(Um, Sorry) I've Been Reincarnated!


(Um, Sorry) I've Been Reincarnated! Chapter 155


In that stunned state, I once again returned back to our inn. After all that running around, it was already evening.

In that room with that sparkling table, sat the both of us, sipping our tea. The tea leaves were taken out of my 4th dimenti… my alternate space storage. Guta-san, who seemed to believed that tea were not meant to be made by our own hands, were staring in shock at my actions of brewing the tea.

Or just being astonished by my alternate space storage. Ah, I really didn’t meant to let him see it yet though. So why did I even take the tea leaves out in the first place?

It was all thanks to this inn.
Not that I was planning on discussing something highly secretive so I skipped on ordering room service. It was just that the delivered tea had…. gold flakes inside the tea!!

Yes, I knew that there were temples in Japan that provided these kind of tea. It was okay if it was added in moderation but the entire tea was almost full of gold flakes! Rather than saying it kept squirming about inside my mouth, the stretchy feeling as it went down my throat was the worst.

This was only going to be excreted out, you know? Once digested, it would only became gold poop, you know?

” But, this is my first time drinking such good tea. ”

Guta-san said as he closed his eyes to fully savor. Please don’t say so, this was just normal tea. Then, hit by a revelation, I lunged forward.

” Can it be… you had been drinking that kind of tea all the time?! ”

You must be kidding me, an Emperor drinking that kind of disgusting tea all the time….

” Yes I did. ”

NO—–!!!!! [TN: This bit was in english in the raws, hahahahahahaha]
Looking at Guta-san who nodded without hesitation, I clenched my hand tightly. Poor thing. Not being able to drink good tea despite being an Emperor! Not to mention that he could only drown these…tea! I shuddered just thinking about it. Poor guta-san.

Poor food (tea)!

I was angry on food’s behalf. The blood of a Japanese, whom were usually passive in nature but erupted upon issues with food, was boiling… not physically but from the soul, and made it unforgivable that the exceedingly amount of disgusting gold flakes was even put into the tea!

” It is obvious that too much of these gold flakes are placed in! This is not tea with gold flakes but gold flakes with tea. How did it end up this way?! ”
” Oh.. That’s because gold is a symbol of wealth. High-quality equals to gold. Everyone is competing against who have the greatest amount of gold. ”

Guta-san answered calmly to the angry me who raised the question. So that was it. That was why this inn had been crazily inlaid with all these gold.

” I would rather you compete with the taste of different cuisines… ”
” I hope for that too. ”

Seeing how I slumped over the table in defeat, Guta-san smiled wryly. Could it be that this practice of theirs resulted in that awful gaudy yet villainous-looking portrait I seen in the textbook, where he was decked out in gold and an absurd amount of sparkles?

Looking at that wryly smiling Guta-san sitting across the table, I somehow felt very bad for him. Let’s give him some comfortable clothing to wear later on.

Well then, it was time to get back to the main point. We need to consolidated all the information we had gotten.

” So… those old men kneel down when they see me is because… ”
” Ah, they thought Will-Sama is an actual angel. Not matter how rotten they became, they are still priests. They should have known about that painting. Looking at how panicked they was, I am sure they did not noticed me at all. ”

Guta-san laughed happily.
It came out, that villain look. I could only saw an evil laughing face.

” Come to think of it, you said I looked like an angel before, didn’t you? ”
” That’s why I keep saying that is a misunderstanding! ”
” You know, normally no one would believe you. ”

My last comment (tsukkomi), caused Guta-san to K.O. After checking a few more bit of information, night had fallen.

As thought, those old priests were repeaters of gambling as well as illegal slave trading. But as no evidence could be found against them, Guta-san could do nothing much against them. Before we ambushed them, the many presences I sensed in the game room was as imagined, slaves being used as chips for their gamble.

Most likely they were being held in that empty space next to the game room. Right about now, the Black Knights should had found them and were dealing with this matter. Most of them should be Beastmen so the job of identifying their identity might not be an easy task….

Try your best, Black Knights!

I would also help if you needed it too. I wouldn’t had much contacts in Hadazerl but there should be no problem if it was Dyuvu. We could start with Buu-san, seeing if he knew anyone.

There was also the President of the Dyuvu Merchant Guild. We had previously talked about collaboration on this aspect. Do you remembered the incident with former-general Grousil? The President was one of the Beastmen saved by Willia-Chan in that incident. I was quite surprised that such an important person was among the kidnapped at that time.

Eh? How was dinner?
……No comment.



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