(Um, Sorry) I've Been Reincarnated!


(Um, Sorry) I've Been Reincarnated! Chapter 80


” Hmm. How frank, are you turning homosexual? ”

Zirco said, alighting from the horse carriage.

” ….Eh? ”

Willia….no, Will was in the carriage with Mr.Bear, discussing something. This came when Ivan was blankly staring at the starry sky. The soft and gentle smile of Jill Stuart was no where to be seen on the emotionless face. For a moment, unable to process, Ivan stared at him.

” Is Ivan-dono turning homo- ”
” No! Wait a minute! What are you mistaken about?! ”

Ivan cut into the sentence Jill Stuart was repeating to him, thinking he hadn’t heard it. He can’t overlook this. He had somehow heard something outrageous. Ho…. Homosexual…. ? How rude.

” I think I still love woman very much. ”
” Please face reality. ”

Harsh words were given back to Ivan. He knew that in reality, there was no one who could accept him loving a young child. But still, he can’t ignore his feelings. What he love was what he love.

” Even if the inner was an adult (ghost), I still can’t give up. ”

Right now, Ivan do not have the determination to hit Willia but one day, he would do it. Until then, he was not going to give up.

” What about you, Jill Stuart-san? ”

Zirco gave a puzzled face to the smiling Ivan.

” What are you talking about, Ivan-dono? What ghost? ”
” Ah, that. Willia-chan is possess by a ghost. ”
” …..Hah? ”

For a brief period, the 2 of them stared at each other, stunned.

” As I said, the spirit of the noble called Will…. ”
” No, Will-dono has always been Will-dono. He cross-dressed as Willia in order to conceal his idenity. ”
” Stop lying. I understand how you feel as a father but no matter how I look, Willia-chan is only 5, 6 years old. ”
” ….That is true.. ”

It was actually 8 years old. Zirco conceded on this fact. If Will heard this, he could definitely cry. It was lucky he was not around to hear this conversation.

” Can a 6 year old act and speak like that? There’s no way! I don’t even use honorific speech. ”
” ….Urgh. ”

There was nothing Zirco could argue against. It was true that commonly, a child can’t do it. He knew Will personally, and knew that he acted like this originally but if not, he would not have believed it either. In truth, he had doubts when the respected Kesamu-sama told him about it.

Somehow, this had turned really troublesome.

Can he convinced the guy, who had fallen in love, in front of him? They would be together since he was hired. Whether if he liked it or not, Ivan could most likely come to realized it. Zirco gave up quickly on this matter.

” I will save Willia-chan. I can’t stand to hit her now but one day… ”

Glancing at Ivan, who was speaking enthusiastically, Zirco let out a deep sigh. The emotionless eyes were tinged with tiredness.

” ……Going to the Adventure Guild will prove helpful for the possessed. ”
” In that case, let’s go! ”

Looking at Ivan, whose eyes were sparkling, Zirco nodded emotionlessly. He knew the [Shadows] would come attacking and Ivan would proved to be a help so there were no loss.

” ……Sigh… ”

But at least he was allowed to sigh, he thought as he turned it towards Elzmu, his hometown, that was far far away.

The horses went ‘clop clop’ as they walked down the road, pulling the carriage along, I was, as usual, floating above my seat. It was early morning, when the sun had just raised. The refreshing air was calming.

With a ‘wow’ name like Foir Centeru Street, it’s streets cannot be even called as one, as it was simply harden soil. Since the carriage had went over it, the ‘animal trail’ should be renamed as ‘horse carriage trail’.

…..That was wrong?
Ah, whatever.
[TN: Ha, the tone shift whenever it’s Will’s POV]

Instead of that, yesterday, when I was discussing the employment terms of Ivan-san with Buu-san, Zirco-san and Ivan-san was getting along quite well and were currently whispering behind me.

” …….I knew it is a ghost! She is floating! ”
” …….I know, since you had been repeating it. Once we reached the Central, we will head towards the guild, is that fine? ”

I had no idea what they were talking about but it seem like they had business with the guild after reaching the Central. But there were many kinds of guilds.

The standard of the Otherworld, starting with the Adventure Guild, Merchant Guild, Craft Guild, etc etc. And, even though it was only a rumor, in our country, Elzmu, there seem to be a fan club which was called ‘Guild’.

I heard it from Selphy…. but it seem that to the same even for this Otherworld. Fan clubs exist everywhere, can be made by anyone, even in Phillis Academy. I was not in the wrong to want to retort that it can be called a ‘Fan club Guild’.

” What guild? ”

It was the fault of the 2 whispering but since I had heard it, there was no other way. Since it was not nice to eavesdrop, it would be the best to come out in the open and asked about it.

As thought, Ivan-san jumped in surprised as Zirco-san had an expressionless face, as usual, as he replied. By the way, Ivan-san. You were that tortured by muscle pain yesterday but today, it was already healed, seeing you moved so lively. Youth sure was great.

” The Adventure Guild. Since Ivan-dono have not registered, we are thinking of doing it as a prove of his identification. ”

Saying that, he exchanged looks with Ivan-san. Hm. Somehow there was an aura of tiredness from his face even though he was as expressionless as usual…. Must be my imagination. Anyway it was most probably something to do with Ivan-san.

” I see. I haven’t been to one before too, is it aright not to register as well? ”
” We have identification papers from Elzmu as Jill Stuart so there is no problem. ”

Ah, that legal fake passport.

I, who was a little lost at what to reply, gave a ‘That’s good’ before flying out of the window at the back and onto the roof of the carriage.

It was cloudless as usual with the never ending road. Hm, how otherwordly.

One of the standard plot for Otherword was to encounter bandits and I wondered if I would too as I looked at the sky while I floated.

” ……….!? ”

Something seem to be flying.

” Ehhhhhhhh!?!!? ”

A tako was flying in the sky. [TN: Tako = octopus]
Wiggling it’s tentacles, it was flying in the sky. I heard that Ajipo was often caught by Sea Birds…..

The generally peaceful trip continued.

” We are here! Central! ”

I yelled as I spread my hands wide, causing people around me to laughed. The gatekeeper was laughing as well. His fleeting glace caught my eyes and our gaze met. Since that was embarrassing, I hid behind Zirco-san’s back.

” Identification please. ”
” Sure. ”

Zirco-san took the identification papers out from his pocket.

” Jill Stuart from Elzmu Country and…eh, the one behind you is? ”
” That’s my daughter, Willia and the other person and the Beastmen is our guards. We are on a trip this time. ”
” I see. I’ll collect the entrance fee then. 4 person would be 40 rook. ”
” Okay. ”

As he had prepared it beforehand, Zirco-san immediately passed 4 pieces of silver to the soldier. Little info, in Hattuo, 1 rook was a copper coin, 10 rook was a silver coin while 100 rook was a gold coin. I heard that 1 rook was about ¥100. I hadn’t said it but Elzmu’s money unit was in Yan. Just 1 word difference from Yen. Very easy to understand. As expected of the First Founder.

” Welcome to Central~ ”

Somehow the gatekeeper seem frivolous. He was messing around and laughing as he gave a sidelong glance at Zirco-san as we walked into the streets.

” ……Hm. ”

Zirco-san mumbled as we crossed over the gate and into the streets.

Central streets felt a lot more urban then Flowason. The stone paving was as beautiful as ever, however, it do not felt like it was flourishing.

It was the afternoon of the 2nd day since we set off from Flowason.

It only took 3 days from Elzmmu to Hattuo and yet it needed 2 days from city to city here. Once again, I came to realized how big Hattuo was.

” For the time being, let us find an inn first, shall we?

We nodded at Zirco-san’s words and we cut through the central street.


TN: This is confusing. Okay. The capital of Hattuo = Central, a name. And there are central streets in Central.

Yep, I did well explaining.


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