(Um, Sorry) I've Been Reincarnated!


(Um, Sorry) I've Been Reincarnated! Chapter 1-1


TN : New series! Yes, as said, a chinese novel (CN). I love Chestnut short, sweet and fluffy works and since Will is really missing out on the fluff, I decided that, meh, the next project is going to be a puking-rainbow fluffy piece of translation.


Yuan Qi 3rd Year April 21 – Auspicious Day

Looking at the situation in front of her, Hong-er feel that there is nothing auspicious about today at all.

” De, dead? ”

She stared, wide-eye, as she lift up her head unbelieving. The veiled lady standing in front of her said nothing, frowning as she stare at the ‘freshly’ dead body.

Hong-er lick her dry lips, her eyes fixated on the highly detailed cuckoo embroidery on the lady’s veil.

” Didn’t you say you are only going to have a chat with our 3rd Miss? Why did she end up dead?! ”

The lady’s brows shift a little as she finally lift up her head to have a look at Hong-er. Hesitatingly, she finally speak up.

” I too, did not imagined that your 3rd Miss would have such a weak constitution. That she could die just by… having a chat. ”

Hong-er ” ….. ”

She is really not in the mood for a joke right now. This is the big day where her 3rd Miss is getting married. The entire mansion is busy with getting ready while the 2 of them sneak out to the forest to take a breather. Who would had thought that they would met the famous Chang-An swindler, Du Juan. Not to mention that they would then get along like a house on fire, and started chatting up in the forest. In order not to disturb them, she went a little further away. By the time she heard a disturbance, her young miss stopped breathing.

Clenching her teeth, she grab onto Du Juan’s wrist, planning on dragging her along.

” You come along with me and explain everything to Sir and Madam! ”

Her young miss is dead and she, her personal maid would never get out of this unscathed. Even if Sir and Madam would forgive her, Young Miss’s fiance, Marquise Xue of the Yong Ning Marquise Family, would burn her alive.

But if she, Hong-er, is going to die, she would make sure Du Juan is going down with her!

” Wait wait wait wait! ”

The wrist Hong-er was gripping was yank out and when she turn around, she saw Du Juan’s bright eyes staring straight at her.

” Why are you rushing to die? ”

If she can, she won’t. But in this situation, this is the only way out.

The other person stared at her for a while, before amusement twinkled in her eyes.

” I have a way that not only allow you to keep your life, but also to let the wedding go on as planned. ”

Hong-er’s heart stirred.

” What plan? ”
” I disguise into your Young Miss and marry into the Marquise Family in her stead. ”

Hong-er’s brows farrowed. Du Juan is Chang-An city all-famous swindler, and her word is never to be trusted. Her Young Miss was perfectly fine before, so why did she fall dead all of a sudden? Maybe it was Du Juan herself who caused her death!

Having followed Young Miss for so many years, although she would not die for her,  at the very least she would not allow her Miss to die a wasted death! But if she is to pull Du Juan to see Sir and Madam, the only ending for her would be her death….

” You don’t have much time, I reckon someone would be looking for the both of you soon. ”

Du Juan look at the weather as she asked casually.

” To live or die, it’s your choice. ”

The answer is obvious, but Hong-er is still a little worried.

” What if someone finds out? ”

Du Juan chuckled.

” Who am I? I’m Chang-An’s all famous swindler, Du Juan. I am the expert in pulling wool over people’s eyes. ”

Hong-er bit the bullet and agreed.

” Okay. ”
” I’ll need to make some preparations. You keep a look out for me. ”

Hong-er nod and did as instructed. After a while, she heard a voice saying it’s done. Walking back, she saw Du Juan has changed into her Young Miss clothing, even removing her veil. Looking between Du Juan and her Young Miss’s face, she can’t help but be astonished.

” This is incredible..! ”

Their face looked exactly the same! Even she, who had been by her Young Miss’s side for a few years now, couldn’t differentiate them!

” If you knew how many times I disguised myself, this wouldn’t even be surprising. ”

Du Juan seems proud of her own achievements, and even her little smirk is exactly like her Miss. But Hong-er then frowned.

” Your voice…. ”

” Oops, excuse me. ”

Du Juan cleared her throat, before speaking up again.

” Voice changing and disguising is my forte. ”

Out came a voice that has nary a difference from her Young Miss. Getting used to the this kind of surprises, Hong-er start worrying about another problem.

” How long can this mask last for? ”

” Relax. This is one of my best work. Not only can it feel like real human skin, it is even waterproof, fireproof yet breathable as well. 6 months in and still be going strong! ”

Hong-er ” …… ”

As expected of a swindler, she is better at bluffing that those merchants in the market. After all the hot air, Du Juan speak up again.

” This is quite the remote place, plus there’s a small hill that blocks the sight so the body wouldn’t be found all that soon. Let us go back for now, and when the city gates open tomorrow, bury her before the first of dawn. ”

Hong-er nod. This is the best approach at the moment.

” And, you have to remember that from now on, I am your Young Miss, Liu Qinghuan. ”

Hong-er freeze for a moment, before bowing.

” Your servant will put it in mind. ”

Du Juan, or rather, Liu Qinghuan nod in satisfaction. Hong-er catches on quick. The two then went back to the mansion and once they entered the inner court, they see 2 ladies, following by a large group of maids walking towards them. Hong-er lower her voice as she whisper.

” The one on the left is Oldest Miss Liu Qingya, and is married to the Ministry of Commerce’s eldest son. The one on the right is Second Miss, Liu Qingli, same age as you, currently single. ”

Liu Qinghuan smiled and nod, before walking up, greeting them.

” Big Sister, Second Sister. ”

Big sis glared at her angrily.

” Where have you run to again? Aren’t you afraid of missing the auspicious hour? ”

Liu Qinghuan answer with a smile as the two sisters pull her into the room and start dressing her up. Putting on the wide-sleeve blouse and long skirt before slinging a sheer silk scarf around her arms, Liu Qinghuan is quickly getting used to her new identity as her head is adorned with gold and jade hairpins.

” Qinghuan, once you married into the Yong Ning Mansion, remember to get along well with the Marquise. ”

Big sis did not forgot to give her a few advice as she comb Qinghuan’s hair. Second sis pouted as she grumble in a small voice.

” She should be happy, being able to marry Xue Mu. ”

Qinghuan blink her eyes as she heard that. Speaking of Xue Mu, his name spread far and wide.

Xue Mu, or General Xue, gained fame after the Qiang Wu War.

Year 33 of Hou Tian, the eldest son of the previous emperor revolted. Xue Mu was made into the main general by the Third Prince and went to war against the revolting forces. He then proceed to eliminated the opposing forces swiftly, and defeated the First Prince. The Second Price took the initiative to give up the fight for the throne, admitting that his brother, the Third Prince, is better at at leading the country. And thus, the Third Price succeeded the throne and became the next Emperor, starting the age of Yuan Qi.

On the first year of Yuan Qi, at the beginning of the Third Prince’s ascension, Xiqiao took advantage of that time to conquer the city. Third Prince, or Emperor Yan, confer Xue Mu the title of the commander-in-chief, as well as a army of a 100 thousand to face the threat.

The army slashed through all enemies, surging forward with great momentum. It was said that at the last battle with Xiqiao, Xue Mu, on his white stead Bright Night, lead the elites of the army forward. By the sound of the hooves mixed with yells of soldiers, Xiqiao was scared into running away. So much so that Xue Mu won the last battle without even seeing the a shadow of the enemy forces.

The Xiqiao army was beaten to tears and had ran back to Xiqiao with tails in between their legs in just barely under a month. Xue Mu led the army back in triumphant and pleased the Emperor so much that he conferred the title of Yong Ning Marquise and Xiping Great General, a third ranked officer, upon Xue Mu. He was also looked upon as the God Of War by the citizens.

But the most famous out of all is not the title of the ‘God of War’, but that gorgeous face that outshine even women.

The God Of War, and also the Number One Beauty in the country. Of course no one dares to say the latter to his face.

Everyone, all across the ages, adores the Marquise. His admirers could be said to be more that the stars in the sky, more than the fishes in the sea!

But this all-nation Marquise is soon going to be….. married to me!

Liu Qinghuan couldn’t help but stare at her own reflection once again. And then she realize something. Are the citizens of Chang-An blind? It is quite obvious that the Number One Beauty in Chang-An is her!

” The groom’s group has already entered the mansion! They are testing the groom at the courtyard right now! ”

A maid run into the room, announcing. After hearing that, everyone in the room starts getting excited. Not after a while, a poem to invite the bride was heard outside the room. Liu Qinghuan look at the weather, it’s dusk already. After waiting in the room for a little while more, she is then guided out by her two sisters, surrounded by a group of maids, preparing for the rite of marriage.

She is lead by hand into the correct position, facing the south, before guiding her up the saddle. Through the various screens, she can hear Xue Mu reading the poem out loud. She is surprise by how gentle his voice is, unlike the usual rough and husky voice of a soldier. And when the poem is about to be done reading, the various screens between the both of them are remove by the flower girl and page boy.

Finally allowed in, Xue Mu entered and kneel in front of Qinghuan, facing the north. When he place the mandarin duck on the ground by his side, Qinghuan sneak a look at him. He have on a red robe, and on his head the traditional black wedding cap. A gentle smile hang on his lips as he too, lifts his eyes to look at her.

Liu Qinghuan’s heart skipped a beat. Okay, she will surrender the title of the number one beauty of the country to him. But the surprising thing is, Xue Mu does not have the expected stern and somber aura around him. This ‘God-Of-War’ looks so…. warm and gentle.

Keeping her thoughts to herself, she bowed to her parents. After receiving their advice, she can finally board the sedan towards the Hou Mansion, accompany by Hong-er. Right before she board the sedan, Qinghuan covers her mouth with the fan in her hand as she whisper to Hong-er.

” Who am I? ”

Having no idea to why Liu Qinghuan is asking this question, Hong-er stare at her before replying.

” You are my Third Miss, Liu Qinghuan. ”

Liu Qinghuan laughs, her eyes crafty like a fox.

” No, I am the all-famous swindler of Chang-An, Du Juan. ”

Hong-er freeze.

A wave of terror flooded over Hong-er as her face goes pale. Her lips trembles, as if she wants to shout, but she then forces herself to lower her voice.

” You really cannot be trusted!! ”

This comment amuses Liu Qinghuan to no ends. She stares at Hong-er, her eyes curves as she smiles.

” Even so, I am polite about it. ”

Saying that, she board the sedan without turning back.

Hong-er stand frozen for a while, before dashing back to the little forest behind the mansion. The rest thought she forgotten something, so they take no notice of her. In one breath, Hong-er reaches the place where her Young Miss’s body lay.

The sun is sinking and by using what remaining sunlight there is, she stares down the small hill.

There is nothing there.

TN: Well well well, the traditional chinese marriage is a pain to write. It is really difficult to find the correct english word for some stuff!! Here’s some extra information to make it better to digest.

– There is a name for every period of a emperor’s rule. Using this as an example : Hou Tian is the period the 3rd prince father rules the country. The ruling period is till Year 33 before the 3rd Prince takes over, changing it to Yuan Qi 1st year.

– There is 9 ranks in the old governing system of China courts. Biggest being Rank 1.

– Marquise in chinese is 侯, Hou. Thus the title of this story, The Counterfeit Madam Hou. It is not a name. It just meant the wife of the Marquise.

– Xiqiao is a country in here.

– Wiki entry on traditional chinese marriage.

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