Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 68

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 60 act tough points!" The system beep sounded in his mind.

The two girls were moved by Xu Que’s bold and reaffirming words.

Although such words of bravery were said to them on a daily basis, it still managed to move them due to the extraordinary situation they found themselves in!

But now, they were very clear that the black robed man, who was standing right in front of them, was unaware of their true identity. Also, they were won over by his positive attitude after seeing him spare the Blood Python compassionately.

After all, Xu Que was a very strong individual. In this cold and materialistic world, while the two women were at their wits’ end and close to giving up, he was able to put them at ease with such courageous words. This was a peculiar act in the harsh world of cultivators!

Therefore, Zi Xuan and the Flaming Sun Princess were a little attracted to Xu Que in that moment. Those feelings came about from a stir of emotions which were hard to describe. If we were to describe what they they were feeling in a sentence, it would go like... "There is still true empathy and love in the human world!"

"I’ll always remember the compassion you have shown. If we survive, you will definitely receive double of what you have done!" Zi Xuan was rather moved and exclaimed sincerely.

Even with the Flaming Sun Princess’ arrogant and cold attitude, she couldn't help but to give Xu Que a word of thanks.

"Don’t stand on ceremony. My only wish in my lifetime is to help commoners with my utmost effort!" Xu Que waved his hands and replied indifferently.

With eyes humbly looking up into the sky, his face was filled with deep melancholy while being covered with a thick aura of acting tough.

The two women momentarily affixed their stare at Xu Que while feeling shocked.

He was a man filled with unquestionable integrity and had a seemingly refined character. What a noble gentleman indeed!

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 30 act tough points!"

Xu Que was secretly feeling happy. He had finally earned back what he had spent on the human-skinned mask.

However, he was not in the least interested in the reward the two ladies had to offer. It was not because he was ‘great and noble’. He simply had no interest in this so called reward. In the world of cultivators, items like elixirs, weapons and Spirit Stones were exchanged and used frequently. Xu Que had no lack of these items at all.

If he needed it whenever, he can always find any random sect from the Demonic Faction and steal the items from them. Therefore, right from the start, he had no need for anybody to offer him the items.


Very quickly, the three of them started to move and rushed to get out of the woods.

The composition of the trio was rather odd. Firstly, nobody could recognize Xu Que due to the human-skinned mask.

Secondly, with the Flaming Sun Princess’ face smothered with mud and disguised as a village girl, Xu Que could not recognize her at all.

After all, he wouldn’t have thought that any proper Princess would land herself in such a situation. Also, with the arrogant and cold personality she had, it was totally different from his impression of a Princess who was supposed to be cute and helpless-looking according to him.

And so, the three people, clueless about one another’s identity, began their escape.

The Flaming Sun Princess and Zi Xuan were still feeling panicky and anxious, worried that the elite group of Sky Demon killers would suddenly appear. If one or two of them appeared, they would still be able to fight and try to escape. However, if three or four of them appeared at the same time, the both of them would lose all hope of escaping.

Xu Que couldn't care less. As long as they were not of the Infant Transformation Stage, he was free of worries.

And so, Xu Que, carrying the Dark Heavy Buster Sword, forged ahead and led the group at its front. His imposing temperament seemed so… remarkable!

Perhaps, it was the additional 20 Charm Points working its effect. Zi Xuan and the Flaming Sun Princess remotely felt that Xu Que’s back view was huge and imposing. It brought them a very big sense of security!

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully subtly acting tough. The reward is 50 act tough points!"

The system beep sounded abruptly in his head. Xu Que’s could not help but smirk since he was already used to it. Also, this was his first round of profits after covering the cost of buying the human-skinned mask.

Therefore, Xu Que very much hoped for those killers to quickly appear before him so that he would be able to earn more act tough points.


From deep within the woods, snarls and roars by demonic beasts could be heard. Apparently, even those killers weren’t safe from the fury of demonic beasts lurking.

Xu Que raised his eyebrows and prepared to rush towards the direction of the roar.

However, Zi Xuan tensed out and shouted, "Friend, let’s not go that direction and take a detour!"

Xu Que stunned for a moment, briefly smiled and replied, "My apologies, that was a natural reaction. I thought that there could be wicked demonic beasts in that direction and wanted to help out!"

"Friend, your act of heroic courage is definitely respectable!" Zi Xuan lightly laughed. It was her first time developing a feelings for a male stranger.

The Flaming Sun Princess remained quiet all the way and didn’t speak.

Xu Que immediately waved away her words and let out a humble smile towards Zi Xuan, "Lady, please do not flatter me. I am just doing what is right!"

"Oh yes, how do I address you?" Zi Xuan asked.

Xu Que cupped his hands together in greeting, "My name is Hua Wu Que!"

In actuality, he wanted to use other names. However, from the Martial Art novels in his past life, there were very few men worthy of being called pretty boys. For example, there were Chu Liu Xiang and Li Xun Huan and some others. Xu Que couldn’t think of a name on the spot and blurted out a Hua Wu Que.

"Hua… Wu Que? Zi Xuan was stunned as if recalling something.

The Flaming Sun Princess’ eyes were also briefly filled with surprise. She lightly lifted her eyes and glanced at Xu Que.

"Eh, have my lady heard of the name before by any chance?" Xu Que asked curiously.

Zi Xuan laughed and lightly nodded, "Nope. It’s just that your name has a ‘Que’ in it. It reminds me… eh, of an old friend. He also has a ‘Que’ in his name."

"I see." Xu Que nodded his head slightly and continued on, not being in the slightest interested to ask the two women about who they were referring to or what they meant.

This startled Zi Xuan. She looked at the Flaming Sun Princess, sneakily stuck her tongue out at her and smiled.

The Flaming Sun Princess slightly narrowed her eyes and did not say anything.

If statuses were neglected and judged alone based on looks and temperament, they were ranked to be the most eligible ladies within the five nations. Countless arrogant scholars had revered them like goddesses. However, this was the first time they were treated with such a cold attitude and they couldn’t help but to feel peculiar.

"Princess, this Hua hero is not bad at all. If we are able to escape from here, we can be friends with him. Teehee… when the time comes where you restore your appearance, he will definitely be speechless at your exceptional beauty." Zi Xuan moved closer to the Flaming Sun Princess and whispered.

The Flaming Sun Princess stared and her sourly and did not say a single word.

However, unknowingly, her heart was filled with a little anticipation.

This anticipation was not because she liked Xu Que a lot or anything of that sort. It was because she was unwilling to accept the fact that she was treated coldly by someone. She merely wanted to see his surprised face after she had revealed her identity.

However, one should be happy that the two ladies did not wipe the mud off their faces. If Xu Que recognized the Flaming Sun Princess, he would certainly not care about acting tough. Instead, he would definitely show off the skills of his Dark Heavy Buster Sword or even activate his Buddha’s Fiery Lotus to show off.

Not long after, night gradually came.

Zi Xuan took the initiative and asked Xu Que to stop and rest for a short while.

After all, the two ladies had been escaping for a day. Much of their Core Energies were used up. Even at the Golden Core Stage, they were worn out.

Xu Que wanted to stay at the forest badly for a longer period of time in order to find more opportunities to act tough. He happily obliged.

And so, while the two ladies were sitting down against a tree to rest, he took the chance and ran to gather some firewood, took out some leftover chicken wings from over a day ago and prepared to start roasting them.