Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 50

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 60 act tough points!"

The system rang out within Xu Que’s mind.

Su Yun Lan stood outside his window and paused in shock. She didn't expect Xu Que to flat out reject her this way.

"I wonder if my Daoist friend Xu can tell me the reason for his answer?" She asked warily.


Damn... Do you expect me to tell you that the reason was because I have to kill many more people and demonic beasts in order to increase my level? Or should I say that I need to continue acting tough in order to become rich? If I agree to stay here, won't that mean that I'm contented with falling behind?

What a joke. Do I, Xu Que, look like someone who’s contented with falling behind and remaining stagnant?

Nobody can ever stand between me and acting tough!

With these thoughts in mind, Xu Que’s face still emitted a radiant smile as he replied, "Talents and success are rewards of hard work and constant pursuit. A good and proper man knows this and would do as such. I've been to the four corners of the world and I enjoy my adventures tremendously. Sect Leader asked me to stay behind and be a Sect Elder. That would be equivalent to breaking my wings and crippling me."

Su Yun Lan was dumbfounded. She was clearly in shock.

Talents and success are rewards of hard work and constant pursuit. A good and proper man knows this and would do as such!

What an interesting thing to say!

"It surprised me that Daoist friend Xu is so elegant and refined in speech. Looks like I was presumptuous and blunt. Since my friend Xu objects, I shouldn't force him as well." Su Yun Lan gave a bitter smile, her eyes exhibited confusion.

She initially thought that Xu Que was just a glib tongued, lazy rogue cultivator but wasn't a bad person. Besides, she knew that he was quite powerful as well. If only he would agree to stay here in Great Change Sect, he would probably be able to lift the sect to new heights.

She didn't expect to hear such flowery and refined words from him as if he was a poetic scholar of sorts, full of confidence in his linguistic abilities. Especially that line about doing what was right as an upright man, which really took her by surprise.

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 50 act tough points!"

After receiving the system beep which sounded out in his head, he gave a cheeky smile. He didn't expect that the common phrase used back in his modern world was so uncommon here and even managed to impress her. This was going to be good for acting tough.

He looked at Su Yun Lan and continued, "Sect Leader Su thinks too highly of me. Actually, someone like me who's so unlimitedly cool and outrageously stubborn is not suitable to stay here at a sect. Having me around would bring problems to the Sect. Hence I have to kindly refuse Sect Leader’s good intention."

"Chi-chi!" Su Yun Lan couldn't help but let out a soft giggle as she covered her mouth.

Unlimitedly cool and outrageously stubborn?

She's never heard of anyone describing themselves that way. This Xu Que was such a strange person.

She then continued, "My Daoist friend Xu is indeed not like an average person. It's just that you seem like an outrageously stubborn person on the surface but is warm on the inside. You're not cool or cold at all!"

"Aren't I cool? Oooh… Looks like I have to try walking down this ‘cool’ path in the future when meeting people. Being proud and cool is the first requirement to acting tough!" Xu Que stroked his chin as he muttered to himself.

Su Yun Lan looked at Xu Que with her eyes wide open as if she envied Xu Que’s life and gave a deep sigh.

"Actually, I'm very envious of my daoist friend Xu’s free spirited life without any worries or burdens. With the powerful skills he possesses, he can truly roam the four corners of the earth!"

Xu Que paused for a second before his eyes lit up. He then sat straight and replied her, "You can do that too. Being a Sect Leader doesn't mean you have to be cooped up here within the confines of the Sect. That would be so boring. Come, let's go on an touring adventure together. I shall bring you. And you can bring the silver."

"An impromptu adventure?" Su Yun Lan mumbled to herself. She was clearly shaken by his request and even looked tempted to agree.

She then regained her senses and forced a laugh before shaking her head, "How good would it be if I could just leave everything behind and go! But apart from myself, there are still the other 2 Elders who have been helping me hold the fort. Even with the 3 of us working tirelessly, things aren’t easy. If I do leave, I’m afraid the Elders won’t be able to handle the Sect by themselves."

"How can that be? I realized that your… cough, cough. Don’t mind my straightforwardness, but I realized that you don’t have many disciples around as well. And your days are pretty simple." Xu Que replied her curiously.

"That’s just how it appears on the surface. But there will always be someone from the demonic sects coming around to cause some disturbances. Once we chase an entire horde away, another group will appear and cause problems."

"Oh?" Xu Que seemed to be extremely interested as his eyes gleamed, "Are there many people coming here to create trouble?"

As soon as he heard Su Yun Lan mention members of the demonic sects coming over to bully them, Xu Que immediately thought of all the experience points he would gain by destroying them and was extremely excited.

"Yes. There are many of them but they won’t really attack us as well. Most of them would go away after we give them some spirit stones." Su Yun Lan replied casually.

Xu Que sneered at her response. Shit! That’s as good as collecting protection fee. Seems like the people of the demonic sects has it good?

"Around what cultivation level are those people who come around?" Xu Que pressed.

Su Yun Lan looked at Xu Que in slight hesitation and curiosity as if she couldn’t understand why he was asking these questions. But she answered him anyway, "Most of the time, there will be one or two Original Infant Stage cultivators and several more Golden Core Stage disciples. Daoist friend Xu, why are you asking these questions for?"

"Haha! It’s nothing!" Xu Que laughed and brushed her question away with the wave of his hand.

However, the eager expression and happiness written across his face gave him away and Su Yun Lan seemed to guess something was amiss. Her face changed before she hurriedly spoke, "My friend Xu, please don’t be rash. These people belong to the demonic sects of Wind City and their whereabouts are always unknown. If you kill a horde of them, more will appear in their place. Even if you are able to kill all of them, Great Change Sect will be in danger."

"What are you afraid of? Every time a new wave comes, we shall kill the entire wave of them." Xu Que replied her fearlessly.

Su Yun Lan looked at him in the eye before continuing, "If daoist friend Xu agrees to stay behind and be an Elder, I won’t be worried or afraid. But since you are leaving, how can we defend ourselves against wave after wave of evil sects attacks!"

"That's true!" Xu Que nodded his head in agreement. He knew that Su Yun Lan had a point as well. If he were to offend the demonic sects by killing the first wave of them and leave after that, Great Change Sect would surely be in trouble.

However, if he could find a way to make Great Change Sect stronger, then it would rid his worry.

Meanwhile, Xu Que called out for the system in his head and entered the system stores.

He then asked the system, "What can increase the fighting capabilities of a sect and can also be given to someone else?"

At first, he thought that giving them a protective spell would be the most appropriate. However, he realized that whatever item he bought from within the store could only be used by him. That was why he asked that question.

Before long, the system store let out a white flash of light before displaying several items.

Xu Que looked at the items and were taken aback. All those items were blueprints!

He then looked clearly and read the words and descriptions of the blueprints before bursting out in laughter.

This caused Su Yun Lan who was beside him to jump in shock.

She initially noticed that Xu Que was in a daze. She wanted to ask what he was thinking about when he started laughing out all of a sudden, giving her no time to react.

"Friend… Friend Xu, what’s wrong with you?"

Xu Que’s entire face displays his happiness as he climbed over the window and hugged Su Yun Lan in elation. "Sect Elder Su, I have an idea to prevent the Demon Sect from harassing your sect and at the same time, make Great Change Sect the strongest sect within the whole Wind City."

Su Yun Lan couldn’t react in time to prevent Xu Que from hugging her as she lost the color in her face and tried to break free from his embrace.

The minute she heard his words, her heart skipped a beat. With an astonished face, she looked at him and asked, "What… What did you say?"