Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 45

"After waiting for so long, they’ve finally come!" Xu Que gave a blank smile as his eyes swept across the forest.

Since the Blood River Sect disciples really offers themselves up to me, then I shall help myself to all the experience points and rush towards the full foundation of the Golden Core Stage.

The old man heard the movement some distance away as well and was curious, "Eh, kid. Are those your enemies coming for revenge?"

"They can’t even be considered my enemies. They’re just a bunch of inanimate objects. At any point in time, I can use several fingers to kill them easily!" Xu Que laughed out as he spoke.

The old man puckered his brows and laughed along with Xu Que, "Hehehe... Kid, don’t be too cocky and confident and do yourself in as a result. Based on my observations, they have quite an army of people with them! Of course, if you would ask me for a favor, I can help you resolve your problems easily!"

"Ask you for help? In your dreams!" Xu Que turned around to look at the old man and tried to determine his cultivation level at the same time. He then realized that he was unable to see through the man’s cultivation level and was taken aback.

The old man then laughed out loudly, "You really don’t need my help?"

"I really don't need your help. If you were to really help me, I’ll be more anxious!" Xu Que spoke our earnestly. He had finally made such big group of people come and deliver themselves to him in the form of experience points. Why should he want the old man to intervene?

The old man looked at the situation before shaking his head and smiling without speaking.

He then thought to himself, "You’re just a mere Golden Core Stage cultivator and yet you speak so highly of yourself. Since you’re so confident in your own abilities, I won’t tell you that there are 8 Original Infant Stage cultivators within the army approaching. Let’s see how you can boast when you see them. I wonder if you would beg for my help then!"

Xu Que completely ignored the old man and casted his attention towards the rustling forest ahead.


All of a sudden, several beams of light emerged from the skies and shot towards the forest and landed beside the swamp. It was 3 immortal cultivators dressed in daoist robes and who rode on flying swords.

Eh? Why aren’t they Blood River Sect disciples?

Xu Que was momentarily taken aback.

However, he could feel killing intent becoming stronger and stronger within the forest. It must be that the Blood River Sect people were fast approaching them still.

The 3 cultivators who were dressed in daoist robes appeared before him. The 2 of them were men and the last was a woman. They were all in the Original Infant Stage with the woman being the strongest among them. She was level 5 of the Original Infant Stage.

What was most surprising was that the woman looked extremely young and was very good looking too. She had a fair and soft skin that looked like it could be torn apart just by blowing at it. She was such a good looking woman that it was almost certain that most men would take a second look at her after seeing her once.

Furthermore she was dressed in a tight fitting daoist robe which made her look otherworldly as if she was a lady who was anything but ordinary. An extraordinary cultivator!

The other pair of men were both middle aged and were somewhat plump. They were both of the second level Original Infant Stage.

"Sect Leader!"

At this point, the disciples of Great Change Sect shouted out to her as they hurriedly ran across and saluted to the young woman. They then shouted out respectfully, "Greetings to Sect Leader!

Immediately after, they then turned to the pair of men standing beside her and greeted them as well, "Elder Mo, Elder Li!"

Xu Que was taken aback!

Damn me! Great Change Sect actually had such a gorgeous looking Sect Leader? It probably isn’t an old woman using spells to conceal her old age right?


"I’ve heard that the young leader of Blood River Sect has been killed and implicated you. Hence, I rushed down as soon as I could! What happened here?"

The gorgeous looking Sect Leader asked her disciples, her voice rang out like the beautiful symphony of bells and was extremely pleasant to the ears.

The few disciples looked at each other in uncertainty before reporting the entire sequence of events to their Sect Leader. From time to time, they would even stretch out a hand and point at Xu Que.

The young lady Sect Leader and the pair of Elders listened halfway as their faces broke out in astonished looks. At the same time, they raised their heads to look at Xu Que before asking their disciples more questions. "What you’re saying is that this black robed man intentionally killed Master Song so as to lure more Blood River Sect disciples over?"

"Mm!" The disciples nodded their heads agonizingly.

"This..." The pair of Elders were astonished by these facts. They’ve never witnessed anything as incredulous as this in their entire lives.

"Why would he do that?" The Sect Leader asked.

The few disciples forced a bitter laugh and shook their heads, "We don’t know the reason for that as well. From the start, we were afraid of him. When we advised him to run away, he refused. He even made us fetch firewood for him before roasting chicken wings for us using the firewood..."

"Roast… Roast chicken wings?" The pair of Great Change Sect Elders asked in apparent surprise.

After killing someone, he even had the mood and appetite to roast chicken wings? My god. What type of person is he? Where did this deranged man appear from!?

At the next moment, the young lady and the pair of Elders shot glances towards Xu Que once more.

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for subtly acting tough. The reward is 40 act tough points!"

A beep rang out in Xu Que’s head, signalling his success in acting tough.

Soon after, the disciples started recounting the story of how Xu Que managed to kill the Original Infant Stage Blood Python with just a single move. The young woman Sect Leader and Elders were stunned and flabbergasted when they heard this.


"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 60 act tough points!"

Another beep echoed out within Xu Que’s mind.

The beeps rang out twice in such a short span of time. Xu Que just blindly collected his act tough points without even understanding why he had earned them.

At this point, the Blood River Sect members were almost reaching!

The heavy movements and rustling of leaves were getting louder. It almost seems like a huge gale was building up within the forest. Soon after, several dozens of shadows emerged with a whoosh from behind the shadows of the forest.

This group of people all wore the same full-red long robes as they wielded their flying swords or spears. Killing auras radiated from the entire group of people as they encircled and surrounded the entire swamp within seconds.

The Sect Leader and Sect Elders of Great Change Sect turned around to see the situation they had been caught up in and their faces turned ashen.

"Damn it! Those few people from Blood River Sect are here!"

Following the soft whisper from the female Sect Leader, 8 shadows emerged from the large group of shadows. All the 8 of them were Original Infant Stage cultivators and were extremely intimidating individuals. Their killing intents covered the entire swamp.

One of the men within the group of eight had the heaviest aura and was clearly the most powerful among them. His entire face radiated severe killing intent as his eyes turned bloodshot. It was evident that he was enraged and was about to blow up in fury.

He glanced at his surroundings before his vision stopped right at the side where a huge boulder stood. His face fell instantly as he shot towards the boulder and fell to his knees. He clutched the dead headless body and shouted out in agony, "Child, my child!"


In that instant, a terrifying killing aura shot out from within his body and took the form of a hurricane as it started pooling around him.

"The bastard who killed my son… Come out here now!" The middle aged cultivator shouted out. The strength in his voice was startling and caused many people’s stomach to turn and their ears to hurt.

The Great Change Sect Leader and the pair of Elders froze.

The Sect Elders then asked in hushed voices, "Sect Leader, what should we do?"

The woman frowned worriedly, "That black robed man saved our disciples. We have to help him."


"There are no buts. Although the standings of our Great Change Sect has dropped, we cannot throw away our sense of righteousness and justice!" The woman insisted fiercely.


Indeed, Xu Que never saw the Blood River Sect group as a threat to his life. Instead, he was feeling extremely uncomfortable with strange expressions that the dirty old man kept giving.

Without his presence, Xu Que would’ve left to battle with the Blood River Sect a long time ago. However, this old man was standing beside him, frowning and giving him strange looks which caused Xu Que to feel annoyed.

At last, Xu Que couldn’t take it anymore and rolled his eyes, "Old beggar, can you please stop looking at me that way. It’s extremely disgusting."

The old man nearly jumped out in rage and shouted in anger, "You little punk! I was trying to give you good advice and yet you can’t appreciate it? There are so many Original Infant Stage immortals over at the other side, can you win them? I actually wanted to give you one last chance to ask for my help. Heheh... but the chance is gone. Even if you kneel down and beg me for help, I will never help you."

"You’re thinking too much into this, old man. They’re just some lame bandits. Why are you being such a nosey body?" Xu Que spoke out defiantly.

"Fine, you said it. Later if you can’t kill them, I shall kill you first." The dirty old man spoke out in anger.

Xu Que laughed coldly, "Kill me? You are so naive. If you really can kill me, I will admit to your prowess."

"Damn it, you dare to antagonize me? Don’t assume I don’t dare to kill you."

"Antagonize your uncle. Come on, kill me then. Let’s see who it is who gets killed!"

"Y-you little kid think you can kill me? Come on then!"

"Why don’t you make the first move!"

"If you have the guts, you come at me first!"

"You first!"

"You first!"

"I’m first your grandfather!

"I’m first your ancestors!"


The both of them were engaged in a passionate and heated quarrel, their hands were even raised with plenty of actions.

The bystanders around couldn’t even stop them from fighting as they watched with their eyes gaping wide in astonishment, their faces stunned.