(Um, Sorry) I've Been Reincarnated!


(Um, Sorry) I've Been Reincarnated! Chapter 154


Guta-san, who just proclaimed that I looked like an angel, was desperately trying to explained that it was all a misunderstanding and all would be explained once we went back to the church.

” William Beryl-Sama?! ….What would be the matter? ”

An Onii-san, who was arranging all the documents, noticed us and was surprised. I would too, be surprised if I saw someone who just left, came right back. Plus, not to mention the fact that Guta-san was the former Emperor while I was the Duke’s son. It was rather surprising for anyone to see us coming right back without walking around outside first.

” Ah, nothing the matter. I was thinking of taking a look at the basement documentation room. ”

Guta-san said calmly, as if his previous panicking self was all a lie.

” Ah, I see. Although I think there should be nothing to worry about, please be careful. ”
” Un. ”
” Thank you, Onii-san. ”

Properly giving my thanks to the Intelligence Corp Onii-San as well as a smile, we headed into the church.

” If I am not wrong, we should turn left at this room to get to the basement….. ”

I opened the first door which was not destroyed by me as Guta-san’s line of sight drifted to the left. Lured by him, I too, looked to the left. And saw a door similar to the one I destroyed into crumbs. Using my mana, I detected a long and narrow space, like a corridor, on the other side of the door.

” We have to walk through that corridor to get to the basement documentation room. It should be right after we climb down the spiral staircase at the end of this corridor. ”

Guta-san said as he advanced forward. There was no hesitation in his footsteps at all, like it was a place he often frequented. Why would an Emperor of a country knew so much about a church in one of the cities?

” You seemed to be very used to this place. ”

I voiced my suspicions as Guta-san gave a bitter look.

” That’s because I had been burned by them before. That’s why I often visit this place under the disguise of checking how the citizens are doing when what I was doing was to keep them in check. ”
” …..So that’s it. ”

Now I can understand the meaning behind Guta-san’s expression. These old men were really running wild, weren’t they?

” Plus, it was rumored that the Emperor of Hattuo was chosen by god. And on top of that, during the reign of the First Emperor, there were records about god descending to Center-Tulle, while being accompanied by angels. Sounds to me like an excuse the First Emperor used for being easy on the church though. ”

God did?
Hearing that, the image that came to my mind was loads of beard, and that grampa. What was that about him descending? When had such a spiritual, god-lish-like event happened?! By that grampa, or rather, my dad!

It must had been amusing.

I grinned at the absurdity of it as we stepped into the corridor. However, apart from the light at the door, the entire corridor was dark. I wondered if it was because of the wall material.

All the walls before the door was painted in a sickening white color, looking like white porcelain while all of a sudden, the walls of the corridor was made out of stone.

The only light source was a lamp hanging on the wall, emitting a dim glow. A space after the staircase could somewhat be seen.

” It’s too dark to really see anything. ”

Guta-san said, as he squinted.
….Oh, that’s right. My [cheat] eyesight enabled me to see through the darkness but it must had been hard for an uncle like Guta-san. It seemed like he was not used to seeing in the dark.

I stopped walking, and began gathering mana in front of me.

[TN: Hikari yo, tomoru. Basically, just light up.]

I had always wanted to do this chant. I conjured up the image of a round-glasses-wearing wizard of my previous world as I chanted. It was too bad that the magic here was done without the use of a wand.

” This helps a lot. ”

And so, we continued forward. As the click-clackity clack of the both of our footsteps reverted throughout the corridor, I had a bad feeling. This was supposed to be the church documentation room, so why was it buried in this dark place?

Ah, maybe this kind of environment was good for the preservation of the papers.

Somehow, I was a little excited. This kind of dark and heavy atmosphere just resembled that.

A dungeon.

A place any men would dreamed of going.
As I was lost in my daydream, we soon reached the staircase. And as before, without talking, the both of us went down.

Ah, but, it was weird when I was being thought as an angel, it was even more incomprehensible that the church had documentation that explained the misunderstanding about Guta-san’s sex fetish. Was Shonen-ai being made into a sacred thing by the church in Hattuo?
[TN: Shonen-ai. Not BL, but young boys love. Kinda like the male version of Loli-love.]

No no no no no, this was not the Edo period. Not the Edo period.
I really don’t want to be looked upon as a target of interest in a place that prayed to my dad.

And as that thought went through my mind, we reached the end of the stairs. I gulped. The door to the basement was made out of a gold-like metal, which looked like it could keep people out.


The hinges sounded like they hadn’t been oiled for years as the door was opened.

” ……Eh… Me?…… ”

On the huge and big wall, hanged a huge and big painting. The paint had faded, there were bald spots here and there, and cracks could been seen in some areas but all of that did not hindered people from seeing what the painting was about.

And here came the problem.

……On it, without a doubt, was a painting of me. There was even light radiating from behind my back! I was even half-naked!!

” What is this….. ”

Guta-san smiled snugly at the stunned me.

” The title of this painting is [God and his Ol’Messenger]. ”

Come to think of it, it was as Guta-san had said. A bearded grampa was in the middle of the painting, looking god-like as he descended, while bringing along me, who was half-naked with wings, flying in the air.

One mistake and this would all go wrong. (Fully naked = pervert)

Wait a minute… being half-naked meant that it was already wrong…!

” Ol’Messenger….? ”
” A being that came from heaven, a respected being. In other words, an angel. It seemed to be a painting that painted the scene when god had descended in Hattuo. ”

Guta-san did not noticed that I was not even listening as he laughed heartily.

” Now you know why I was so surprised when I first saw you. Will-Dono was the exact copy of an angel. Isn’t coincidence interesting? Ha ha ha ha ha! ”

Really sorry to the laughing Guta-san, but this was not a coincidence. It was not that I resembled somebody.


As I thought of that bearded grampa (my previous world dad), I yelled silently with all of my strength.


TN: Sorry for waiting, here’s the new chapter! Everyone had been saying there should be a picture of Will somewhere so there you go!

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