(Um, Sorry) I've Been Reincarnated!


(Um, Sorry) I've Been Reincarnated! Chapter 5

TN: Changed the father’s name from Gian to Gion. Anyone have a better idea?
Editor : Poor_Hero and Lazaruz22

I still could not lift my neck.
How many days had it been since I was born?
After training everyday, I could finally move my hands, feet and fingers consciously.


" A….E….Eee….Uuu….U…. "

I still could not pronounce correctly. That was why every morning when I woke up at the same time as my mother, I practiced speaking like this while Mother was getting ready. And I was actually trying to say 'A, E, I, O, U'. [TN: Japanese A, I, U, E, O, pronunciation is Ah, Ii, Wu, Eh, Oh. ]

Or rather, it was difficult to move. I could wiggle my hands and feet but I still could not turn over.

" Oh my, are you already awake Will? "

The door opened and Mother looked down with a surprised face.
Ah yes, this was my recent breakthrough. I did not know if it was because I was a baby, but an astounding memory manifested and I came to understand what people surrounding me were saying. Also, I came to understand different things as my vision got clearer.

" Uh! "

Let's reply for now. Normal babies did reply somehow or other so it was not unusual to do so…..I thought.

" Will rarely cries. What a good boy~♪ "

Mother said, as she lifted me up. My Mother's name seemed to be Lily.

Yes, come to think of it.

I had already gotten used to it so I could have ' breakfast' without any sense of discomfort. And I came to realize, thanks to my vision clearing, a certain truth.

….My mother was a real beauty….!

Pale and smooth skin like a child, beautiful plump pink lips, perfectly balanced outlines, big and round eyes with a beautiful nose that were all perfectly arranged.

' If this is not beauty then what is?! ' kind of feeling.

This made me enthusiastic and happy about my promising future but by some chance I might look like my Father.
As I had yet to met my father, there was nothing I could say.

Ah, as my Father had yet to appear for days now, I grew worried if this would turn out to be a complicated family or not. Then, about 3 days ago, a maid-like person spoke to Mother.

" Congratulations Madam, it seems like Master has finished his patrol of the territory and is rushing back home as fast as he can. "

I, too, was relieved. And happy. Because in this world, both of my parents were around. On this occasion, I would like to say that it seemed like this was a Noble's House. Further on that note, my dad seemed to be a Knight. A Noble and a Knight….the combination of an Ikemen. My hope raised.

About this country or world, I had heard nothing so I had no knowledge but the interior of my house looked European-ish so it would most likely be that.

" ….Nnn mu. "

I said, as I released my mouth from my Mother's…….

" Oh, are you full, Will? "
" Nn. "

And while this exchange was going on….
[TN: Your nightmare is coming Will.]

" Ohhhh! Will! This guy, is he born?! "

The door slammed open and a loud voice was heard.

" My, are you back Gion? This is your father, Will…. Here, Gion. "

I was then passed to Gion, my Father, by my delighted Mother.

" I am your Father, Will~ "

What a nice smile. Which caused me to smile as well.


What normal face!!!
Looking closer, he looked like me in my previous life…….

Oi god, this was the first time I felt despair.


AN : Father who has Will’s face of the previous life, which Will thought was average-looking.
Of course, he is the super Ikemen Knight who is yearned by all ladies.


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