Was I wrong about her intelligence?' 

"MISS. XIU. MEI..." He gritted his teeth and enunciated word by word.

"Yes, Mr. Feng,"

"Who wants your villa? I think you don't understand my sentence before…. I will repeat it for you…" Feng Dingxiong felt irritated and raised his voice an octave, "My son is gravely injured and I want you....Mark my words….. I WANT YOU…..YOU….. to keep him in your villa until he recuperates completely. That means you have to be by my son's side to take care of him personally until his recovery"

He let out a long sigh and took a glass of water to soothe his dry throat.

" huh?" Xiu Mei panicked.

Hearing that small cat-like voice Feng Dingxiong smirked, "What? Are you not willing? Just now you said that you owe me a favor and will do anything for me if it's in your capabilities."

Before Xiu Mei could say something he reminded her of her promise.

Xiu Mei "….."

Xiu Mei was speechless, trapped in her own words and felt like banging her head against the wall. 

'Xiu Mei, who told you to be this self-righteous? This Mr. Feng Dingxiong is surely a smart man,' she talked to herself by covering the mouthpiece of the phone.

Just as she removed the hand from the speaker, she heard Feng Dingxiong say, "It's ok if you don't want to do it….no need to force yourself. I will arrange something else for my son. Although keeping a sick person in your villa, giving him a friendly company is not much of a task but if you are unwilling.... It's fine."

"I can completely understand your predicament. After all, it's not an easy thing to keep a stranger in your house and live with him under the same roof," Feng Dingxiong keeps reminding her about her promise to make her feel guilty but at the same time acted as if he did not care anything about it.


Xiu Mei closed her eyes and thought about the situation. It was obvious that she was uncomfortable in inviting a stranger to her villa and above that she has to take care of him personally.

"Mr. Feng how about I call you after an hour? If you are comfortable with it?" Xiu Mei asked for some time.

"No! Sleepover it…..think about it carefully.... And tell me tomorrow morning," Feng Dingxiong said trying to give her some more time. "And yes Miss Xiu Mei! I hope you will keep this conversation to yourself only," He reminded her before hanging up.

'No matter how much time you take everything will go according to my plan little girl. You are completely trapped in my set up and I will never let you go.' After hanging up the phone Feng Dingxiong evilly smiled and thought as he picked his pipe tobacco and let out a ring of smoke.

He was oblivious of the fact that his wife was standing near the door holding a glass of water and heard the entire conversation and the evil expression on her husband's face didn't go unnoticed from her eyes. 

Liu Ning frowned and thought about the situation but she neither went inside nor she tried to confront her husband. She retraced her steps and went back to her bedroom.


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