(Um, Sorry) I've Been Reincarnated!


(Um, Sorry) I've Been Reincarnated! Chapter 157


” Oi, what are you doing, you pervert. ”

I froze upon hearing a cold voice behind me. As I timidly turn around, there stood the world’s cutest ever angel in the image of my son.

” Ah, er, no, it’s just, I am seeing how it is all going with the world. I mean.. it’s the duty of a god, isn’t it? ”
” So you are just peeking at the world with that disgusting expression of yours while you send me to adjust the condition of Hadazerl’s forest? Do it yourself if you’re that free, useless thing. ”

I was seen grinning at the television-like magical tool as it shown what was happening down at the world so I could only accepted his cursing. True… from his point of view, I looked like a weird uncle who was seen grinning at the telly while drooling. ‘Pervert’ was the only way to described me at that moment. I can’t even defended myself.

But, wasn’t that attitude too much to a god?

Ah no, it was not like I was trying to pull rank but even if we were on equal footing, that was still a bit too much, don’t you think? Because I did explained it clearly too. That this world was still too young to bear the brunt of me appearing on it.

This was something that can’t be changed no matter how hard I worked so I would only leave it to the angel to helped unless something huge happened that warrant enough danger for me to head down.

That’s why I was not exactly useless.

T, true, I can’t deny that I was a little laid back when creating this world and that caused the growing rate of this world to be quite slow. But this was just a small thing, plus, there was no helping it since I was dragged in from earth all of a sudden to land in this empty dark place. Not to mention tearing me away from my cute cute son who was just born. There was really no helping it.

But, even since I peered into my son’s future and saw him getting ran over by a truck, I had been giving my all in aiding and nurturing this world. In order to twisted around that bad ending, Dad had been working really really hard.

As I tried to make myself felt better, I looked back at the angel. That body was, as expected, so pretty~ This was the avatar that I created from the looks of my beloved son on earth, Shou, or Will here. Although angels had existed for thousands of years, once Will’s look was decided, it had always been this look. So cute! You may think that I was a pervert, but because this body was just too cute, I was not going to changed it. He he he.

But still.

The one inside it was someone else. As living beings on this world cannot accepted the power of god, only this created body would hold and use the power. And in order to moved around on land, I would need a soul’s help in doing it.

To put it correctly, [Angel] was not a being, but a [thing] with something inserted instead. Which was why, when I created this in Will’s look, it felt something like creating a beautiful sculpture. That’s why, please don’t think that I did this to replaced my son.

And those whose soul were placed inside would be the [Angel] to help a shoddy god like me. Not just any soul would do, but a soul that had an affinity with me, which was why I had been relying on the Beryl’s bloodline.

….Ah, in the early stages of building this world, there was a boy who accidentally drank my blood… so his soul was mixed with a bit of my essence. As shoddy as I was, I was still a god to this world. So my influence on the matter was rather huge, with the rest having the same face as me. Not to mention the [cheat]-like abilities.

…I might had messed up a bit there.

Back on point, the soul inside the angel right now was the former Beryl’s head, an old grandpa. Who was not cute at all. At all.

” Rather, who would defend you in being said useless when you only gave the minimum power to condition the [demon forest] in this body, not to mention throwing me alone in it. ”

Plus his attitude sucked. Was it really a noble in there? Or a Duke, even? This grandpa, with his ‘washi’ in calling himself, his old man-like bad manners, showed nothing of a Noble aura.

” B, but this is the best I could… ”
” Are you stupid enough to not know that you should at least upgrade this body if you are throwing me into the forest? You can do at least that, can’t you? ”
” Eh..ah, that’s right.. ”

I hurriedly checked the records upon his words and found out that he was right. What an idiot I was. I just found out that the angel’s body level had been reset.

” Sorry Wyatt…. this was my mistake… ”
” Damn you! I had to spend 8 years completing it, you know?! Man.. you are really useless. ”

I did felt that the mission was taking longer than usual to completed but to think it was because of this…. I did not realized it at all. We could not contact each other at all unless I went down. That’s why I would always monitored the situation every time I send the angel on a mission.

So why was I not doing that? Of course, that was because I was busy looking at Will’s growth…. used 8 years to completed… hmm? … 8 years? 8….

My face paled. Ah, this was bad. This was leaving-a-person-in-the-forest-for-8-years bad. As my teeth chattered, I glanced at Wyatt. With a scowl, he was walking towards me. The remote control was at… the remote control was at the opposite table!! I immediately ran towards the telly and blocked it from view.

” Hmm? What the heck are you doing? ”

Ah, I made him even more suspicious by doing that!! It was already too late…

” Bastard… I am really disgusted…. You have been looking at me and grinning throughout?! ”

Of course, my body alone can’t covered the entire telly. I regretted getting the 42 inches.
…Wait, that’s not it! It would be bad to let him know the truth, although getting mistaken was bad enough too.

I struggled in the decision between telling him the truth or letting him be mistaken about it. It was like a meeting was happening in my brain immediately. Each party were arguing about their point fervently. But, once his job as the angel was over and Wyatt went back, the truth will still be exposed, wouldn’t it….? At the same time as I realized that, Wyatt showed a surprised reaction.

” Wait… this isn’t me. ”

I was overcame with despair with that sentence.

He knew.

Everything was over.

The emoticon with both of it’s hand up in a surrender pose floated up above my head.

” This is….. my grandson, isn’t it? Oi, damn god. ”

I could see a demon standing behind Wyatt.

” I’m sorry! So sorry!! I totally forgotten about your existence! ”

I really felt sorry. I really messed up there. I wanted to make it up to him but Wyatt was someone, as with the Beryl’s family tradition, who had the power to doing everything by himself so there was nothing much I could do. Even if I was a god.

So, I could only sincerely apologized.

What a crime. I actually delayed him from meeting his cutest, most beautiful, clever, pretty grandson, Will! I did the I-am-really-really-sorry pose I knew, the jumping dogeza.

” ……. ”

My head was unforgivably stepped on. Ah, my heart hurts. But as I was truly sorry, I did not struggled at all. If he could felt better, this was nothing at all. This was how much I messed up.

” I am sorry… ”

My apology rang across the room. For some reason, Wyatt had been silent the entire time. Although Wyatt was known to throw out curses after curses, he felt like the type who would stay silent when he was truly angered. But when I looked up and saw where he was looking at, I understood why he stayed silent.

Wyatt was staring at the telly the entire time. I saw something changed within his eyes.

I felt my head released from the pressure. Looking up, Wyatt, who looked like he understood something, had a beautiful smile on with that cute avatar.

” You, you are going to make up for this mistake, right? ”
” Of course! ”

I said, bowing. But this man, was he really once a noble?

” Then I wanna quit being an angel. ”
” Eh? ”
” Doable right? ”
” Erm…. Wait a minute… ”
” You should have known. ”
” About that… erm… It would be really bad for my job if I don’t have an angel around… ”
” Do something about it. ”
” Eh… yes. ”

I subconsciously replied, feeling a dreadful pressure coming from Wyatt.
I wondered… if I can do something about it… Controlling the urge to sigh, I grabbed my head. So something….okay.

I gave a small nod as I summoned back Wyatt’s body, which I had turned into data and stored. After which I placed Wyatt’s soul back into his body as I took the avatar back.

” I could only transfer you to the east forest, is that okay? ”
” I don’t mind. ”
” Erm, thank you very much for helping, Wyatt… although this happened, I am really thankful for all that you have done. ”
” Tsk…. well, it had been fun too. ”

The last part was mumbled by Wyatt in a small voice. I started his transfer as I listened to him mumbling. Looked like he had some fun too.

I monitored Wyatt, who had landed in the forest safely, for while before I went to look for the next angel. Although I had been god for years now, in between gods, I was still very much a rookie. This was a difficult job, but I would still try my best. Because in this world, my son was here too.

Afterwards, different from the previous generations of angels, Wyatt, who became a grandfather, went back with his lifespan still remaining. His grandson, Will, who came to know the truth, got angry and teleported to the heavens to confront his dad…. but that was another story for now.


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