Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 58

It was late in the night and everything was quiet. A bright full moon hung high up in the sky.

Xu Que was half lying down on his mattress, caressing his chin as he leaned half of his body towards the window. He looked up at the night sky and was deep in thought.

He decided that in a matter of minutes, he would leave this place and head for the imperial city.

There were five imperial tombs for him to trespass. The dangers of entering those were anything but mild.

Of course, he had to take revenge on the old Emperor and the Princess. Although the Emperor and Princess had betrayed the owner of this body and not himself, when he took over this body, he acquired all the memories and hatred as well. It was almost like he felt those emotions himself. All the hatred emotions were felt by him anyway.

Hence, he decided to take revenge for it. If he didn’t, he would find it hard to sleep at night.

However, before he leave, Xu Que decided to give a present to Great Change Sect.

Since the strengths of the God Powered Cannon was so immense, it was hard to keep a low profile of such a formidable weapon. Once people decides to steal it, Great Change Sect could only rely on these three God Powered Cannons to defend themselves which might not be enough.

Xu Que then called out the system as his personal stats appeared before his eyes.

Host: Xu Que

Cultivation Level: Golden Core Stage Level 10 (Close to Perfection)

Experience Points: 0/1500000

Act Tough Points: 380 Points

Abilities: Soaring Dragons Nine Transformation (Maximum); Lightning Haste (Maximum); Troop - Secret Character (10% progress); Flame - Devouring Wave (Maximum); Six Corporeal Forms (Maximum); Buddha’s Fiery Lotus (30% progress)

Mystical Fires: Molten Green Lotus, Bone Freezing Fires

Essence: Skill Essences (30 points)

Occupation: None

Status : Prince Consort of the Eastern Fire Country

As if now, his cultivation level has already reached the full foundation of the Golden Core Stage. The next step would be similar to how the demonic beasts ascend to the next level. It was the 49 Heavenly Tribulations which would determine if he could enter the Original Infant Stage.

The 49 Heavenly Tribulations were the most basic of tribulations and meant getting struck by lightning for four consecutive times. If he survived the tribulations, he would break through to the Original Infant Stage and be recognized by everyone as having passed the trial.

But if he failed to survive, his soul will be scattered and his body will be vanquished.

Still, the tribulation faced by demonic beasts were much more severe than those faced by humans. The tribulation which human cultivators had to undergo was considered easy so Xu Que didn’t pay it much attention.

His biggest worry now was that his act tough points had been reduced significantly after paying for the medicinal recipe. He only had 380 act tough points presently.

With such little points, what could he buy for Great Change Sect?

Another few more God Powered Cannons? No that wouldn’t be too good. If the enemy decided to bring wave and wave of people, these mere cannons wouldn’t be able to defend them forever.

"If I purchase a protective spell, it would only work if I were here to upkeep the spell. Since I wouldn’t be around, the spell won’t last for very long. This won’t do it for the Great Change Sect people." Xu Que frowned.

Regardless of how strong the protective spell was, without the main person maintaining the effectiveness of the spell, its powers would surely be reduced. That was the main reason Pan Shan Village could be attacked by Elder Sun.

If Xu Que had been in Pan Shan Village then, even without doing anything and solely relying on the effectiveness of his protective screen, Elder Sun would’ve been completely destroyed. She wouldn’t have been just merely injured.

"Eh, I got it!" All of a sudden, Xu Que seemed like he recalled something as he sat up on the mattress.

"When I upgraded the system today, I remember hearing two new added features." Xu Que spoke as he pulled up the information interface.

Within the information interface, a congratulatory message rang out which included the new capabilities of the system.

After upgrading the system, there were new added features. The first was an additional section of the shops had been added. He could now purchase items from a whole new section. This was actually where he purchased the Nine Revolutions Revival Fluid and other heaven-rebelling items. They were all new.

The other feature was that he had increased authority when it came to the items purchased from the shop. In future, he could purchase items and spells and it can be used by other people.

This second feature immediately resolved Xu Que’s problem!

Since whatever he purchased can now be used by others, why was he fretting? He could just buy a protective spell for them to use.

Xu Que then entered the shops once more and viewed the spell sections. He then started looking through the spells within the Beginner Spells Sections.

According to logic, the spells within the intermediate section would’ve been much stronger. However, these spells costed at least 200 act tough points. Besides, most of these spells required Qi to be charged before being released as an offensive action. It wasn’t suitable for defending. The rest of the intermediate spells would easily cost 400 act tough points. Xu Que couldn’t afford those.

Hence, he could only leave the intermediate section and return to the beginner spells section and choose from there.

Xu Que had initially thought about purchasing the Four Directions Desolation Spell for them but when he looked down, he realized that there were many beginner spells which he had never seen before. One of those spells could be used to defend and attack at the same time.

[Divinatory Thousand Swords Spell]:

This spell has origins from the olden days of battle and was a menacing killing skill. It encompasses the entire area and casts a protective shield around it. Should an intruder trespass, he will instantly be thrown into confusion and lose his bearings. The skies and ground will flip as a thousand swords will descend upon the victim causing an inevitable death. (Note: This spell doesn’t affect cultivators who are of the Infant Transformation Stage and above.)

Cost: 200 act tough points.

"Damn, it’s so expensive! The price is almost equivalent to an intermediate level spell. But this spell really sounds good. If I had such a spell back then when I was defending Pan Shan Village, how good would that have been. Then, even if the old woman was more powerful, she would’ve been unable to break through the spell. It’s such a shame… Ai!" Just as Xu Que recalled the incident at Pan Shan Village, a whirl of emotions could be felt down in his heart.

He looked down at the pagoda which was in his breast pocket and saw Xiao Rou’s soul sleeping comfortably within. His demoralized self and sadness then started leaving as he felt better.

Xu Que gritted his teeth as he purchased the Divinatory Thousand Swords Spell.

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully purchasing the Divinatory Thousand Swords Spell. The cost was 200 act tough points."


A white light swept across his vision as another icon of a new spell was added.

Xu Que then retrieved it as he looked at the details and nodded his head in approval.

With this spell, Great Change Sect would be safe even without his presence. Added to the 3 God Powered Cannons, Great Change Sect has a bright future ahead of them!

"Now… I can go without worries! It’s a pity that the gorgeous looking Sect Leader isn’t mine yet. I can’t really bear to leave her!" Xu Que mumbled to himself as he broke out in smiles.

At last, he wrote a letter which gave clear instructions as to how to operate the spell. He then retrieved the spell manual from within his inventory and placed in on the table. He turned around to leave and activated his Lightning Haste Spell as he soared up into the skies, his shadow gradually vanishing into the darkness.

"Sigh!" As soon as Xu Que left, a sigh could be heard from the corner of his compound.

The shadow of a person wearing white robes came out. Her skin was pale and smooth and her aura was anything but ordinary. It was the Sect Leader of Great Change Sect, Su Yun Lan!

Seeing Xu Que leaving the area, her eyes revealed a confused look as if she couldn’t bear to watch him go. At the same time, she was rather vexed.


She gently pushed open the door to Xu Que’s room and walked in slowly.

She then saw the present which Xu Que had left behind. This caused her to freeze for a second before she approached the table and picked up the letter. She sat on his bed as she gazed at the words written by him.

After a long time, Su Yun Lan’s expression fell as she whispered to herself, "Apart from the instructions to use the Divinatory Thousand Swords Spell, don’t you have any other words for me?"

She then placed the letter down as she crawled into his bed.

Within the covers, there was still some warmth left behind by him. Su Yun Lan laid down on the pillow and pressed her face deep into the pillow, inhaling all of his scent deeply. Her face then blushed a deep shade of red.