Undying Patient


Undying Patient Chapter 1 part3

But the morning before he left, the nurse came in with a bunch of flowers and told him that someone had come to visit him. Su Jinzhi immediately fell down, covering his mouth and nose——died of alien pollen allergy, unable to rescue.

——Who the fuck sent him the alien flower?!

But maybe Su Jinzhi wasn't fated to die yet. He didn’t die. After opening his eyes in system space, he found that he was bound with a “Dearly Love Life System”.

This system has two AIs——Punisher No. 1 and Welfare Baby No. 0.

No. 0 is responsible for granting rewards and benefits after the task is completed, while No. 1 is responsible for punishing the host when the task fails and the host passively does the task in the process of the task.

No. 0 was concerned that he had just died and not only did it gave him a free benefit, but it also gave him a very simple task. In this world, he only needs to arouse the main target's love for life and he would have successfully completed the task.

Once the mission is successful, he could get “longevity” benefit based on the life expectancy of the world and enjoy the highest treatment in the world. No matter how bad it is, he will go to the next world after he naturally dies.

If there was no back door opened to him by No. 0, then Su Jinzhi’s task in this world would be to arouse the love of 10 people and save the main target's love for life, then he could enter the next world. If the main target of saving is not dragged back from the depression, pessimism, loneliness and any other emotional abyss, or if the 10 people did not regain their love for life, then the task will be regarded as a failure, both conditions are indispensable.

Su Jinzhi lived on Earth all his life because of his pure Earthian identity, and couldn't see anything else except a black stone. After suffering from organ failure, he saw nothing except the pure white ward and white coat doctor. In addition, his physical condition made his life worse than an ascetic monk's. But now, not only does he not have to die but he could also enjoy life. What reason does he have to not accept the task?

As a result, he was trapped in the system.

Qin YeZhou is really a fucking handsome but he looks exactly like the alien whom he had last served before death. Su Jin seriously suspects that he is ill because of something strange on that alien. Before he died, he thought that if he had another life, he must not be allowed to see aliens again, and no aliens in human skin!

But now he’s on the thieving system ship. If he doesn’t obediently “save” Qin Yezhou, then there's no way No. 1 wouldn't kill him.

No. 1 is the punisher. If he doesn’t do the task, his condition in the world will soon worsen and he will live a miserable life. Then he will get the punishment of “long illness without death” according to the life expectancy of the world, he'll die if he's tortured by No. 1.

In this world, he may have to wait 100 years before No.1 one decides to kill him.

No. 1's will to kill him isn't a day or two thing anymore; it's a daily thing now.

And No. 1 had already dealt with him, and he’s still working on it even now.

Almost at the same time that this thought appeared in his mind, Su Jinzhi held his hand over his chest painfully and fell down.

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