(Um, Sorry) I've Been Reincarnated!


(Um, Sorry) I've Been Reincarnated! Chapter 4

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And I woke up. Hm, I was hungry. Which meant, oh crap, I felt like crying. But I was not going to cry! A real man does not cry!

" …..Waah. "

…. I was not crying.

I was only sweating a bit through my eyes, and I was somehow still trying to bear it. And then, my limbs that I still could not fully control started to wiggle about.

What soft futon. [TN: A kind of japan mattress] Ah no, it should be a bed? I was not complaining, it was just that I felt like I was laying at a higher height like a bed than a futon.

Twisting my neck, which was still unable to support my head, sideways, I just barely managed to look down. As I thought, I was laying at a certain height, and it looked like the entire house was covered in basic red and brown tones. Dimly, I could make out the white walls. The ceiling was white too.

Ah, I forgot to say 'It is a ceiling I have never seen before'. All the main characters in the novels I read said that. To think I missed out on this chance to say it…. How regretful.

Trying to divert my attention by thinking about these things, my body started to complain about my empty stomach.

" ….Wah. "

No! Please endure, me! It is embarrassing for an adult to rely on another adult!

" ….ahh "

………….I could not hold it in anymore!

" Wahhhhhhhhhhhh! "

What forceful cries I made. Ah, I cried. This was embarrassing. But thinking about it, I was a baby. Whatever, I gave up.

Yep, knowing when to give up was important. Because from now on the rumored period of time was coming. The super embarrassing period….

" %£%@ゞ▲▽☆ー? "

As I thought, my Mother's voice was heard and I could dimly see her standing in front of me. She carried me up gently and while I was surprised, something was pushed into my mouth and I reflexively started sucking.


….Aaahh, no…, erm…This was instinct, I had no ulterior motives, please forgive me.
…Man, who was I explaining to anyway. While I was thinking about all these things, my body was feeding and I became full.

Haaa, I drank a lot. Eh? The word used was wrong? It could not be helped, my mind was in chaos. Because in my previous life I was avoided by the ladies so I had no immunity towards them. I..I was not making a weird face… was I?

It felt good drinking milk….


Yep, giving up was important! Yep!

I finished drinking, so I was all right now but I was not going to be all right if you didn't put me down now!! Trying to appeal, I looked at the dim face that I recognized and smiled.


I was brought up in front of her body to lean against it. She patted my back gently. Pon Pon. Oh, Mother was trying to make me burp right?

" …..Burp. "

This was a little embarrassing. But I was trying hard not to vomit milk. Good job, me.

And when I thought she was going to place me back onto the bed, she held me in her arms and started swaying.

" ▽&ゞ″*&#%£¢¢ "

I had no idea what she was talking about but she said quite a bit.

Ahh……I was sleepy……


AN : After this Will will face a huge barrier – The terror of the changing of Diapers. He will finally get enlightenment in a week will finally get used to this life.

Slow tempo? That’s right.
It will be like this from now on~

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TN : And the harassment of Will begins.


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