(Um, Sorry) I've Been Reincarnated!


(Um, Sorry) I've Been Reincarnated! Chapter 81


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This was the first.

I had been dragged into various troubles but never had I been embroiled in a religious one. Any and everyone would have their own sense of values and notion and I know that it differs with everyone and I was not to judge. I also think I should not imposed my own values on others. But that was not the problem.

Which means, religion exist in this world.
Unlike my previous world, there was no ‘free-thinker’ nor the acceptance of other religions.

Why was that?

Easy. The god was real in this world.
No really, you can actually see them.

At one end, there was the Adventurer Guild. Following the usual tropes of a orthodox Adventurer Guild, it did gave a adventurer card. And this card was created by god.

Another troupe, one was to touch the crystal ball and the card would materialized above it. This crystal would appear once a guild was built.

Good grief. That grandpa… the spells were all japanese and even the Adventurer Guild was as orthodox as they come. It all reminded me of him. I was really doubting if he was doing it on purpose.

Anyway, that was the reason for the absence of religious problems. This was a world where you can feel god working his ‘magic’.

” Hmm~ I am looking forward to it. ”

I lay on the creaking bed, muttering to myself. The inn itself was rather worn out but the Innkeeper looked like a good person. He did not revealed any disgust at Buu-san too. I believed that I would not be dragged into another kidnapping situation this time round. Please no.

We rented 2 rooms. Ivan-san had stubbornly opposed to sharing a room with me.

How sad. Onii-san, you made me really sad.

He said nothing could stop him but it seem that cross-dressing was way too disgusting for him.
….Ahhh…..He misunderstand. He totally misunderstooddd!!

I had to lay it down that this was really not my hobby! We will spend a lot of time together since I hired him so what was this uneasy situation? Ahh, whatever. I was not going to bother about that. Nope. Uh-uh. Not bothering.

Zirco-san looked like he was going to persuade Ivan-san as he left for the other room. Buu-san followed him. Since I was the one being targeted by [Shadows], it would make it easier to lure them too, being the only one left.

Tomorrow, we are going to get a guild card in replacement of identity papers for Ivan-san.

While we are on it, I would love to get mine created as well but… ah, sadly, this was an undercover mission. Since I can’t really deceived god’s eyes, I can’t get my guild card made.

That’s too bad. That’s too bad.
But, then, even so!!

It is going to be my first time in an Adventurer Guild! Was there anything more exciting then this? No, there wasn’t! I did not entered one in my past life too. No, something would be wrong if I did.

I was so excited!

It was when I was laying on my bed, thinking about these stuff.

” ………!? ”

A chill ran through my entire body. What was this….!? Someone in the room next door was asserting his/her strong mana. Goosebumps appeared all over my body.

The moment I came to my senses, I threw opened the door and rushed over to the room next door.


[Shadow] came.

I thought they would come for me! Damn it!

As I smashed open the door to the room next door, everyone there was enclosed in a large amount of mana and disappeared.

” A… ah…. ”

Standing in the doorway, I could see a piece of paper fluttering in the middle of the room.

『 3 people was received. They would be placed under William Beryl. Please head over to my hall this evening.
Chief of Shadows Spinel 』
[TN: 3 people had been saved. 3 people had been saved. No survivors. 3 people had been saved.]

I swallowed after reading the letter before crushing it in my hand.

Damn it….

What kind of invitation was this?

[TN: Kage, Hikou, Touka. Shadow, Flight, Translucency]

I don’t even had the time to open the window. I activated the magic with an image of passing through buildings like a ghost. Flying straight up into the sky at once, I set up a barrier around me. Following that, I enhanced my senses and speed up my thinking and then started searching for the presence of Zirco-san and the others.

” …….Nothing. ”

I increased my enhancement.

” ――――Nothing?! ”

I further increase….. but stopped. The information flooding my head was making me dizzy but forget about that.

Nothing. I got nothing.

” Why….. ”

The word echoed around the me. Upon the enhancements, the area I could searched was bigger than the continent itself.

” …….a…… ”

Even so, why?

The huge loss and that feeling that was slowly boiling over inside of me was unmistakably anger. Towards the [Shadows].

No. Me. Towards the useless me.
In the end, I hadn’t changed.

” Damn! ”

The tiny curse that I muttered did not got out but instead, whirled inside of me.

It was always like this.

Always. Always. Every time I wanted to try my best I ended up kicking the air. In my previous world and in this world, in the end, nothing changed. No matter how many [Cheat] I got from god, I am still me.
――――――――In a good sense as well as the bad one.

Every time I moved to protect the ones I love and every time I exposed them to danger instead. I can’t stop my frustration. Buu-san’s identity might be discovered. I felt very uneasy.

Mother, Father, Chiffon, Zen and Selphy.
Even Zirco-san, Buu-san and Ivan-san.


I was reincarnated into this environment where I was surrounded by all these people whom I love and loved me back. Why did you had to get in the way?

―――――――― Ah.

” Zirco Ninja 《位置情報検索》! ”
” Buhual《位置情報検索》! ”
” Ivan 《位置情報検索》! ”
[TN: Pumpkin 《位置情報検索》! Ichi Jyouhou Kensaku. Retrieved position information]

That’s right.
There was no point panicking.
In that case.

I do not only possess [Cheats]. I had the advantage in spells chanting too. I shall use everything I can use.


At the same moment an electronic noise sounded, a map with 3 red dots on it, floated up in front of me.

Stupid. I was really stupid.

Anyway, let’s breath in and calm down first. Why did I panicked so hard when it was only their presence I failed to detected?

” Let’s go. ”

At the same time I said the 2 words, I shot through the sky. As I flew through the sky as if I was gliding, the corners of my mouth curved. The deadening silence of the upper sky was paired with the biting coldness.

3 dots represented the positions of where the 3 of them were.
It was at a town outside of Central.


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