(Um, Sorry) I've Been Reincarnated!


(Um, Sorry) I've Been Reincarnated! Chapter 110


” Fufufun~♪ Funfufun~♪ ”

Well, the swimming tournament was over and what was left waiting for us before our summer vacation was the skipping of grades exam. Ah, although I completed that easily.

There wasn’t even anything special to mention about it.

Apart from a slight incident where Selphy, who received notice that she passed, went on a small rampage and destroyed all the chairs in her room. What blissful normal, ordinary, regular, ever day life.

And after that, we got wrapped up in talking about our grandpas again. I had no idea if my grandfather in this world was still around but no matter how I thought back, there was no mention of him at all, not to talk about meeting him.

But they were the parents of both of my idiot parents.

Not telling anything about their own parents meant, leaving aside if they were hiding it from me on purpose or not, something must had happened. If that was the case, asking about this over the phone….. communication tool would be kinda rude.

Oh well, since I would be returning home for the summer holidays, I would just make use of that chance to ask about it then.

So right now, I was currently using the dormitory cafeteria. Nope, I won’t be entertaining any tsukkomi asking why the heck was I in there.

Adding whipped cream into the milk, then in went sugar and egg yolk before mixing it well. Humming a song under my breath, I began violently mixing it together. And as I mixed, I covered the bowl with mana.

Of course, the chant would be…

” I love you~ You love me~ 《冷凍》it all, you bastard~! ”
[TN: Reitou, Freeze. BTW, the orginal lyrics are: Chin pui pui, Chin pu~i]

I chanted a freezing spell. Well then, you guys should know what I was making by now. Yes, I was making ‘Vanilla Ice Cream’ at the moment. But unfortunately, since I do not have any vanilla beans on hand, this was going to be simply a milk ice cream but since that sounded horrible, I will still called it as ‘Vanilla’ ice cream.

No matter what anyone said, this was ‘Vanilla’ ice cream.

Don’t you find that once the name was written in katagana, it became so much cooler? But if one used it too much, one would developed chuunibyo. Japanese sure was difficult.
[TN: …..Too much to explain, read the footnote.]

” Yosh, it harden nicely. ”

I had borrowed the cafeteria during the time around 2 hours passed lunch, where the sun was the brightest, yet before dinner. And well, since I was borrowing it free-of-charged, I allowed all the lunch ladies who were working in there to stay behind and have a look.

It could be considered cheap if the cost for renting the cafeteria was only to endured all the gaze piercing my back.

I am a generous gentleman.

Well, in normal circumstances, an 8 year old boy who cooked while humming would definitely attract attention. If it was me, I would too, observed if a boy walked in while hugging all the ingredients, asking if he could borrow the cafeteria with bright sparkling eyes.

As these random thoughts went through my brain, the ice cream was done. The cooking song I was singing in my head finished at the same time as well.

” Well…. then. ”

I turned back, and smiled. I should probably first satisfied all the onlookers (lunch ladies) curiosity. Also to thank them for renting the place out.

” Dear madams, would you like to have a taste? ”

I activated the skill I learnt when I was 3 in order to deal with my father ―――― Wolf-in-Sheep-Clothing. As the perfect young master’s smile hanged on my face, the lunch ladies began getting closer.

” Spinel. ”

Muttered the only person left behind in the Hattuo’s King Throne Room. And silence answered him. It remained the same no matter how many times he tried. Surprised, the man frowned.

The man who always appeared whenever he called out to him was not responding.

It meant that the mission he gave Spinel failed. The mission to remove the son of Duke, William Beryl.

In order for the man’s plans to move along smoothly, he had planned to kidnapped Gion’s, the strongest knight in Elzmu, son, in order to used him for his plans but when he realized that the son himself was an obstacle, he had planned to nipped in the bud but to think he hadn’t make it in time.

Moreover, he even lost an important pawn like Spinel.

” Will I mkae it in time…… ? ”

He mumbled to himself, as his body wobbled when he began walking.


TN: Katagana is one of the alphabets of Japanese. They are usually used to spell out anything that did not originate in Japan, such as hamburger, or the foreign spelling of a word. For example, school, in Japanese kanji would be 学校 gakkou, while katagana would be スクール, sukuuru. Yay for japanese english.

I would be having a huge exam on wed that determined if I could advance or not so please sacrificed yourself to feed me so I can grow even crazier and rampaged around on wed.


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