Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 71

"How… How could it be?" The Flaming Sun Princess’ mind was a blank, her face was frozen in fear as she mumbled to herself.

"Boom!" The both of them flew down from the sky and dropped on the ground, causing a mound of dirt and dust to fly into the air.

Both of them didn’t react to that fall. Instead, they looked dazed and disheartened as though they had given up on life. They sat on the ground and watched as Xu Que approached them step by step.

The young hero in their eyes who was brave and chivalrous that made them feel good about a man for their first time… had became a monstrous and terrifying person. He glared at them with grievous killing intents as he strode nearer towards the pair of ladies.

Their hearts and emotions were on the verge of collapsing.

They didn’t know what happened earlier but were extremely afraid at whatever they currently seeing.

There were more than ten of those Sky Demon killers and each one of them were highly skilled. They were all of the Original Infant Stage. However, in just several moments, this person could cause all of them to freeze into ice sculptures and took their lives just like that.

A Golden Core Full Foundation Stage cultivator could actually crush those Original Infant Stage cultivators so effortlessly as though they were mere ants.

The Flaming Sun Princess and Zi Xuan’s mind kept on replaying whatever Xu Que had said earlier, "Do you think that these mere trash could kill me?"

Could they kill me?

The Flaming Sun Princess laughed out bitterly as she shook her head. At this point, she realized how scary this Xu Que was.

This feeling of meeting someone so powerful that she choked on air and found it hard to breathe was extremely new to her. Even when in the presence of her father, she never experienced such a sensation!

This Xu Que before her eyes, wasn’t the same man who had been locked up and forced to cultivate in the basement of the palace all those years ago.

That Xu Que had died. And this Xu Que was the nearly revived person. He was so much stronger than before.


Zi Xuan and the Flaming Sun Princess started remembering those details and rumors.

Ever since they returned from the Water Nation, they’ve heard countless of rumors regarding this powerful "Xu Que".

A Golden Pill Stage cultivator could wipe out the entire Fallen Spirits Sect!

A Golden Pill Stage cultivator could ruin Celestial Sect!

From the start, the both of them weren’t too worried about him for they thought that he was just the product of rumors and exaggeration. They hardly believed in those rumors and questioned its authenticity.

But now, after they recalled all those rumors, they realized that, that Xu Que was the same person standing before them. They knew that it was true because nobody else was able to cause such widespread devastation.

"Why? Why did it have to be you?" The Flaming Sun Princess was completely astounded. No matter how she thought about, she would never have imagined that a beggar who had to rely on the royal family to survive had morphed into such a fearsome creature.

A Golden Core Stage cultivator who could easily kill tens of Original Infant Stage cultivator. Once he’s broken through to the Original Infant Stage or even Infant Transformation Stage, how terrifying would that be?

"Why can’t it be me? Since the heavens refused to let me die, that means it’s the will of the heavens for me to be alive. My dear Princess wife, the will of heaven is not to be played around with. Before long, it will be the day where your Fire Country shall be buried and annihilated.

Seeing the terrified looks etched on the faces of the Flaming Sun Princess and Zi Xuan, Xu Que laughed out loudly, feeling extremely satisfied.

Although the Xu Que who was made to suffer all those torment and humiliation years ago wasn’t actually him, when he transcended realms, Xu Que had completely merged with the feelings and memories attached to this body. Hence, whatever deep seated hatred he had felt was real and truly experienced by Xu Que.

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 50 act tough points!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 60 act tough points!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 80 act tough points!"

He could hear a series of beeps ring out in his head. However, Xu Que’s attention wasn’t on the rewards.

He looked at the shocked and terrified Princess and walked over. He then touched her chin gently and spoke to her mockingly, "Why do you look like that? My esteemed Princess, who do you think will be able to save you now?"

"No! Xu Que. You can’t kill the Princess. Actually, the Princess didn’t…" Zi Xuan was by the side and was stumped out of her wits. She hurriedly walked up trying to explain something.

Before she could complete her sentence, the Flaming Sun Princess interrupted her once more as she looked at Xu Que coldly, "That’s right. Xu Que, in the past my Ji family indeed has let you down. But if it weren’t for the fact that we picked you up from the streets and took you in to our family, you would have remained a street beggar who would’ve probably starved to death by now!"

"But if you would let me off today and allow me to safely reach the capital of the Imperial City, I will ensure that my father will reward you handsomely. You can have whatever you want, be it a high ranking official post or to acquire a cultivation technique which defies the heaven. Whatever you want, I will agree. You can even become the Prince Consort of the Fire Country once again."

"Picked me off the streets and took me in? Hehe… The only reason you saved me was because of the innate fire spiritual roots which I possessed! I’ve always been nothing more than a mere tool to you. Besides, do you really think that I would wish for the bullshit riches and wealth from your Imperial City?" Xu Que gave a cold laugh. He never imagined that this Flaming Sun Princess would actually be so logical and rational even in the face of death. She actually still wanted to rely on her royal family to gain some leverage.

Seeing that the Princess had nothing more to say, Xu Que laughed out coldly once more, "But, I shall not kill you for now. If you wish to know, there are other more terrifying punishments than death."

"Xu Que, what are you thinking of doing? She’s the respectable Princess of the Fire Country! Quick and release us immediately!!!" Zi Xuan shouted out at the side.

"You sit down now!" The mystical fires started to glow from within his body, causing the pair of women to fall to the ground in immense fear once again. None of them dared to move a muscle.

It wasn’t easy for fate to allow him the chance to meet with the Flaming Sun Princess. Xu Que wasn’t going to kill her so easily. Besides, what was most important at this point was how he was going to get the map of the imperial tomb of the Fire Country from this situation.

"It’s such a shame that these food had gone to waste." Xu Que returned to his resting place earlier and shook his head gently.

The chicken wings from earlier had fallen to the ground and was covered in mud. It had lost its appeal and delicious appearance. Xu Que felt it was such a waste.

He then recalled how just several hours ago, all he wanted to do was to innocently act tough and earn some points before leaving.

He never would have expected that one of the ladies he rescued was actually the Flaming Sun princess which he had always wanted to revenge against.

Apart from being extremely incensed, Xu Que had no other distracting thoughts.

He sat down by the side and pondered deeply on how to use this Flaming Sun Princess to deal with that dog of an Emperor. Also, he wanted to know how he could use her to enter the imperial tombs.

Saving Xiao Rou was the most important matter to him presently.


At the same time, Zi Xuan and the Flaming Sun Princess sat on the floor, not daring to move a muscle.

Xu Que was seated not too far away. Although he wasn’t guarding them very strictly, they knew that they weren’t able to escape Xu Que.

The Flaming Sun Princess sat down and cast her head down as she looked at the dirt. She was clearly disheartened.

After several breaths, her eyes turned as though she had just made up her mind on something important. She then whispered softly, "Zi Xuan, pass me the bottle of wine which we acquired from the Water Nation."

Zi Xuan’s expression froze as she hurriedly shook her head, "That won’t do Princess. The Core Yin Yang Wine is prohibited by Water Nation. Besides, when a man drinks it, he would lose his abilities instantly. When a woman drinks it she… She..." She couldn’t carry on her sentence.

The Flaming Sun Princess then continued, "When a woman drinks it she will have an immense and unparalleled sexual desire!"

"That’s right Princess. I know what you are trying to do. But if he finds out, he will not show any mercy to you!" Zi Xuan was extremely anxious as she whispered, shooting random furtive glances over to Xu Que, afraid of being discovered.

The Flaming Sun Princess gave a plain laugh, "Zi Xuan, have you heard of the saying, ‘once husband and wife establish a nights of relation, they would have an eternal bond’? Xu Que and that fake Princess had relations. But up ‘till now, he still doesn’t know that the ‘Princess’ was actually a concubine who had pretended to be me."

"The only reason he hasn’t killed me yet was because he still has feelings for ‘me’ after that night. If I were to approach him and admit defeat and offer him some wine, he would most certainly accept it. Besides, you shouldn’t worry. The potency of the wine is extremely strong. Even an Infant Transformation Stage cultivator wouldn’t be able to tell anything until he’s been affected."


"No more buts. This is our last hope. Right now, he’s only a Golden Core Stage cultivator and he’s already so strong. Can you imagine how much stronger he will be once he reaches higher levels? If we allow him to get stronger, Fire Country will be annihilated by him!" Flaming Sun Princess spoke up to this point as she stretched out a hand firmly towards Zi Xuan.

Zi Xuan was extremely unsure of what to do. Being caught in such a difficult position, she didn’t respond for a long time.

The Flaming Sun Princess lost her patience and hastily removed the storage ring on Zi Xuan’s finger. She thought about the action in her mind and removed Zi Xuan’s authority over the ring. She then retrieved two bottles of wine from within the inventory and stood up.

"No, Princess!" Zi Xuan tugged on her sleeves.

"Since father could kill him once, I’m sure I can kill him once myself as well!" The Flaming Sun Princess laughed out and shook Zi Xuan’s grip over her sleeve as she walked towards Xu Que confidently.