Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 52

The night sky was dark and was full of bright stars. The night breeze was gently blowing from the mountains behind the Great Change Sect.

Xu Que stood atop the mountain where a large black cannon stood beside him. Both his hands were placed behind his back as his robes flapped about in the wind. He looked far across at a tall tree on the mountain opposite him and gazed in that direction.

That would be the target he would use to test his God Powered Cannon.

The strength of an Original Infant Cultivator was clearly not one to trifle with. Xu Que intentionally brought the cannon up this mountain so that it would fire into an open space. Should it accidentally fire towards Great Change Sect, it might flatten the entire sect domain. Then, Su Yun Lan would definitely bite him to death!

At this time, Su Yun Lan, the pair of Sect Elders and several disciples in their Golden Core Stage were rushing up.

This beautiful looking Sect Leader begrudgingly went all the way to see this cannon. As for the God Powered Cannon which took a single day to build, she was extremely skeptical about it. She was somewhat sure that Xu Que was just pulling her leg and playing around with her.

The pair of Sect Elders gave strange expressions to each other upon finding out that Xu Que had built a cannon for them.

Along the way, one of the Elders asked, "Sect Leader Su, I heard reports from one of the disciples who was guarding the treasure room. He said that Xu Que had taken away all of our black iron. Could it be because of this cannon?"

"Right! I promised him that whatever materials he required, he should just help himself." Su Yun Lan maintained a stoic expression as she nodded her head gently.

The pair of Sect Elders froze as they were crying deep down without any tears showing.

"That... That’s all the black iron we own!"

"Although it’s not considered rare, the price of it was still expensive. Letting it go to waste like that is really… Ai, forget it!"

The both of them sighed.

Most people felt that a common cannon used in military camps wouldn’t be able to do much damage against cultivators in this world. No matter how it was modified, it would just be a common spell at best.

For this reason, when all of them scaled the mountain to view Xu Que’s cannon, they all came with the idea of just ‘watching fireworks’. They took it as just a celebratory view for defeating the Blood River Sect.

The only person who was quiet was Su Yun Lan. Based on the way she saw it, wasting all the black iron wasn’t a big deal. The thing that affected her the most was Xu Que’s sincerity in wanting to help Great Change Sect. This touched her to a certain degree.

All these years of being a Sect Leader, she felt extremely exhausted. Today, Xu Que was willing to help her and share the burden of protecting the sect. Regardless of how effective the weapon was, knowing that someone shared her worry was a sort of consolation to her.

Before long, Su Yun Lan and the entire group of people reached the peak of the mountain.

Seeing Xu Que standing next to the pitch black cannon with golden inscriptions, everyone was left speechless.

Xu Que couldn’t be bothered about their expressions as he leapt over to the side eagerly and asked them, "There wouldn't be any consequences if I fired this cannon over to the next mountain right?"

"Not a problem. There’s nobody living on that mountains, maybe just a couple of roaming beasts. Give it a shot, friend Xu." Su Yun Lan replied him plainly.

The pair of Elders nodded their heads gingerly as well. Although it was clear that they were distracted and uninterested in the normal looking cannon.

They were thinking about how everyone understood and knew the powers of a regular cannon. Once the round was being fired, it would cause a crater over at the other end. How much of a consequence could there be!

"Good. I shall give it a shot then. The first ever round shall be fired from this God Powered Cannon. Let us all witness it together!" Xu Que spoke out ceremoniously as he walked towards the cannon.

All eyes fell upon him as he took a deep breath. In his heart, he was excited knowing that this was the perfect time to act tough!

Immediately after reaching the cannon, he opened a small flap on the side of the cannon. He then retrieved a storage ring which he had acquired from one of the Original Infant Stage cultivators he had killed previously and took out a low grade spirit stone from within the storage ring.

The spirit stones were dazzling under the moonlight and were transparent. He inserted them into the opened flap on the cannon.

The pair of Sect Elders gave a surprised "ai" sound. Weren’t cannons supposed to be fitted with gunpowder and artillery rounds first before igniting the wick attached to the gunpowder? They’ve never seen anyone placing spirit stones within the cannon.

Su Yun Lan paused in surprise as well. She then thought about the words spoken out by Xu Que last night. This was a cannon which consumed spirit stones!

"Don’t tell me… Whatever he said was true?" Su Yun Lan thought all of a sudden but was immediately suppressed by her logical self. She felt that it was impossible and didn’t dare to believe that it was true as well. Whatever he said was too outrageous and preposterous!

"Smack!" Xu Que clapped his palms together, his fingertips were touching each other as his fingers started dancing in a strange and complicated ritual.

At the same time, a golden ray of energy was being emitted as it wrapped around his hands. It was almost as if a golden burst of flames were burning his finger tips!


Xu Que opened his eyes and shouted loudly. The golden embers were still dancing atop his palms as he slapped it down upon the rear end of the cannon.

"Weng!" The cannon gave off a sound which sounded like it was vibrating. The numerous golden inscriptions around the cannons lit up in bright gold light as it glimmered brightly on the dark mountain top. It seemed to be getting brighter with each passing second.

"Ai… What’s happening?"

The pair of Sect Elders were clearly taken aback. This was nothing like the ordinary looking cannon they knew of!

Su Yun Lan’s tiny mouth was opened wide, her face was full of shock.

At the same time, the golden inscriptions had reached their maximum brightness. The entire cannon was shrouded in golden light as it illuminated the dark night sky around them.


Soon after, the bright golden light transformed into a single beam of light as it exploded out from the cannon and shot towards the mountain.

The entire night sky turned into a flash of white which hurt all their eyes due to how blinding it was. Su Yun Lan and the rest of them couldn’t help but shut their eyes.


At the next moment, an earth splitting sound rang out from the cannon beside them. It was so loud that it felt like their ears were going to explode after they heard the ringing sounds.

When they opened their eyes, the bright white light seemed to have become weaker and didn’t hurt as much as before.

When the entire group of them regained their sight, they were astounded!

The tall and huge mountain across them seemed like it had been sliced off from the ground. The entire mountain disappeared from view, being completely destroyed by the cannon.

Such terrifying powers were exhibited from the cannon. Even Su Yun Lan and the rest of them wouldn’t have been able to do anything like that. It was absolutely impossible!

That was a mountain. A huge mountain!

How could it be that with a single round, the entire mountain was annihilated and reduced to just dust and ashes?

"Sect Leader Su, I have an idea which will prevent the evil demonic sects from harassing your sect and at the same time, make Great Change Sect the strongest sect within the whole Wind City."

"Sect Leader Su, please look closely. This is the God Powered Cannon. A single low grade spirit stone would enable it to fire 10 artillery rounds. Every single round is as strong as as Original Infant Stage attack…"

In that instant, Su Yun Lan could almost hear the words spoken by Xu Que previously. Every single sentence and word were punctuated clearly within her ears.

Su Yun Lan completely fell into a daze.

If the previous time, when Xu Que single handedly killed so many Original Infant Stage cultivator caused her so much worry and stress, she could still handle it. For in such a huge world, there would always be geniuses and people who were unnaturally strong.

But whatever she saw at this point, she couldn’t believe!

He spent a single night!

And he relied on solely a piece of blueprint!

With a mound of black iron, he could create a cannon which could strike with the force of an Original Infant Stage cultivator!

How does one accept that!?