(Um, Sorry) I've Been Reincarnated!


(Um, Sorry) I've Been Reincarnated! Chapter 23

Editor : Poor_Hero and Lazaruz22

AN: John San is a person who cannot be frank but he is still an honest fellow.

As I walked into William-sama's room, apart from the thick table that exuded a composed and dignified aura, the whole room felt bright and airy.

" Ah, Mary-san, thank you. "

William-sama gave his thanks for the tea brought by a woman who seemed to be a maid. For the time being, he was as expected, a polite and level-headed person.

" ……. "
" ………. "

But I was troubled.
Even if this was my wish, I could not seem to find any word to start a conversation. Besides, I found myself much more nervous than I thought I would be that I froze.

It should be me, the elder, to break the ice. And even if I had thought of various things, my mind went blank ever since I came in.

" …Erm… "

William-sama said, timidly.

What a disgrace, showing such a (frozen) face. Perhaps, I might be seen as glaring at him.

" Ah, I am sorry. "

Embarrassed, I coughed.
This time, I made sure to focus on William-sama before I opened my mouth.

….Relax, relax.

" I unknowingly got nervous. As you know, I am John Veltor, and I will be working as your tutor from today onward. "

Trying to avoid a scary impression, I carefully paid attention to my words as I introduced myself. And then, William-sama returned with a graceful greeting.

" Yes, I will be in your care. I am Williams Beryl, please call me Will. "

At the birthday debut, I did think about the possibility that he had memorized that speech. I still found it difficult to believe that a 3 years old kid could talk like that.

But, once I came here, I was convinced.
Yes, it was William-sama who prepared that speech. It was too shocking.

" Erm, what should I call Veltor-sama? "

As I was called out, my attention snapped back.
This was getting interesting, I could not help but give in to my mischievous side.

" You can call me however you prefer. Only… "

Well then, how would this young genius react to this? As I was thinking about that, I instinctively smiled.

" ..not Veltor please. "

I had thrown my family name away.
Since I, who was born into the problematic Veltor house, was to undertake the position of an educator role, I wanted to, at least relay this to Williams-sama and of course, Gion-sama.

And above all, how he would react upon understanding my words. I did feel sorry for testing him but most of all, I was amused.

William-sama immediately gave a smile and replied.

" Then, John-sensei! Would that be all right? "

The reply, that was more than what I expected, was slightly jaw-dropping.’

…..I could only say that he was indeed a genius.
It was a reply that he understood that I was uninterested in power, house name or currying favor just by my words alone.

" Yes please, I look forward to working with you. "

With no relations to with my family, he narrowed the relation down to a personal level by simply using my name and attaching 'Sensei' to it. Wonderful. It was wonderful how he exceeded my expectations.

To be able to teach this person, I was glad I left my house. I might be a fortunate person.

Unconsciously, I began talking, being in a good mood.

" By the way, Will-sama. "

With that, Will showed a displeased face.

" John-sensei, please stop with the 'Sama'. "

What a humble attitude.

To tell the truth, although Beryl and Veltor family sounded alike, they could not even be compared against.

Veltor being a Viscount house, Beryl being a Duke house.

In addition, the name of Veltor house was at the bottom. In comparison, Beryl house, in addition to Gion-sama’s activities and his good ruling with, had the reputation of being the best in the country. They were also a family that had a long standing history. Really, towards that person….I only had admiration.

In the end, the relationship with me was not of noble standing but instead, a pure student and teacher one.

" Then… Will-san "
" Will alone is fine. "
" …Eh…That is a bit… "
" It's okay because you are my Sensei! "

As I thought.

It was difficult to suppress my instinct to smile. Even if I tried to resist, he had insisted to call him Will with a compelling attitude. This made it very clear that we were a teacher and student.

" Ah yes Sensei, what is the matter? "

Will said, as he remembered that I wanted to say something.

" Ah. It's just..If you don't mind me asking, it is a little early for a 3 years old kid to have a tutor. I was wondering if you made this request or was it Sir Gion's idea? "

Really, how did Gion-sama educate? I really could not imagine.

But, Will smiled bitterly and answered.

" No, it was me who requested. "

Ah, really, today, no matter how many hearts I had, they would not be enough.

" It's Will's…? But why? I don't mean to be rude but boys at your age usually only think about having fun. "
" I don't know anything. I am proud seeing Father so needed (busy) but as for me, I can't help with anything… "

I remembered that I was shocked by the mischievous tone Will had used.

" …And I am frustrated with that. "

Really…..This person.

Was a genius to the extent that you would be amazed.

And I wondered if this was fate. I kept feeling that it was.

" So that is why.. "

I had become the tutor of this person.
With the ability I had, I wondered if it would be enough.

" Well then, let's study hard as soon as possible, shall we, Will? "


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