Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 75

At time same time, on one of the roads deep within the mountains...

Xu Que penetrated into a forest within the mountainous region and pressed on forward towards the Imperial City. If he continued to rush on without any rest, he could reach the Imperial City in five to six days.

However, before that, Xu Que still had a Heavenly Tribulation to clear. Hence, when he reached deeper into the mountainous forests, his priority was to find a quiet place to stop for a rest.

According to the original Memory Message within his body, the 49 Heavenly Tribulation was not a very tough process for Golden Core Cultivators. He only needed to prepare by equipping himself with some defensive weapons and various elixirs. All he had to do was to defend himself against the Four-Lightning Attack in the trial and draw the lightning energy towards his Qi region. He could then split the Golden Core open and emerge successful from the trial.

However, from what the system prompted, the trial he was about to experience in several days would be in Difficult Mode. It even suggested he purchase a human-skinned mask and make use of the two additional Luck Points in order to increase the success rate of completing the 49 Heavenly Tribulation.

This made Xu Que rather anxious. He had a premonition that his Heavenly Tribulation would be very frightening.

Previously, he also asked what were the chances of him emerging victorious from the trial with his current cultivation level and status. The system did not give him a definite answer and simply told him to prepare himself with more equipments and items.

Xu Que had no choice but to enter the system store as he started browsing through the armor bundles.

He skipped the One Star armor category without even looking through. The Two Star armor wasn’t that bad in comparison. For example, the Dark Heavy Buster Sword that he was presently equipped with was a Two Star weapon.

But Xu Que didn’t have as much act tough points then. That was the reason he could only afford the Two Star Dark Heavy Buster Sword.

Although it was still not counted as plenty, he managed to accumulate 630 act tough points which was enough for him to purchase a respectable Three Star Armor!

And so, Xu Que entered the Three Star ranked category and a whole list of armors showed up one by one.

Smelted by master blacksmiths, this item is ranked Three Stars. Possesses formidable defensive powers and able to resist magical attacks. It is a very popular treasure amongst countless Cultivators.

Armor +50

Magic Resistance+40

Charm +10

Selling price: 300 act tough points


One of the equipments of the online game ‘League of Legends’, ranked at Three Stars. A sacred equipement of the Demacia’s Lightshield Clan. This armor was lost in the First Rune War. When it was found, it was already badly destroyed. However, it still retains much of its formidable defensive power and this armor also allows the wearer to have a much more exuberant flow of his Qi and blood.



Passive skill: When attacked by enemies, reduces the attacker’s attack speed by 15% (Lasts for 5 seconds).

Active Skill: Slows all surrounding enemies’ movement speed by 50% (Lasts for 5 seconds).

Selling Price: 400 act tough points.


One of the equipments of the online game ‘League of Legends’, ranked at Three Stars. This armor was forged by a High Official in Demacia. This armor is regarded as an embodiment of righteousness and love and later became exclusive to Garen of Demacia. This armor allows the wearer to have a much more exuberant flow of his Qi and blood and reinforces his Magic Resistance. It also doubles the wearer’s health regeneration rate.

Magic Resistance+55

Passive skill: Allows wearer to have 200% health regeneration.

Selling Price: 500 act tough points.

With such an amazing line-up of armor, Xu Que was dazzled.

What surprised him was that there were not only equipments from the world of cultivators but also equipments from other games. He was very intrigued by the fact.

The equipments from the world of Cultivators were perhaps more superior in terms of defensive power but for the equipments from other games, they were valuable in their own way because of their additional attributes of having passive and active skills.

For example, although the "Randuin’s Omen" had only 10 more armor points than the "Amethyst Golden armor", it allowed the usage of passive and active skills. It could reduce the speed of enemies, which could be very useful in fights.

However, what Xu Que was going to face was a Heavenly Tribulation and a Difficult Mode one at that.

Even a retard would know that armor Points were useless in the Heavenly Tribulation. After all, it was an area filled with lightning attacks and they were magic-types attacks. Therefore, having an armor which adds Magic Resistance is of the utmost importance for now.

And so, that "Spirit’s Visage" caught Xu Que’ eye.

Not only does it increase 55 points of Magic Resistance, it has a very valuable passive skill which was to double the wearer’s health regeneration rate!

With his current capabilities, having double health regeneration rate would not have too big an effect. However, with the system’s automatic passive regeneration, this passive skill would have tremendous effects.

Xu Que felt that even if his legs were broken, under the effects of the system’s automatic regeneration, along with this armor, he would be jumping about again in a breath’s time.

"System, I want to purchase the ‘Spirit Visage’!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully purchasing the ‘Spirit Visage’. 500 act tough points had been spent."

Xu Que bit his teeth, parted with 500 act tough points in one go and became disappointingly poor again in a flash. He was left with 130 act tough points after his purchase.

"Although a little expense has to be incurred, the points I’ve spent weren’t for naught. With such a valiant active skill and the additional 50 Magic Resistance, there would be absolutely no problem in passing this mere Heavenly Tribulation."

Looking at the armor in his item bag which was radiating a green, jade glow, Xu Que had much higher confidence in the Heavenly Tribulation starting in a few days’ time.

However, for insurance, he decided to improve his current situation over the next few days by finding Original Infant Stage Demon Beasts to gain more act tough points for rainy days.

Xu Que started to stroll along depths of the mountains while listening attentively to his quiet surroundings.

However, it was a pity that for three days in a row, Xu Que didn’t chance upon any Original Infant Stage Demon Beasts.

"Screw this. I reckon that it must be the doing of the mighty aura of those two Infant Transformation Stage Princes. Since those Original Infant Stage Demon Beasts possessed a certain awareness, all of them must have ran for cover." Xu Que scolded in his mind while walking on the small path.

However, light chatting could be heard coming from the front and it sounded like human-raced cultivators. There seemed to be many of them as well.

Xu Que immediately put on his human-skinned mask and changed into the face of ‘Hu Ge’. He also put on the hood of his black robe and leaned against the side of a big tree. He folded his arms around his chest and adopted a posture which imitated a lone knight from the ancient times. With briefly narrowed eyes, he posed under the sunlight. He then proceeded to close his eyes to rest.

At the same time, the sounds of conversations gradually became louder.

"Friends, lets quicken our pace. I’m afraid that there would be too many people signing up."

"Yes, the Sky Incense Valley is the top three best Sect among the five nations. They only publicly recruit disciples once every hundred years. I’ve heard that there are numerous Sovereigns in the Sect. Even the Empress of the Water Nation was once the chief disciple of the Sky Incense Valley."

"It’s a shame that the Fire Country only has fifty entrance to Contest Areas. The Contest Areas are hidden throughout the entire country. A few days back, there was a lucky lad who had just started to cultivate and unknowingly entered the Contest Area. For that, he was qualified to enter the first round of selections for the Sect. However, he became too excited and accidentally revealed the location of the Contest Area. There must be many people rushing to that area to join now."

"Hehe... I’ve heard that the Sky Incense Valley found out that the lad revealed the location of the Contest Area and they cancelled his qualification for the first round selections. He is now having a nervous breakdown because of that."

"Who cares about him? In any case, with our cultivation stage, getting into the first round of selections will not be any problem. Friends, all the best of luck!"

"Yeah, let’s do it together!"

"Eh, look in front. What’s that guy in the black robe doing under the big tree?"

"What a strong aura he has. He has that mysterious air around him which can’t be described. In any case, his appearance looks like he is very strong!"

"He must be the subject of all those rumors. That cultivator with a masterful demeanor. His cultivation stage is definitely stronger than ours!"

"That’s right. We must absolutely make friends with a master of such level."

"Let’s go and pay our greetings to him. Who knows, he might also be on his way to join the Contest Area!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 60 act tough points!"

Xu Que opened his eyes. His pair of eyes were bursting with life and they were twinkling brightly.

Upon hearing the entire conversation by those people, his heart was filled with excitement.

One of the top three Sects in Fire Country? Contest Area? Many people?

Damn! Time to act tough again!

I definitely need to make a visit there to act tough. How can I let myself down by not going there to earn all the act tough points I can get?