(Um, Sorry) I've Been Reincarnated!


(Um, Sorry) I've Been Reincarnated! Chapter 95


It was evening.
I kicked the worm in my stomach, who was growling with all it’s might due to it’s loss of today’s dinner, far far away as Zen and me sat in front of the table. Sitting opposite of each other, I was looking at Zen in all seriousness and at this exact moment, the worm raised it’s head and did it’s best growl as I ignored it, and ignored it! It was just a worm!
…..Ah, I’m sorry.

As my heart grew colder , Zen opened his mouth.

” I, had always thought I am good at studying. I had always thought that, different from Selphy who is receiving your teachings, I did most of my studies myself with just a few bits of advice from you. ”

I imagined Selphy shouting ‘How rude!’ at his comment but I will just let it slide.

I mean, this guy was a natural airhead, which contributes to the ‘bad’ part of his personality. He was a guy who can say unpleasant stuff like ‘You are too small (chibi)’ straight to my face. If I were to retort to each and very little thing he said, I won’t last.

I had a feeling there was another guy like this around me but…no. That guy, Shiro, he was doing it on purpose.

――――No wait, wasn’t this fatal?

Zen was worried about how his father was handling everything else half-heartedly but wasn’t a magic tool shop a place frequented by Nobles? Wasn’t it dangerous if he was to accidentally be rude to one?

According to this flow… was this a place I was supposed to retort?

….Ah, no, the important thing right now was listening to Zen’s troubles. I kept the serious look on my face as I made some agreeable response.

” But then I… When I tried to study on my own, I found that I can’t understand anything…. And that Will had been helping me all along. I can’t even get pass page 10….. ”

Zen;s shoulders drooped as he said that.

I had no idea how to response. Certainly, it sounded like I had been giving Zen support without even realizing it. Zen, who realized it on his own was awesome too though….

Or rather, the studies we were doing right now was rather ahead and leaving aside my reincarnation cheat, frankly, Zen can be considered a genius.

But, he had a shock when he found out he can’t do it on his own.

At a loss at how to response, to the me who remained silent, Zen sighed and went ‘As I thought…. ”


Was this where I should deny it?

――――How foolish. To be 30 and yet showed this kind of face to a 10 year old who was worried. But this was truly the first time, including my previous life, to had someone consult and discuss his worries with me. Since I had only made a close friend only when I entered High School in my previous life.

Ah, even so, this was completely my fault.

I had closed myself up when I was in Primary School and did not talked with anyone. All because I was idiotically studying hard and trying my best with household chores just to get my mother’s approval. But maybe thanks to that, in this life, that experience in turn could help Buu-san’s business.

Of course, at that time, the me who was doing all of those had no spare time to make any friends.

Due to my grades, I had high praises from the teachers and since my Middle School was linked with my Primary one, the only time I could escaped that ‘chains’ was in High School.

And well, even that was beautifully severed by a vase.

Thinking back, I grew slightly depressed.

Let’s stop. Leaving aside my previous life, in this life I was having fun everyday. If I were a normal kid, I would definitely spend each day without even realizing it. That such normal life was something so wonderful.

That was why, to allowed me to realized that, there was meaning to bring my memories (cheat) over. Yep yep. Even if it do not help in some areas! Like this

And when I was thinking about these useless stuff, Zen’s drooping shoulders drooped even more. And then, he began mumbling.

” I mean, yes, I am depressed over not being able to do it on my own but…. the skipping of grades exam…. there is only 1 month left…. It would be hopeless if no one is going to teach me…… ”

With a aura that looked like mushrooms were going to sprout from his head, Zen continued mumbling to himself, And to tell the truth, it was quite an eerie sight but I did caught some important stuff from it.

……The skipping of grades exam.



….Hee, tee hee?

” …..Er, erm, Zen? This is really difficult for me to say but.. ”

I tried to hold down the trembling of my voice as I continued.

” What? As I thought, even Will can’t do it…? ”
[TN: He meant teaching him]

Zen, who lifted up his head, had slightly wet, glistering eyes.
When our eyes met, my body drew back.

” Ah no, you see, the book we are doing right now……is already the last from the lower acad 3……. ”

I had a cramp on my face after forcing myself to smile. I know! I know! I know the mouth opposite of me was opening and closing over and over again!

Holy cow.

It can’t be, it can’t be, I had put others through the thing I had been put through!

……Kuuu! This was that, wasn’t it? The one where the student was influenced by the weird habit of the teacher!
…….No, that wasn’t it! I am really sorry! John-Sensei!!

At Zen, who was still opening and closing his mouth, I was doing a very beautiful dogeza in my heart. I didn’t informed you, did I?! Sorry!

” Tee, Tee hee♪ ”

I had said that instinctively in a small voice but there was no other choice, was it? St-stop it, I know, I know, so please stop throwing stones at me.

” Eh. ”

Zen, who finally recovered, moved quickly. In a speed faster than the eyes could follow, he pulled out a book from the drawer.

” Eh, eh, eh. ”

I am really sorry to the Zen who was in a dazed state, staring at the book as I glanced at it. No matter what, it would be the best to confirmed the book Zen was currently studying.



” Wait- I say, Zen. ”

Without thinking, I took the book from Zen. And, pushing it in front of him, I pointed at the title.

” Please look at this. ”
” Um…..『Understanding with Diagrams! The How of Mathematics – 5』”

With a question mark floating on top of his head when I pointed it to him, Zen slowly read the title out loud.

” Number..? ”

Zen freeze. I nodded.

” 5!?!?!?!? ”

Zen yelled as he stood up.

I will explained. This 『Understanding with Diagrams! The How of Mathematics』was an exercise book intended for the lower acads. It was like an reference book that had both explanations and practice questions and was a book recommended by me if one were to undergo the skipping of grades exams. And yes, as with exercise books, each number of the book correspond with the academy levels. Which meant, book 1 for lower acad 1 and so forth.

Well then, everyone, you understood by now, don’t you?

” Zen, you went and skipped a grade…. ”

Of course he couldn’t do any questionsssss!!!!!!
I yelled in my heart, forgetting my fault from earlier.

――――Really, as expected of Zen.

Yep, it was screwed on loosely. Ah no, it was totally undone.

Which meant, when I left for the secret mission, we finished lower acad [Number 3]. And Zen had borrowed [Number 5] from the library.

” Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!! ”

Sorry to the Zen who was yelling with tears in his eyes but I can’t helped but to hit him.


The reason for Zen wanting to skip grades was because he wanted to finished his compulsory education as soon as he can and returned home but it was not as easy as he thought.

For a magic tools shop, no, a magic tool engineer, [Qualifications] were needed. Although the strength of magic tools were determined by the magic circles carved, as there were dangerous objects such as sharp blades, special knowledge on how to handle it was needed.

And the minimum for that was the completion of Higher Academy.
So, if one were to follow the flow, it would take about 9 years.

Normally, kids who wanted to become a magic tool engineer were usually from family who owned a magic tool shop. They would usually have the money to slowly learn,  for the sake of research as well as their future.

Zen, in any case, was worried for his family.

As for me, I would like to do something I can’t do in my previous life. Filial Piety. There was also my fault that our territory increased. Ah, anyway, I would really like to lessen the burden on Father if I could. Ahhh, this was really embarrassing.

This will definitely not ever coming out of my mouth. Yep.

I would like to think that it was my imagination that Mother send me off with warm gazes.

…….And so, since I wanted to get through this as fast as I could, I entered the capital’s academy which had the system to skipped grades. The boarding system also served as a way to build my self-reliance. Or rather, I had a feeling I am going to a useless person if I continued to stay in that house. Playing with Chiffon and allowing Mary-san to pamper over me….. definitely useless. I do want to become a splendid man. In reputation too!

……I cannot pay attention to the fact that I was already around 30 plus for my inner age.

Th-that’s because I-I am William Beryl, 8 years old! Anyone would agree with me! I won’t mind it. Don’t mind it, me!

All the studying also played a part for skipping grades. This was a long-awaited chance for me to enjoy school life while messing around with friends so I would not deny that I was wasting that time away.

Anyway, let’s put that aside.

I lay on the bed, exhausted, thinking hard about one more person.

” ….I wonder what is she skipping grades for.. ”

I mumbled, glaring at the ceiling.
All in all, Zen and I both had a clear reason for skipping grades and it was the main reason we came to this academy. But that was not so for Selphy. The thing about school life was that it unexpectedly have a large influence on the future and slipping grades will directly affect the employment opportunities, speeding it ahead.

I wonder if it was alright to accept that she was doing it because she did not wanted to be left out from the group.

Unusually for me, I started considering about these kind of things.


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