(Um, Sorry) I've Been Reincarnated!


(Um, Sorry) I've Been Reincarnated! Chapter 83


TN: Well, I hold off from saying that this is going to be a short arc for some reason I can’t fathom… This is a short arc.

I had fun reading all your speculations about how Will defeat Demon but guys, just a warning. This is a comedy. This is a comedy. This is a comedy. Important things must be said thrice.

This arc will end with the next chapter. Well, to sum this arc up, it’s CROSS DRESSING, Ivan and maybe a dash of The DESTRUCTION DEVIL  Demon. Oh, I forgot Spinel but eh, he’s not important.

The direction Shadow-guy was pointing at was, of course, the place where the 3 of them were laying flat on the ground, covered by my barrier.

If Zirco-san’s words were true, that [God Slaying Sword] Demon was using could cut through anything. This was going to be really problematic.

The barrier I set up would most likely by cut down easily. All the attributes, Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, and even void, which didn’t even exist got cut/destroyed with that broadsword.

I can escape, but what about the 3 of them?

It went without saying for Ivan-san but I had experience with the aftermath of being bound by the [Collar Of Slavery]. They won’t be able to move for a while.

If that Shadow-guy knew about it and that I would released the collars and planned all this in advance, I will admit that he was clever. As one would expect from an underworld specialist. His cunningness was unparalleled.

” Stop fooling around, you bastard! ”
” I am not fooling around. Sorry for this late introduction. My name is not ‘bastard’ but Spinel, the chief of [Shadows]. Please to meet you. ”

[TN: Mu. Nothing or void I guess.]

I cannot do nothing. Everything will end if I did! As he seem like he was about to launch into a villainous laughter, I had enough time to set up a huge ball of nothingness behind Spinel’s back.

Even the so-called Destruction Devil knew that if his summoner died, he would disappear as well so he dashed towards the ball of nothingness excitedly.

Making use of that gap, I rushed over to the 3.

[God Slaying Sword].

A name that was overflowing with chunibyo-ness. As was the extremely foul aspect of being able to cut anything. And that sword was fast approaching me. The slow-motion world became even slower. I think I heard screams coming from behind me.

Able to cut anything. I felt like I heard that somewhere before.
[TN: Duh. Every LN ever made?]

I can’t helped but laughed even at this timing. Well, I do not think I could avoid this. In that case.

“《こんにゃく召喚》! ”
[TN: Konnyaku Shokan. Summon Konnyaku, a food that has 0 calories. ]

I summoned a huge Konnyaku to appear in front of me. I apologize to the otherworld factory or supermarket or any family that I stole this from.

As I stared hard, so hard that I could burned a hole, at the slowly swinging sword, something shocking happened.
[TN: The slowness was the slow-motion thingy.]

The edge of the blade touched the Konnyaku. It sank in a little and then…..Boing went the weird elasticity of the Konnyaku and the sword was bounced clean off.

” Viva Konnyaku….! ”

It seem like Konnyaku can’t be cut in this world as well.

It was my win.

” Destruction Devil? Stop joking. Destruction in front of creation doesn’t mean a thing! I will never recognized some chap who can only cut things to be the ‘Destruction Devil’. You are at most a ‘battle mania’. ”

I sneered at Demon, who had a bewildered expression on his face, still holding onto his ‘bounced’ broadsword.

” 《花瓶召喚》! ”
[TN: Kabin Shokan. Summon Vase. Ooooh, someone gonna die.]

I summoned Matilda-san’s vase and dropped it above Demon’s head.

Directly at the crown.

” Besides, the ‘god’ you speak of is an unreasonable being. For example, making a vase drop out of the sky. ”

Demon collapsed. Then he dissolved into black smog that dispersed into the air.

” Please do not talk about god. That topic irritates me. ”

Behind me with my smiling face, I am sure you can see an aura in the shape of John-Sensei. That was how angry I actually was. I then turned to Spinel directly and let out my mana.

….Ah, how stupid I was. Won’t that end instantly?

” Spinel-san. This is the face of me being merciful. ”

Spinel fainted just like that, with a stunned expressions stuck on his face. Well, I was rather evil in the end.

First you tie Spinel up with magic~♪
Just a little, and a little more, increase the gravity and extract the mana~♪
And ta-dah, Spinel-scroll is done~♪

I tied Spinel up in an easy-to-understand way those children programs often used. I had extracted all of his mana and bound him up with my magic so even if he woke up, there was nothing he could do. Plus I increased the gravity hold on him too. There was no way he could move. Not even I could move.

Buu-san, who as lying right beside, was making a face as if he stepped on a bug…..no, as if he bit on that bug. Was it just my imagination? I want it to be.

” That… was rather unbearable. ”

It was my imagination that he said that with a miserable face. Yep.

Anyway, I was happy that this trip, to chase after [Shadow], was over.

To tell the truth, I was shocked at how fast this case was settled. At this speed, it was like I devised this whole thing before bringing the case to the ‘detective agency’. I can’t helped but had these kind of doubts.

Having said that, I can’t stay in Hattuo for a vacation either. Because we were here to do a job. We can’t delay the report.

I wanted to go for a bit of sight-seeing but…there was no choice. Let come back for a vacation the next time.

Well, for now, I transported the 3 at once, who can’t moved because of the backlash from the [Collar of Slavery]. Of course, Spinel too. And when the scene changed to the bed in room of the inn I was staying.

” Wi…. Willlll-dono?! This place is?! ”
” Wi-Willia-Chan?! ”

Although I was neither Willlll or Wi-Willia, I resigned myself to it. It was normal for them to be confused. I was sure if I was in their shoes, I would be so shocked that my hiccups wouldn’t stop. Although I was not hiccuping right now.

But, then.

” Aaaaaaahhhhhhaaaaaaaeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiioooooooouuuuuuuu! ”

Stop shaking me!
I can’t explained like this even if I wanted to!

” Stop it! ”

I shook off their hands and jumped. In the air, I then pulled out my paper fan from my pendent.

” Gwah! ”
” Uwah! ”

Yosh, they calmed down. I waved my hand in front of their eyes and their line of vision followed it.

Hm, they looked fine…I think…maybe? Yep.

” Do you need an explanation? ”
“” Isn’t it obvious?! “”

I shrink back from the perfect harmony from the both of them…. not. I stared in mute amazement as I regained my composure.

” Erm….. You should know that I am the eldest son of the Duke of Elzmu Country, Gion Beryl, right? ”
” Wait a minute. That was real? ”

I didn’t expect I would pause at this stage.
Ivan-san asked, his eyes wondering about desperately.

” Yes. ”
” I thought it was a gh… ghost. ”

At Ivan-san’s words, my eyes turns into dots. [TN: This]
This was really a bolt out of the blue.

” ……Ghost? ”

I can’t helped but parrot his words.

” Yea. I thought it was a Noble ghost called Will that was possessing Willia-chan. ”
” …..That’s not it. Both inner and outer is all Will, you know? 100% man. If you want I can strip, no, please let me strip. ”

Zirco-san put a stop to the me who was desperately trying to proved myself and erased the shame.

Whoa, whoa.

” I am sorry, I went a little out of control there. ”
” No….no problem. ”
” The prove that I am not a ghost… Oh right. 《悪霊退散》! ”
[TN: Akurei Taisan, Banish, Oh Evil spirits!]

White flames raised up at my chant and licked my body. The bed remained unburned. Although this spell was from the Fire attribute, it was a flame that deal with spirits, like ghosts, zombies and undead. The laws of nature?

No no. This is a magical world that is full of fantasy, you know?
Ah, correction.
This is a fantasy world full of magic. Don’t be bothered about it too much. In laymen terms, it was something like the Holy Fire. [TN: Fox Fire in japanese]

I felt a little sorry for surprising Ivan-san but this was the only way I could proved that I was not possessed by a ghost.

” Is this okay? ”
” Wh, what is this? ”
” Magic. A fire magic that banishes ghosts. It’s the magic you want the guild to cast on Will-dono. ”

I nodded and it looked like Ivan-san finally understood.

” Eh. Then then then Willia… Will-sama is really a noble? ”

To grind it into him, whose eyes were pleading me to say it wasn’t true, I nodded sternly.

” And, by the way, I can use magic of all attribute! ”

Perfect timing, yay!
I announced with a wink.

” Is….that…..true…. ”
” ……Tee hee♪ ”

Zirco-san simply fell back and fainted.
It was lucky we were on my bed.


TN: I had a huge impulse to translate it as

I love you, You love me~♪
Let’s make a Spinel Scroll with me~♪
With a little bit of magic ropes & gravity~♪
Extract his mana & that’s all you need~♪

He he he.

And look, We got ourselves a John-Sensei mention.


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