(Um, Sorry) I've Been Reincarnated!


(Um, Sorry) I've Been Reincarnated! Chapter 87


Falling into the worst mood I would ever have, my breakfast time was over miserably and lesson time draw near.

I knew there was no meaning in resisting at this point of time but my body was just somehow trying to resist it. It seem like my face was ghastly pale. According to Zen, who was poking fun at me.

…..Argh, don’t play around with your senior!

Ah, it’s alright. I am an adult and a gentleman. I shall forgive this trifling matter.

” …….sigh…. ”

A limp smile played on my face as I was dragged along by Zen and Selphy. I wondered what made them this desperate to get me to class. Was my presence that thin in their hearts? Were they going to offer me up as a sacrifice? Onii-san was going to cry.

…..Haiz. Let’s just accept it. I was scared. The lesson of the 2nd period, no, to be more precised, I am shaking in terror that was very unbecoming of my age when facing Varino-Sensei. I don’t care if you scolded me ‘uncool’.

I was not going to deny.

During the moment I was thinking about these stuff, the classroom was slowly drawing closer.

……Really, I felt that it’s weird. What had I done to Varino-Sensei? Nothing! The reason I was hated by him was all because of Father. What exactly did Father do to be hated that much by the gentle Varino-Sensei?

Hm, yep. I need to get an answer out of Father.
I can’t accept being push to the edge without knowing what the reason was.

And thus, we reached. The classroom.

Was I imagining that everyone’s gaze looking over was awfully frightening?

” ….Will, you will be attending lessons today, right? ”

Turning around, Zen was glaring fiercely at me as he said that.
I can’t say it but….. that gaze hurt.

Well well everyone, I had kept you waiting……no one was waiting! Not even a little!

It was the time for the smart and gentle Varino-Sensei’s fun fun lesson(blizard)!
…..Un, let’s stop. It was futile to put all of my energy into flattering Varino-Sensei within my heart.

As my mind was continuing rambling, the door to the classroom opened. And from the other side, long and slender legs could be seen….

” ……William…..Beryl! ”
” …..Uwah?!? ”

Letting out a foolish cry, I stood up by reflex. Because I can’t help it! For some reason, the temperature right now was freezing cold, as if we were all plunged into a frozen wonderland. I had a feeling that if my butt continued to stay on my seat, it would be stuck frozen there.

” ….tsk. ”

EhhhhhhhーDid Varino-Sensei just clicked his tongue?! It’s my imagination right?! It was my imagination!!

” I wanted to ask time and time again why did you skipped my lesson.. ”

See, he started preaching like nothing happened.

” To not attend my summoning lesson seriously in the first place is not just about the question of what the rules are, do you not understand? Firstly, your safety. Even if you did summoned the beast, it is still a magical beast. There is no way that is not dangerous. Second, the influence on your surroundings. If the summoned beast did not obey your commends, you are not the only one being troubled by that. Do you not understand? The people around you are being dragged into your problems as well. You already had a history of destroying the classroom, have you not….. ”

Yes, I was totally wring dry.
When Varino-Sensei reluctantly started his lessons, the bell rang.

Was that okay, I wonder. As a educator.

And finally, after great pains, the long day was over as we made our way back towards our dormitory.

” ……Really Will! Never ever miss a lesson again! …..What is that, really? To go traveling on a whim. ”

The one with that sharp tone was Selphy-san.

I had no choice, did I? I cannot explained because it was a top secret mission given by the King himself so I made up an excuse on the spot towards the freezing Varino-Sensei! Tee hee.

Of course, that made things worst…. no, at this stage, it was like injecting salt into ice to further freeze it…. Maybe that might be the reason why the lecture time was dragged out. Even so, I did not do it! No, although I did skipped the lesson! This, I did committed! But it was not like I did it cause I wanted to….ah, who was I kidding, I stuck my neck into that matter.

” Hahhh…..Sorry… I won’t anymore… ”

My shoulders droop as I hanged my head down.

” It’s good you understand. The days you are not around are really dreadful for the rest of us, you know. If you even skip lessons again, you would be facing the entire class! ”
” I am sorry, really. I won’t do it again. ”

Yep. There was no way I can lift a hand against them.

And when I decided on that.

” ….un….ir… ”

I think I heard someone mumbling something behind so I turned back.

” Hm? Zen, did you say anything? ”

Zen, who was walking with his head down, lifted his head at my voice and shook his head, smiling.

” Eh? I said nothing. ”
” Hm…… I see. Is it just me? ”

I tilted my head as I continued walking.
I was pretty sure I heard something…. ah! Could it be….ghosts?! Or was it that? That ‘legendary’ huge snake that kills whenever your eyes met it’s? I wonder was it slithering around in the pipes right now.

…..Yep, let’s stop this reference.

How scary, various stuff.
Or rather, in this world, Basilisk very normally exist. It’s existence might be closer to that of Shiro’s. Not only that, magical beast’s ghost as well as spirits were normally around the forest or at the grave sites.

To hide the tiny trembles my body was doing, I started skipping.

” By, by the way, what was the lessons like when I am gone? ”
” You mean Varino-sensei’s? ”

I changed the subject in a haste and Selphy responded.

” Yep. If the next lesson is another lecture, I don’t think I would be able to stand it. That’s why I’m asking. ”
” ….Ah, it’s just normal lessons that Will most probably already know. ”

Selphy said enviously, a bitter smile playing on her lips.

” The last lesson was about determining the intention of sorts of the summoned beasts ”
” You meant the will of the summoned beasts? Ah, I see. Hmm.. So it means talking and coming in contact with your summoned beasts? ”

I said as I made fun of Selphy with her unclear speech. If that was the case, I should be alright. During my travels, I summoned Shiro numerous times so there should be no problem regarding our communication!

” Yep, yep, that. Lilith-chan and I became quite close during that lesson. It was really fun. ”

Realizing it, Selphy was glaring at me again.
….Right now, everything that was related to Varino-Sensei seem to be a taboo subject. As I sighed inwardly, I tried to changed the subject again.

” ……Come to think of it, I had not met Selphy’s summoned beast. …..Lilith-chan? What species is she? ”
” A bird called Aska. ”
” I see, Aska. …… ”

Let me explain. Aska is a bird-type magical beast, the size of a small Pterodactyl of which it could grow from. Knights would rode on it and it is used in scouting mission and is very popular with both adventurers and knights! A graduation of aquamarine to a greenish-brown spreads from it’s head till it’s tail so it had the perfect camouflage color to fly above a forest! It is also well-versed in wind magic, being not only able to record sounds, but even creating it’s own sound insulation.

But that’s not all!
The following point is the important part.
Aska loved the wind so much that it just glides in the air, like how fishes swim in the ocean. That was why, it’s other name is Tobutori. [TN: Flying Bird]
……Wasn’t it just Hichou?! [TN: Flying Bird. Don’t ask me but I think birds are supposed to fly.]

Was what I retorted when I first came to know about Aska.

As I recalled that in my mind, I hold onto the topic that I managed to changed at great length.

” …..Aska’s color is aquamarine and a greenish-brown, just like Selphy, who have a beautiful head of yellow-green hair. The both of you are quite a perfect match. ”

I forced a wide smile as I said that but Selphy immediately turned her head away. Was I really that hard to look at?

Thank to that, Selphy stayed silent and I had no idea what to do. Even the ever-reliable Zen was silent.

In the end, the rest of the journey was spent in silence.


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