Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 49

After Su Yun Lan left, the pair of Great Change Sect Elders invited Xu Que to their sect as a guest as if they had intentions to establish a good relationship with him.

Since it was difficult to reject such a proposal, Xu Que followed the few of them to Wind City.

Along the way, Xu Que understood that Wind City was quite some distance away from Celestial Sect. Even if they rode atop their flying swords, it would take them at least 2 to 3 days.

However, since Celestial Sect was a big sect and was destroyed extensively over a single night, news had spread like wildfire. Xu Que’s reputation soared as a result of the destruction of Celestial Sect and Fallen Spirits Sect.

From the few Great Change Sect disciples, Xu Que found out that the Celestial Sect had indeed been completely destroyed. They no longer own a prestigious and mighty reputation.

Sect Leader of Celestial Sect, Zhang Dan Shan went out in search for Xu Que but failed to locate him after half a month. It’s been rumoured that he developed demons within his heart and thus forced himself into secluded meditation. Instead of attempting to restore the prestige of the Celestial Sect, they lost their powerful Infant Transformation Stage leader.

Added to the known fact that Elder Sun collaborated with Fallen Spirits Sect to attack an innocent village, the Celestial Sect came under verbal attacks from many other cultivation sects. This caused the remaining Original Infant Stage cultivators to wash their hands off the matter and leave the sect since they couldn’t handle the pressure any longer. The sect thus fell to the hands of the junior elite members.

It was a pity that innate talents and gifts weren’t the only factors in ensuring a successful cultivation. The presence of treasures and precious pills were necessary to boost a person’s cultivation as well. Without the Original Infant Stage cultivators to refine pills for the sect, the resources within Celestial Sect were depleting at an alarming rate. Since the sect was now unable to provide monthly pills to its disciples, many people couldn’t take it anymore and started leaving. The disciples with better innate abilities were snatched up by other sects.

To many of these cultivators, time was extremely valuable. Should they continue wasting time at a bleak, futureless sect, even if they had extremely rare innate talents, they would end up being cultivation failures!

So within a short span of time, Celestial Sect lost most of their disciples. All it took was for Zhang Dan Shan to disappear and the entire sect sunk further into a desolate future.

However, for Infant Transformation Stage cultivators to go into secluded meditation, it would take at least several years and could take up to several hundreds years. The number was highly dependent on many variables.

Xu Que and several Great Change Sect disciples were talking along the way until they finally reached their destination.

Great Change Sect used to be an extremely prestigious and strong sect several hundred years ago. It could even match up to Celestial Sect’s might at its peak. However, since Su Yun Lan’s grandfather, the first Sect Leader, disappeared, the entire sect’s prestige fell drastically.

Su Yun Lan relied on her extraordinary innate talents and the vast amount of resources at her disposal to cultivate up to her current stage. In just a short span of 20 years, she reached the Original Infant Stage and thus took the helm of the Sect Leader position after.

Her father had died in a massive war several years back. The entire Great Change Sect thus relied heavily on her and the pair of Sect Elders to uphold the entire sect. Their days were difficult and rough.

This fact was evident to Xu Que at the very first minute after stepping through the doors of Great Change Sect.

Many of the houses within their stronghold were broken down and old. It was clear that it had been many years since their last renovation. Several backyards were full of dried leaves and the numerous cobwebs shows how long it’s been uncared for.

The total number of disciples within the sect amounted to around 20 or slightly more. The highest among them were the 6 cultivators Xu Que met within the Withered Bones Forests who were of the Golden Core Stage. Most of the other disciples were either in their Foundation Building Stage or Core Bearing Stage.

Xu Que came with the status of a guest and thus used the false name of "Xiao Yan" and was given a house with a yard to live in. The pair of Sect Elders and the 6 disciples didn’t reveal his true identity to the rest of the disciples.

This idea was suggested by Xu Que. With his current reputation, Great Change Sect might be dragged into unnecessary trouble if word spread that Xu Que was a guest to them.

Besides, he was only going to stay here temporarily for 2 days. After which, he planned to return to Withered Bones Forest to kill more demonic beasts.

At this point, he was already in the 9th level of the Golden Core Stage. He was only missing 1,200,000 experience points before he could ascend to the next level. Hence, he had to kill 6 Original Infant Stage beasts and he would become a full foundation Golden Core Stage cultivator. When that happens, he will get the solution to reviving Xiao Rou!

On the first night in which he stayed at Great Change Sect, everything was quiet and still.

Xu Que laid down on the mattress as he stared out of the window, watching the beautiful moon and pondered the meaning of life.

Actually, he was just extremely bored and couldn’t get to sleep. He was seriously deliberating with himself if he should go out and catch several chickens to roast for a good supper.

Just as he was pondering over his circumstances, a faint fragrant aroma wafted in the air as the wind carried the scent to his nostrils.

Xu Que sat up and focused, for he noticed a shadow standing right outside his window and was smiling at him!

If this was done by any other ordinary person, Xu Que would’ve scolded the person with all the expletives he knew. Was he trying to act as a ghost and scare him at this point?

The minute Xu Que laid his eyes on the shadow, he couldn’t find the words to scold or say anything offensive because that person standing outside his window was the Sect Leader of Great Change Sect, Su Yun Lan!

Her poise and attractiveness was very apparent to Xu Que. She looked exactly like an extraordinarily gorgeous looking goddess. Even if she tried to dress as a ghost to scare him, it would have been impossible due to how beautiful she is!

"Ay, Sect Leader Su, why aren’t you asleep?" Xu Que sat upright immediately and started smiling at Su Yun Lan who was standing outside.

At the same time, he felt surprised and curiosity welled up within his heart. If this gorgeous looking Sect Leader isn’t sleeping at this hour, what is she doing here?

Oh shit. Did she come here for me to cure her illness?

Just thinking about how he teased this beautiful Sect Leader earlier in the day caused Xu Que immense happiness and satisfaction.

Su Yun Lan just laughed plainly, her eyes glimmered and her teeth were pearly white. Her fair complexion didn’t have a single blemish, neither did she look capable of anger. Instead, she looked extremely forgiving and magnanimous, as though she had completely forgotten about the incident earlier today.

"Fellow friend Xu is humorous. After cultivating to the level which you and I are in, why do we still need to sleep?" She asked softly.

Xu Que paused for sometime before reacting to her words.

It looks like in all the comics and novels which he had read in his previous life, the immortal cultivators seldom had to sleep. All they needed to do was sit down cross legged and meditate to feel rested.

It’s just that the way he gained levels was different from everyone else. All he needed was experience points to increase his cultivation level!

"Is there a reason for Sect Leader Su’s visit? Why don’t you come in and take a seat and drink some tea!"

Xu Que looked at her standing outside as she hesitated with regards to his request, causing him to laugh out loud.

Su Yun Lan then waved a hand subtly, "There’s no need. I just wanted to talk briefly with my daoist friend Xu. I can do it from here."

Xu Que’s lips quivered slightly. What do you mean you can do it from here? Didn’t I invite you in to sit? Do you really think I would eat you up if you came in?

On second thought, he decided that she had a reason for not coming in and decided not to say that.

Clearly, this sect leader was a proper woman with noble birth and upbringing and was a maiden too. If she were to enter a random person’s house in the middle of the night, that would dishonor her and it would be hard to hear the end of those rumours.

Ai, something didn’t feel right too. For her to come looking for me in the middle of the night. That’s strange. Xu Que shook his head gently without speaking.

Su Yun Lan didn’t see his expression as she turned around and admired the sky. She then asked softly, "Daoist friend Xu, what plans do you have for yourself after today?"

Xu Que paused once again as he answered her with several doubts, "After today? After today I would continue roaming everywhere under the heavens and saving the world and flirting around to the best of my abilities!"

Of course, the first thing he would do was to revive Xiao Rou!

"Have daoist friend Xu ever thought of settling down? For example, finding a good sect to settle down in and leading and training disciples everyday comfortably. You wouldn’t need to kill everyday and live in hatred any longer!" Su Yun Lan spoke softly to him.

Xu Que raised an eyebrow before understanding what she meant.

So this beautiful girl came around to beat around the bush with the intention of recruiting me to her sect!

He couldn’t help but feel elated as he laughed and asked her, "Sect Leader Su, are you inviting me to join your sect?"

Su Yun Lan trembled slightly as she turned around, her face was all smiles as she nodded her tiny head.

"Not bad. The reason I came here to impose on you, is indeed to ask my daoist friend Xu to join Great Change Sect and take on the responsibility of becoming a Sect Elder. I wonder if you willing?"

"I don’t want to." Xu Que shook his head in response.