Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 57

"I've succeeded!"

"I’ve finally… reached the full foundation!"

Even though he had been prepared for this moment, his heart couldn't help but feel elated.

"Quick, system! Use the free additional level!" He thought to himself and shouted out in his head.

"Ding! The system is starting to upgrade."



"Ding! The system’s upgrade was successful. The current level of the system is level 2."

"After the successful upgrade of the system, the shop function has been upgraded as well. Authority has been granted to purchase items from the new section.

When the system finished with its message, it went completely still.

Xu Que froze.

"Shop function has been upgraded? Authority has been granted to purchase items from the new section? What's the point of this? Didn't you say that I could revive Xiao Rou? I just want Xiao Rou to be alive!" Xu Que shouted out anxiously within his mind.

"Ding! Helping the host to search for a revival method. Please wait..."

After several moment's had passed, the system’s voice rang out once more, "The search was successful. According to the host’s current strengths and limits, the system has already found the easiest method!"


Xu Que saw a burst of white light as the system activated the shop function where a single item had been singled out. It was categorized as a medicinal recipe.

[Nine Revolutions Revival Fluid](Medical Recipe) :

The Nine Revolutions Revival Fluid is a medicinal recipe which can revive the dead and bring the person back to life. A new body will be constructed for the spirit. The body will be constructed out of one of the five earthly elements.

The required ingredients are: Genesis Metal Herbs, Genesis Water Herbs, Genesis Fire Herbs, Genesis Earth Herbs!

Supplementary Ingredients: Living Holy Water!

Price: 2,000 Act Tough Points

"What... What rubbish is this?" Xu Que was dumbfounded.

All the required ingredients listed were completely foreign to Xu Que. This single medicinal recipe costed 2,000 act tough points!

He tried to look for the ingredients within the system’s shops but came up futile.

"System, this is your lowest level of difficulty method? What are these Genesis Metal Herbs and Fire Herbs. Where can I find them?" Xu Que’s expression was one of desperation.

The system then replied mechanically, "Please proceed to purchasal page!"

"What? I have to buy it first before you'll tell me?" Xu Que's eyes opened wide.

"Correct. Only after you purchase the item will further instructions be given to you."

"...Fine. I'll purchase it!"

"Ding! 2,000 act tough points spent to purchase the xxxx!"

Xu Que had no choice but to buy the medicinal recipe before he could proceed. Just by doing this, he’d already spent 2,000 act tough points!

He used to be wealthy before this purchase but instantly became poor once again. At this point, he only had slightly over 300 act tough points.

However, Xu Que wasn't too bothered by this. As long as he could revive Xiao Rou, even if it had cost 20,000 act tough points or even 200,000 points, he wouldn't hesitate to purchase it.

"Can you tell me more now? Where should I find all those ingredients?" Xu Que shouted out in his head.

"Please wait." The system responded. Before long, an entire page of words floated into his view.

Genesis Metal Herbs: This herb grows where the metal element is the strongest and where the metallic power is the most dense. This herb can be used to refine medicine! According to the host’s current world, we’ve located where you can find this herb: Metal Nation’s Imperial Palace, Depths of the Northern Abyss!

Genesis Wooden Herbs: This herb grows where the wood element is the strongest and where the wood power is the most dense. This herb can be used to refine medicine! According to the host’s current world, we’ve located where you can find this herb: Wood Nation’s Imperial Palace, Depths of the Western Abyss!

Genesis Fire Herbs: This herb grows where the fire element is the strongest and where the fire power is the most dense. This herb can be used to refine medicine! According to the host’s current world, we’ve located where you can find this herb: Fire Nation’s Imperial Palace, Depths of the Eastern Abyss!

Genesis Water Herbs : ...


"Wait a minute… Fire Country’s Imperial Palace, Depths of the Eastern Abyss? Holy shit!" Xu Que sputtered saliva as he cursed.

According to the memories retained within his body, he was aware of the exact location.

Fire Nation’s Imperial Palace, Depths of the Eastern Abyss. That’s where the imperial tombs are! Where many generations of Emperors were buried.

Damned wretched system!

"System, you're not pulling my leg, are you? You actually want me to visit the imperial tombs? Don't you know that the security of that place is extremely tight and is filled with countless of formidable protective spells? Even the current Emperor wouldn't dare to enter without a proper reason!" Xu Que yelled out in his mind.

According to his knowledge, the first ever Emperor of the Fire Country was of a cultivation level even higher than an Infant Transformation Stage- The Void Refining Stage. The imperial tombs were constructed by him. After his work, many other generations of Emperors added their own protective spells to enforce the level of protection. This was done in order to prevent anyone from barging in.

It wasn't because there were many valuable treasures buried within the tombs. It was because the imperial tombs were built upon dragon veins. Just before the death of the current Emperor, he would go down the tombs and encase his body within the tombs voluntarily. This would thus cause the nation to flourish and prosper.

Hence, if Xu Que wanted to enter the tombs, it meant that he had to compete with the Emperor of the Fire Country in terms of wisdom and strength.

No, that's not right. It's not just the imperial tombs of the Fire Nation. He had to visit the tombs of the other 4 nations as well!

"So? I just wish to know… With my current cultivation level, how do I plunder the rights to enter the tombs of the five nations?" Xu Que asked.

The system paused for some time as if to ponder over the question. It then replied mechanically, "That's why the expedition will be full of danger. The host has to cultivate diligently! .

"Damn you!" Xu Que shouted out in clear rage.

He was presently still standing outside Great Change Sect’s entrance. Everyone watched him as he killed the Wind Chasing Sect’s Leader, afterwhich he remained still and unmoving. Just as they were about to ask him what was wrong, he started cursing out loudly.

Everyone around jumped up in shock as they asked themselves silently who had incited the wrath of this crazy and ferocious master this time?

"Friend Xu, what’s wrong?" Su Yun Lan walked over to Xu Que and asked him warmly. It was clear that she cared about him.

At this point, Xu Que regained his senses as he sighed and shook his head, "Nothing. I wish to return to my room to rest."

As he finished his sentence, he turned around and walked towards his own accommodation not far away.

Su Yun Lan watched the back of his shadow as he walked away. She opened her mouth, but didn’t speak.


Xu Que returned to his room slowly as his emotions started to calm down.

He knew that being angry with the system wasn’t going to be beneficial to him. Besides, the system couldn’t possibly trick him. It has to be that reviving a person from the dead was such an unnatural task that it was defying the natural orders. It was almost like asking the heavens to return a person back to this planet. Of course, the difficulty level would have to be very high!

Regardless, he had already got his hands on the solution on reviving Xiao Rou and had found his direction as well.

"Damn it. I don’t give a shit about what five nations and your imperial tombs. Nobody is going to stop me from reviving Xiao Rou. I shan’t be superstitious any longer. Just several blocks of concrete tombs aren’t going to hinder me. Maybe I can bribe some of these military guards which will allow me easier access to these tombs." Xu Que clenched his fists, his fighting spirits were at an all time high.

He had no feelings whatsoever for any of these five nations. Even if he were to ruin the entire dragon veins which the tombs were built on, he was only damaging the royal family’s buildings. He wasn’t implicating or harming the innocent population.

Hence, Xu Que’s first location was for the Fire Country.

He remembered very clearly. The reason the owner of this body had died was because he was cheated by the Emperor of the Fire Country. He had been lied to by the Emperor and was lulled into a false sense of security. He cultivated for many years and even received many magical pills. At last, he was sucked completely dry by the Princess and even stole away the fire roots which he possessed.

Thankfully, after he had transmigrated, he acquired the system. Not only did he regain his lost fire roots, he even acquired the other 4 different elements which made him an extremely powerful cultivator.

"Hm, looks like it’s time to pay a visit to Fire Country and the Emperor! Emperor you old foggy… Little Princess, your consort is… Coming back!" Xu Que stood within his compounds as he shouted, his next steps became clear to him.