Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 43

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 50 act tough points!"

"Ding! Congrations to host ‘Xu Que’ for killing an Original Infant Staged demonic beast. The reward is 200,000 experience points as well as a dropped reward. Would you like to check the reward?"

The system’s beep rang. Xu Que replied out in his mind, "Check it!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for gaining a bag of Three Star Demonic Core!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for gaining a Blood Python Skin!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for gaining Blood Python Blood Essence!"


Three Star Demonic Core: The core from the body of an Original Infant Stage demonic beast. Can be used as an antidote or to create weapons!

Blood Python Skin: The strongest and most durable layer of a Blood Python’s skin, consisting of poison. Can be used to create weapons!

Blood Python Blood Essence: The sack within a blood python that produces its strong poison. Can be used as an antidote or a tonic to help one build up a very strong immunity!

The system’s bag once again had three additional items.

Xu Que thought for a while before taking out the Three Star Demonic Core and threw it to the Great Change Sect disciples. He said, "I heard you saying earlier that one of your junior brothers was poisoned by the Blood Python and needed the demonic core as an antidote. Here, take it."

The disciples stared blankly at him for a while, unable to react.

How could he so easily give away such a valuable item like an Original Infant Stage Demonic Core?

How could anyone be this generous!

"Why are you in a daze? Take it." Xu Que began to laugh at their blank looks.

Since he had absolutely no use for a mere Three Star Demon Core, he could throw it around like a toy without any issue!

The disciples finally recomposed themselves and immediately expressed their gratitude.

"Many thanks, senior!"

"We will never forget this kindness!"

"Senior, you are really a good man!"

"We thank you on behalf of that young disciple."


"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 60 acting tough points!"

Xu Que laughed and waved this off, "No problem, you’re welcome. Here, the chicken wings are cooked and ready to eat!"

The impression these disciples gave Xu Que was not bad. At least they were righteous and upright people.

For instance, when he killed the Blood River Sect’s young leader earlier, these disciples did not immediately think of running away. Instead, they persuaded him to leave with them.

When they saw that he refused to leave, they even stayed behind with him.

Thus, to maintain their good self-sacrificial and gracious behaviour, Xu Que treated them to some roasted chicken wings!

The disciples split the chicken wings among themselves. They were at once drawn to the aroma of the chicken wings and they greedily took one big bite.

"Crunch!" A soft crisp sound was produced.

They all widened their eyes.

"This… This is simply too delicious!"

"This is so tasty!"

"I never imagined that chicken wings could be one of the most delicious food I’ve ever eaten!"

"Senior is really superior!"

The additional honey to the chicken wing skin gave it a fragrant crisp while the meat inside was both tender and tasty. Biting down into the crispy exterior, followed by the tender meat, one’s mouth will be filled with the juicy fragrance!

Xu Que smiled to himself. Seems like the culinary skills of the people from this world weren’t great. Just a little Louisiana Roasted Chicken wing could get them head over heels. Looks like I can use my culinary skills to act tough in the future!


At the same time, far away in the depths of the Withered Bones Forest, within a cave filled with dried grass was a sleeping old man in ragged clothing!

His hair was disheveled and his body reeked of alcohol. At one glance, he looked nothing more than a drunk beggar.

Yet surprisingly, there were a pair of Red Flame Tigers which were of the Original Infant Stage. They lay next to him shivering in cold.

The old man was in a deep sleep when he suddenly sat up in his straw bed and wriggled his nose, muttering, "What’s that smell? What is this strangeness? I haven’t eaten anything in a few hundred years. I didn’t expect to suddenly have an appetite today!"

The two Red Flame Tigers suddenly trembled, their eyes filled with fear and were afraid to say anything as if they were worried that the old man would eat them.

The old man glared at them. "Good-for-nothings, what are you scared of? Your rotten meat isn’t even worthy to be considered by me!" scolded the old man before wriggling his nose again and taking a deep breath, his face exuded a look of pleasure.

After a few breaths, he licked his lips and looked at the Red Flame Tigers, speaking in a deep voice, "Have you investigated on what I’ve instructed? I would like to see who is the suicidal person that would dare to pass off as my ‘Duan Jiu De’s disciple’."

The two Red Flame Tigers trembled and hurriedly replied, "Y-Yes. Half a month ago, a young man named Xu Que appeared in the domain of the Celestial Sect and claimed to be Duan Jiu… Senior Duan’s— your disciple. Rumor has it that he killed countless of immortal cultivators in order to protect a small village and held a huge banquet at the Celestial Sect and resolved the conflicts between each sect, establishing peace!"

"Just like that? How ridiculous. What bullshit sect is Celestial Sect? They’re just a bunch of morons. A cheat comes along and tries to pass off as my disciple and they just believe him so easily?" The old man cursed while digging at his dirty feet.

The Red Flame Tigers stomached their disgust and hurriedly shook their heads. "Not just that. Apparently, the night that Xu Que gave everyone a treat, Elder Sun from the Celestial Sect brought the Fallen Spirits Sect to wipe out the village. Upon returning, Xu Que was furious. Someone said he saw Xu Que hugging a girl who spat out blood and died on the spot. He then beheaded the entire Fallen Spirits Sect by himself, tied the hundred over bodies together and went directly to Celestial Sect to settle scores with Elder Sun!"

"Oh, what a cruel fella. After killing them, he actually even tied them up all together. Tsk, tsk, tsk… Still, how dare he pass off as my disciple. Were it not for the fact that I heard about it while strolling in Fire Country, he would have destroyed my lifelong legendary reputation. Hmph!" the old man grumbled indignantly.

Hearing that, the Red Flame Tigers put on a pained expression, secretly disagreeing with the old man. Seems like your reputation is worse? What Xu Que did cannot even be compared to your little finger.

The old man cursed for a while longer before continuing, "What happened after that? What happened to that kid who went to Celestial Sect?"

"After that, he killed Elder Sun right in front of the Celestial Sect’s Sect Leader and destroyed a large part of the sect. Today, Celestial Sect has been reduced to a laughing stock. Their foundation that took a few hundred years to build was destroyed in just a few moments! But what was unimaginable was that the kid escaped unscathed. Celestial Sect’s Sect Leader searched for almost a month yet could not even find a tiny trace of him."

"Oh? Celestial Sect’s Sect Leader is probably an Infant Transformation stage I suppose? To think he can’t even capture a young child. How embarrassing! But then again, this kid cultivation level is not bad. Comparable to certain immortals from certain sects. After all, to be able to kill a junior under the eyes of an Infant Transformation Stage cultivator and escape without a trace, he must at least be at the Original Infant Stage’s level seven or eight!

Having said that, the old man laughed, picked up his cup of tea and took a gulp, engrossed.

At that, the Red Flame Tigers put on a weird expressions and said awkwardly, "Senior Duan, you… you’re wrong. That kid is only at Core Bearing Stage!"

"Pff!" The old man spat out his water, widened his eyes and exclaimed, "What? Core Bearing Stage? The dog guts you have… Are you taking me for a fool? A Core Bearing Stage can behead an Original Infant Stage immortal in front of an Infant Transformation Stage immortal? Come, get up! Let me give it to you!"

"Senior, spare us please, senior! We are speaking the complete truth! We guarantee with our lives!" the Red Flame Tigers begged in tearless anguish.

The old man frowned and asked suspiciously, "Really?"

"Yes!" the Red Flame Tigers nodded furiously.

The old man rubbed his chin and smiled strangely, "Hehe… Interesting! But he made use of my name to go around bragging and swindling. I can’t let that go. Both of you, go and ask around. If you cannot locate his whereabouts, you are dead meat!"

"Yes!" they hurriedly replied.

The old man grunted and moved his gaze to the outside of the cave and sighed, "The smell is getting stronger. I can’t take it anymore. Both of you, find the man quickly. I’m going for a walk. I must capture the talent who is capable of producing such delicacies back into the cave."


The moment the words were heard, a gust of wind followed and the dirty old man vanished!