(Um, Sorry) I've Been Reincarnated!


(Um, Sorry) I've Been Reincarnated! Chapter 53

Editor: Poor_Hero

AN : It’s short.

The stepmother went into the forest.
There, she met the crow and asked the same question.

" Where is Ochyon? "

The crow answered that it's at the big tree just a little further away. The stepmother then made her way towards the big tree in high spirits. When she reached the big tree, she called for Ochyon, who then appeared in front of her.

" Ah, isn't it Stepmother. I had been in your care for the short time I was at your house. Please, join us for the banquet… "
" Instead of that I would rather get the present. "

Without shame, Stepmother cut off Ochyon in mid-sentence and urged for the present.

" …..As you pleased. "

Ochyon then timidly gave the remaining large box over to Stepmother, who did not notice anything as she accepted it happily. At how Ochyon was grinning. At how Ochyon turned into fireball and disappeared as she ran away with her box.

Happily, she ran. However, the box was really heavy! Stepmother, who did not work at all, was panting in no time. Having no perseverance, she set the box down onto the forest floor. Immensely curious as to what was contained inside, she did not even hide her snickering as she opened the box.

From the box, a black haze gushed out as the surrounding temperature went down. Numbers of monsters then flew out of the box, attacking the stepmother.

She ran in a panic but the scene in front stopped her in her tracks.

Growing from the ground was hands, hands, hands.
The hands grabbed the ankle of the stepmother who thought of escaping and pulled her to the ground. The hands, which felt real yet unreal, were freezing and that sensation was transferred to the stepmother's skin as her own body temperature plunged before her eyes. Thinking of yelling for help, she opened her mouth, but all that came out was a rasping voice.

And as she turned around, she saw the figure of a monster, standing right in front of her………..

The young girl was a little sad at the disappearance of her stepmother and was mourning at the loss of her friend.

But after that, she managed to grasp her own happiness and lived happily ever after.

However, till today, in the dead of the night, a woman's screams can be heard echoing throughout the forest …………………….

◆ Shitakiri Monster END ◆

With that last sentence from the narrator, the curtain was lowered onto the stage. The dim classroom was lighted up and the audience all clapped at once.

It was an ovation.

That's great.

At last, the entire class gathered and gave thanks to the guests and the play was over.

In the bustling class, I was satisfied. It seemed like the guests enjoyed themselves. Me, who was the ending monster that came out only at the end, was watching their expressions from the backstage and was glad at how they are enjoying themselves.

By the way, the backstage was where the [Magic Production Team] was in. They did all they could with the 5 months of practice, such as producing the fire balls.

But rather….
That was a really splendid horror story.
To be able to act like that with only an outline of the story…. Zelda-sensei is scary.

As the guests left the classroom, everyone from the class gathered and began to chattering among ourselves. It was fun. At first, I was worried if I can blend in nicely within the 10 year olds but it seemed like I was better at going along with the flow than I thought.

I think I heard a ' No wait, aren't you young as well? ' somewhere but it must be my imagination.

As we finished chatting, everyone started leaving to walk around the school for the festival. Look, half of them were already gone.

Selphy too, was asked along with a bunch of girls and had left the classroom happily.

As the classroom grew quieter, Zen invited me and we began to make way out. It was then.


Together with the sound of shattering glass, screaming can be heard.

" Is it the 1st floor? "

Looking at each other, we rushed out into the corridor.



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