(Um, Sorry) I've Been Reincarnated!


(Um, Sorry) I've Been Reincarnated! Chapter 156


The day had went past evening as night fell. Unable to calm down in this extravagant room, I took off the bed canopy as I gave a silent ‘sorry’ to the owner of this inn.

At the very least this had to go. Because all the sparkles were really too dazzling. I was going to renovate this inn before I go back to Elzmu so… I did nothing wrong. It shouldn’t be counted as property damage.

That’s right! As long as no one knew! No no no, I heard nothing about you people saying that this was wrong. I deeply believed that anyone in my shoes would do what I did.

” Sigh….Let’s just sleep.. ”

But that question about why that doppelganger ‘angel’ of mine that appeared 100 years ago weighed on my mind. I would need to get to the bottom of it. Even if it was made up, he had the same hair and eye color I had. This was in no way a coincidence. I was going to get it out of that old god grampa.

As I decided on it, I fell onto the bed as sleepiness immediately overcame me. I closed my eyes, giving in without struggling as the world went dark.

This was a dream.

I woken up inside a pure white world. My body felt like it was floating in the air. Old Grampa god had once told me that for beings like me who possessed such high mana, would be able to projected their conscious into the realm of god.

Hm… I don’t really know the workings behind it but in simpler words, I would be able to talk to god. But it was not like I couldn’t get my physical body in here as I had found out that it was possible.

Normally, my teleportation would only worked on places I had already been to and no matter the amount of mana I held, it wouldn’t be possible to teleport into heaven. However, that incident in the [Demon Forest] where god had panicky summoned me into heaven, made it possible for me to teleport into heaven.

Well, although if I were to teleport into heaven, there would be a mess about ‘The son of the Duke is been missing in action!’. Since the Black Knights were very good at their job, they would be able to noticed me missing immediately. They do knew of my strength but they were still working as my guards. I wouldn’t want to troubled them so I gave up on the idea of teleporting into heaven.

In that white world, I focused my thoughts on god. I heard that if I focused enough, I would be able to meet with him.

I want to meet with god…. I want to ask god something… I want to ask god if he knew about this thing called ‘portrait right’….Pulling god over….

” Ooooooooi!! I just appeared and it’s already dangerous?! ”

A youth with an average face who appeared in front of me, said upsettingly, when he saw me. Come to think of it, the surroundings were colored in an instant. Green meadows, starry sky, it was no longer just plain white.

” Good evening, criminal. ”
” Eh? Why am I being called a criminal the moment we meet?! ”

You should had never made and left a portrait of an ‘angel’, Dad. Did you knew how deep of a sigh I made when I saw that? As if from my actions, or he did read my mind, god (dad)’s shoulders jumped. His eyes then slowly widen to the maximum width.

What a face.
That face that was the same as mine looked really bad with a surprised look.

” Wah….. My son is undergoing his rebellious phrase recently… ”

Ignoring my dad who was crouching down and drawing circles on the floor by his lonesome self, I began explaining the matter, wanting to hear an explanation from him.

” Imagined my surprise when I saw a picture of an angel with my face inside a church in Hattuo. What was with that? ”
” That tone of yours is going make your dad cry… ”
” Shut up. Quickly explain yourself, stupid father! ”
” That dirty mouth of yours is going to make your dad cry… ”
” Ahh, shut up and stop complaining! ”

My mouth was dirty enough to make sailors blushed so this was nothing. Dad stood up, scratching his cheek with a finger.

” Ha….Was it finally found out… ”
” So you finally admit your guilt. Confess and repent. Then maybe God would forgive you. ”
” No he won’t. I know, because I am god. ”

I stared silently at dad. And a beam was released from my eyes. A ‘start-explaining-now’ beam.

” I, I got it, I got it. Well, that was before Elzmu was founded.. Ah, you read Terao’s diary right? At that time, I haven’t got the hand of adjusting this world so there is a lot negative energy hanging about. That’s why the area around Hattuo became part of the [Demon forest]… And since it was the First Founder who who first developed that area so I was there to explained that. ”
” And that was where the legend of you descending down came from? ”
” Un. Anyway the whole thing was just as Terao had written. That’s it! Do you understand? ”

Dad gave a wide grin after saying all that. I too, had a smile that seemingly understood his reason for heading down…. NOT.

” Do you really think you can fool me with that?! ”
” Sorry, I lied! I’ll continue.. ”

Dad continued, his head hanging down.

” Well, that angel was.. was actually Will himself… ”

Hm? Wasn’t the timeline wrong? At that time, I shouldn’t be born yet.

” At that time, I knew about Shou dying in a truck accident so I already had a reincarnate plan going on. And, well, er, your look was also already decided so.. the angel too.. ”

Dad said in a really frolickly manner as he tried to make it all sounded light-hearted. But the important thing was that I was made into an angel. I glared at dad. Firstly, I was not happy about how my look was being used for the angel. Secondly, I felt sorry for the angel for having my look.

” Oh no, it was only that moment when the angel looked like you so it should be okay? Normally they look like some other… ”
” Some other? ”
” Ah….no- nothing. ”

Dad had a ‘busted’ look as his eyes swam around. There was definitely something. To think he would be able to say ‘nothing’ under these circumstances. I glared even harder at dad who then moaned.

” ….Angel are my descendants as they go down the line. ”
” Wha…t do you mean? ”
” Those that were the head of the Beryl’s family. ”

Hearing that, I realized something. I heard it from Father before. And that Beryl’s family tree!

” Could it be that the reason each retired Beryl Head going on a journey is because… ”
” They are going the job of the angel… ah, no! I did not force them to do it you know! I did ask them if they are willing before giving them the job! You see, an angel meant an appearance of a child, so I gave them something that changes their appearance and also their job scope… You see, the very first Beryl was me, so my blood ran deep in the family. Everyone looks like me anyway so with Will’s look, it would feel like I went back to my childhood.. ”

Dad explained desperately to me. He sure was trying hard and talking really fast. In the end, I can’t help but let loose a snicker.

” I get it, dad. You don’t need to be that desperate. I am sure dad is not someone who simply made a doll in my likeness to play around, nor to force anyone against their will to do something they don’t want to. ”

Seeing me smiling, Dad had a huge smile on his face as well. Ah, his eyes looked slightly wet. …I might had gone a little overboard with the teasing. Dad looked so teasable that I just can’t helped it. Sorry dad. As I apologized from the bottom of my heart, it was conveyed over to dad, who laughed happily.

” And, since Will’s appearance was decided, it means that even the hair color and blood type was decided as well. As for the eyes, it was to be the color of Peridot… On earth, it is also called the [Sun Stone]. ”
” But it’s not like dad is the sun god. ”
” Hm, that… don’t laugh, okay? I used to be obsessed over power stones when I was on earth. And in one of my books, Peridot was said to change negative energy into positive energy. And, when feeling depress or unconfident, it is also said to be as warm as the sun, bringing your feelings up with it. ”

Dad explained the meaning of his decision, his face red but now, my face went red as well. Dad was unexpectedly a romantic at heart. So much so that I could never say the things he said.

….Somehow, my scalp was itching.

” To me, Shou was that existence. This is really how I felt when you were born. Warm, and soft, we could laugh together…. you are just like the sun to me. ”

Dad’s voice trailed off at the end, as he tried making his body looked smaller. His face was covered as he said it in a very small voice. And his ears were bright red.

” Wuuu….how embarrassing! ”

True, that was embarrassing. I too, was holding my face with both of my hands. Hot. I was sure my face was bright red at the moment.

” An, anyway, think of it as a name replacement. Once reincarnated, I won’t be able to named you so I chose the color of your eyes. Sorry.. ”
” Ah, no problem. ”

The two of us were bright red as we looked at the floor.

….Stop it with this atmosphere! This was not a confession scene! Although I had never once experienced such a scenario before! That’s wrong. It should be that, where a boy would blushed as he gave his mother flowers on Mother’s day! What was this embarrassing scene? Stop it!

” Oh… can it be that my name from the previous world was too… ”

I coughed, failing on my attempt in trying to change the subject. Why did I even chose this question?! Stupid me!

” Yep, that’s me. Shou, who can fly high into the sky! My sun! My sun baby!! ”

Dad said as he ran across the meadows in full speed.

” …….. I should sleep. ”

As I send off Dad’s figure, I lay on the grass. Waitaminute. Since this was a dream, can I even sleep in it?

No matter, by the burning feeling on my cheeks, I don’t feel sleepy at all.


TN: How we know how Will got his personality from.


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