Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 94

It was extremely obvious that Xu Que’s actions were all done in order to create an unpredictable impression of himself.

Just moments before, he stood tall and unwavering, shouting about how he would fight to his last drop of blood in order to walk down the path of self improvement. Those words had touched all their hearts and almost caused tears to flow.

And yet in the next moment, he vanquished all the cultivators effortlessly with a single stroke before walking away.

When everyone finally regained their senses, they almost threw up blood.

How could this ever be considered a fight to his last drop of blood? What kind of torturous road was this which would make him learn hard lessons and improve as a person?

Speaking of bleeding for a greater purpose. Where was the blood he spoke of?

His actions showed that mankind would never have trust for one another ever again.


However, the entire group of cultivators had really wrongly accused Xu Que and he made them pay for it. Just by letting loose his Bone Freezing Fire, he claimed several hundred thousand experience points. If it weren't for the fact that he hadn't undergone the heavenly tribulation, he would probably be a few levels into the Original Infant Stage.

Killing people and killing demonic beasts were making him stronger!

Of course, the most important thing was still about acting tough!


When he left the mountain, he glanced at his own personal statistics and was pleasantly surprised.

He had accumulated more than 4,000 act tough points. The amount of experience points he had were even scarier. He had accumulated 5,800,000/800,000 points.

He had accumulated 5.8 million experience points over the required 800,000. When he did overcome the 49 Heavenly Tribulation, he would then climb several levels into his new cultivation stage.

At this stage, he no longer had to flee whenever he met with Infant Transformation Stage cultivators. He could straight away get down to acting tough. In fact, he would still have enough energy to hold them off after he was done acting tough.

"Now, this is interesting. After my 3 days of Heavenly Tribulations have ended, I would be able to head for the Imperial City. Then I wouldn't have to keep thinking of the old Emperor any longer!" Xu Que smiled to himself as he turned off the system interface.

At this point, there were still many cultivators queuing outside the valley, trying to get in to participate in the second stage.

It was a rare occasion which Xu Que could walk through groups of people without being noticed.

After finding the signs leading towards the third level of the trial, he started heading in that direction.

Just several moments later, the rest of the cultivators who didn't attack Xu Que and the Sky Incense Valley disciples came out from the valley.

Before long, word about Xu Que of the "Heavenly Explosion Faction" had started to spread. This alarmed many people outside the valley and everyone were stumped by his antics.

"Full Foundation of the Golden Core Stage and he killed a hundred of cultivators of his own Stage in just a second? Who are you trying to kid?"

"It can't be fake since the disciples of Sky Incense Valley themselves admired to this!"

"Many people witnessed this scene with their own eyes and scared the living daylights out of them!"

"That ‘Hua Wu Que’ is way too powerful. You have to be careful not to offend him in the future!"

"I've heard that he's already crossing into the third stage. The entire group of us don't dare to enter while he's in there. We'll wait for him to come out before we decide to enter."

When everyone heard the news of whatever happened, they were astounded. Word spread like wildfire. A person told ten people and ten told hundreds. Before long, the phrase "Hua Wu Que of Heavenly Explosion Faction" had become a representation of an evil, merciless and bloodthirsty killer!

Soon after, the number of people gathering outside the valley started increasing. Everyone was starting to talk about the "Heavenly Explosion Faction".

"What history does this Heavenly Explosion Faction have? Why have we been hearing this name pop up so frequently? And yet we haven’t heard about this faction until recently." Someone asked out suspiciously.

"Oh right. Just recently, I travelled past Fire Country and heard of someone called Xiao Yan, who was extremely powerful. He single handedly took down a powerful sect called Blood River. Apparently he was from Heavenly Explosion Faction as well!"

"Fuck! Looks like this faction is indeed powerful! It could possibly be a sect which gathers the most elite cultivators and only allow someone in after they’ve proven themselves!"

"Looks to me like an entire bunch of murderers who kill without even batting an eyelid! How can he just wipe out an entire sect just like that? Although I have to admit, having such powers makes it extremely hard to believe!"

"This is a world where cultivators resort to instant gratification. An offended person would go all out to seek revenge. What was so strange about an entire sect being wiped out? To be frank, I enjoy the way these disciples of the Heavenly Explosion Faction do things. If there’s a chance, I would wish to join them."

"Then, what makes you think you have the credentials to join this faction?"

"God knows! But I’ve heard that Hua Wu Que from the Heavenly Explosion Faction left many imprints back in the valley."

"According to what I know, someone interacted with Hua Wu Que before. He asked him what was the procedure to join the Heavenly Explosion Faction, which was met with a one liner reply."

"How did he reply?"

"Please contact QQ 575088701!"


"Not only is he a highly skilled fighter, he even speaks in such riddles. That must probably be one of the criterias required to join the Heavenly Explosion Faction. If only I could understand what that meant, I could probably join them!" Ai, it’s such a shame that joining them is so difficult!"

"That’s right! I honestly don’t understand anything that’s been happening. Maybe it’s because I’m not good enough for the faction."

At the same time, within a stone house atop the mountain of the test area...

Several Sky Incense Valley disciples were standing before an Infant Transformation Stage Elder. They were explaining to him in great detail whatever Xu Que had said.

When the old man finished listening, his lips curled into a snarl.

"What you’re trying to say is, the reason he insisted on going through the third and fourth stages was because he wanted it to be fair?"

"That’s right."

"And that he single handedly killed more than a hundred cultivators with a single stroke?"

"Yes, that’s correct. He probably used a very profound spell for the effects of it were strange. His spell enabled him to shoot out freezing fire. The minute it comes into contact with something, it will freeze and turn into ice, causing the person to die immediately!"

"I’m impressed, Hua Wu Que!" The Elder’s face was clearly overwhelmed by all these information. A gleam could be seen within his eyes as he smacked the table with his large hands, "With such a talented individual around, we have to recruit him into the sect no matter what. We must not allow him to slip by. Listen up. If he wishes to go through the tests, let him go through it then. As long as you don’t incur his wrath, he won’t harm any of you."

"Yes!" The few disciples trembled as they heard their orders. It was clear that they envied the position he was in for the Elders held him in such high regard. Entering the Sky Incense Faction in such a manner would mean he would have no lack of treasures and cultivation items from here on.

"Oh right. What about my other set of instructions. How’s the progress?" At this point, the Elder asked out as though he suddenly recalled something.

The few disciples replied him politely, "Reporting to Elder. Before we found Hua Wu Que, we’ve already sealed up the eighth level of the Tower of Souls."

The Elder nodded his head as his expression turned severe, "Eh! Before the Water Empress leaves for the Fire Country, she would be cultivating in secluded meditation on the eighth floor. Unless she gave explicit permission, nobody is to open the door under any other circumstances."

"Yes, we understand! It’s just… This disciple has some questions although he won’t ask them if Elder doesn't wish to answer."

"Go ahead and ask." The Elder squinted as he replied hastily.

"This disciple doesn't understand something. As of today, all the candidates who have been tested are no higher than the Original Infant Stage. With their cultivation level and powers, the highest they can ever reach would be the sixth level. Why then are we wasting so many spirit stones in sealing off the higher floors? Isn’t that a waste?"

The Elder laughed out once, "Those are the requests of the Water Empress. Just carry out the order as requested. All those years ago when she just joined the Sky Incense Valley, she was one of the most extraordinary people I’ve ever met. I didn’t expect her then to ever surpass me but she has far exceeded my own cultivation level. Maybe her cultivation success came from her perfectionist nature and how everything under her charge has to be done completely right."

As he spoke, the Elder paused before laughing out, "At the end of the day, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Take today for an example. Who could ever imagine that a Full Foundation Golden Core Stage cultivator like Hua Wu Que could cause such a scene here?"

The few disciples forced bitter smiles, not knowing how to reply him.

At this point, Xu Que was climbing up the mountainous roads as he headed towards the Tower of Souls.

There weren’t many people who came out from the second stage. Although they were extremely fearful of Xu Que, they followed him from a safe distance away. Even though they weren’t going to enter the third stage along with him, they were hoping for a show to catch while he was going through this stage.

Xu Que noticed they were following him and turned around. The minute he stopped walking, the entire group of people stopped as well. Only when he started walking again did they continue to ensure a safe distance away.

This caused Xu Que to shake his head regretfully.

Had he known this would happen, he wouldn’t have killed so many people. Now, he can’t act tough properly.

"Looks like I can only act tough once I’m inside the Tower of Souls. There must be quite a few people within the Tower of Souls now as well, trying to cross through the third stage. Besides, since they’re in here, they probably wouldn’t have heard of me as well. Hm... I shall climb all the way to the highest level and gaze upon the scenery which nobody ever had the chance to view. I shall then pee off the ledge and give you an additional natural feature: the waterfall. Ai, think about it, that would be exciting!