Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 37


The dark buster sword which weighed several hundred pounds landed hard on the frog’s head causing his entire face to contort.

That huge frog body started free falling towards the ground!


A large crater formed where the frog landed as sand and dust flew up high into the air.

This attack was extremely severe. Not only did it bear the full force of the maxed out Flame Devouring Wave, it also had the nine fold increase in strength from the Soaring Dragon’s Nine Transformation. It caused extremely severe injuries to the frog.

The Original Infant Stage demonic beast remained lying on the ground and didn’t get up.

Xu Que paused for a second followed by his uncontrollable laughter.

He didn’t receive any beeps from the system which indicated that the frog hasn’t died yet. It was most likely just passed out. Hence, there was no movement from it.

This frog was of the Original Infant Stage which meant that it was worth more than 100,000 experience points. How could he just let it off like that?

At this point, Xu Que rode atop his bolt of lightning, ready to return to the ground and snuff the life of the frog out.

Meanwhile, several shadows emerged from the forest.The shadows held onto bows and spears. They didn’t even speak as they advanced towards the passed out frog and started giving it a severe thrashing.

Xu Que opened his eyes wide.

Hey, hey, hey!

Damn me! What the hell is going on?

Were they trying to steal my kill?"

"Stop it, stop it! Let me take the final attack and kill it!" Xu Que shouted out loudly and descended from the sky.

However, those few people completely ignored Xu Que. Instead, a pair of archers turned around and faced Xu Que as they nocked their bows and released several arrows towards him, all the while maintaining a stoic expression.

Shiu! Shiu!

At the same time, a pair of cold steel arrows darted in the air and made a whooshing sound as it soared threateningly towards Xu Que.

Shit! Where did these bloody bandits come from! If you wanted to steal my kill, fine. But you even wanted to kill me? Fuck all of you.

Xu Que was enraged.

Gripping his Dark Buster Sword, he displayed the Six Corporeal Forms skill causing his buster sword to move quickly in a blur. In addition to his now blurry form, he charged towards the pair or archers.

Their faces fell as they retreated hurriedly. At the same time, they shouted out to their accomplices, "Ignore the three eyed poisoned frog. This kid isn’t easy. Settle him first before we decide what to do."

The few of them listened to the instructions and hurriedly turned to Xu Que in utter surprise of his skills.

A man held onto a sharp spear as he casted a glance at Xu Que and spoke out, "Not easy huh? He’s a mere Golden Core Stage kid, why can’t the both of you handle him?"

To his side, a man and woman charged towards Xu Que on their flying swords as they laughed playfully.

"A mere level 1 Golden Core Stage cultivator dares to wander so deep into the Withered Bones Forest. You really don't cherish life, do you?"

The pair of male archers and Xu Que exchanged several blows, their faces were grave as they spoke out in fear, "Don’t underestimate him. He just exhibited several extremely complex and strange spells. Luckily, we managed to dodge his blows just by the skin of our teeth. If not, we would’ve been gravely hurt."

"Oh?" The three of them listened to his words and casted their gaze at Xu Que.

Xu Que looked at them plainly as he shook his head without speaking.

The 5 of them were all Golden Core Stage cultivators. The pair of archers were in the 5th level of the Golden Core Stage. The man and woman with the sword were level 6 and the man with the sharp spear was level 8.

With such a formidable lineup, they would’ve been a powerful and intimidating group of cultivators to cross.

However, Xu Que saw only them as 5 weak chickens.

He lifted his buster sword and placed it atop his shoulders and spoke out, "I was the one who knocked out the three eyed poisonous frog. The rest of you came here without saying anything and wanted to take advantage of me. How can I let this go? Aside from you trying to kill me as well?"

The 5 of them listened to him speak and paused for a second before bursting out into intense laughter.

"You knocked it out? Hahaha! That’s hilarious."

"Kid, do you know what cultivation level that three eyed poison frog is in? We chased it for 7 days and 7 nights without daring to make a move on it. Today, it probably ate something wrong and fainted as a result and you dare to say it was you who knocked it out? You were clearly just boasting to the wrong people."

"Besides, so what if we killed you? This is Withered Bones Forest. Even if you came from a big and powerful origins, you are nothing but a chicken waiting to be slaughtered here."

Xu Que laughed out, "According to your words, does that mean I can kill you too? Fine, let’s discuss. Do you wish to battle me alone or together? I suggest all of you attack together so that we don’t waste too much of my time. Besides, my time is very precious."

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 20 acting tough points!"|

The system rang out in his head to announce his success and reward.

The group of 5 paused again in shock at his big words. Their mouths were wide open like fools before they burst out in laughter again.

"Haha! I didn’t hear wrongly did I? Did this kid asked us to attack him all together?"

"Heheh… Kid, please don’t assume that just because you’ve learnt some mystical spells, you are unrivalled in this world."

"Take a good look around. You are just level 1 of the Golden Core Stage. All of us can kill you effortlessly alone."

"People who think too highly of themselves will always meet their dooms sooner rather than later. Clearly, your time to die isn’t very far away!"

As he finished speaking, the few of them had mocking looks on their faces as it turned to cold laughter as they began their assault.

Xu Que’s eyes squinted as he laughed coldly as well, "Don’t worry. For someone as modest as myself, my death date is still very far away. However, for the rest of you, you already have one feet into the realms of the dead."

"Haha! What a sharp tongue you have. What an ignorant fool!"

The man wielding the spear gave a laugh. He already assumed that Xu Que was just a big blabbering fool and waved his hands in annoyance. "Don’t speak to him anymore. Hurry and kill him off. Then when we return to the cave, we can use his body as a bait."


The man and woman duo acknowledged before casting their spells. Their flying swords flew up into the sky and circled around their heads before conjuring a flaming ring which hovered just above them.

They both pointed to Xu Que in unison as the burning ring flew towards Xu Que.

The pair of archers took several steps back in order to gain some distance. They summoned their core energy to their hands and started firing arrows at Xu Que in a fluid motion.

"Ai, don’t be so impatient. Can’t you allow me some more time to act tough before we start fighting?" Xu Que bemoaned regretfully before he executed his Soaring Dragon’s Nine Transformation and Lightning Haste as he flew high up into the sky.

With the additional strength boost of nine folds, he clutched onto his Dark Buster Sword, conjured the Flame Devouring Wave and then he charged straight down towards them.


In that instant, a formless wave of immense energy descended from the skies causing the ring of fire to disperse. The minute the immense wave of energy landed onto the ground, it spread across all directions, causing a huge shockwave, chasing down the man and woman duo.

Pu! Pu!

A pair of dull thuds rang out as the duo were thrown into the air from the impact and collided heavily with a tree, some distance away. Their bodies were thrown with such force that it left a deep imprint onto the tree.

"Senior brother!"

"Senior sister!"

The pair of archers screamed out in horror as they each released an arrow towards Xu Que and dashed towards the tree.

The man wielding the spear had an ashen look as he casts a glance towards Xu Que, his expression now one of fear and shock.

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully killing a Golden Core Stage cultivator. The reward is 50,000 experience points and a golden core!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully killing a Golden Core Stage cultivator. The reward is 50,000 experience points and a golden Core!"

Following the beeps which rang out in his head, Xu Que was sure that the duo of man and woman had died. He hurriedly activated the Lightning Haste skill and dodged the pair of arrows which whistled towards him. He then held onto his Dark Buster Sword and charged down the remaining members.

The pair of archers wanted to examine the wounds of their fallen partners. Even before they could reach, they were obstructed by Xu Que.

"Are you looking for death!?" The pair of them spoke out furiously through gritted teeth as they nocked another arrow.

However, their speeds couldn’t match up to Xu Que’s at all. As soon as their arrows touched their bows, even before they could release it, they saw the buster sword sweeping towards their heads.

The both of them froze in shock!

"Stop it!" The man wielding the spear shouted out.

"Stop your mother!" Xu Que laughed out loud as his buster sword landed down heavily, decapitating their heads.

Pu! Pu!

The pair of archers fell to the ground as their heads rolled off their bodies.

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully killing a Golden Core Stage cultivator. The reward is 50,000 experience points and a golden core!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully killing a Golden Core Stage cultivator. The reward is 50,000 experience points and a golden core!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for gaining a level. The current cultivation level is Golden Core Stage level 2!"

Killing these 4 Golden Core Stage cultivators along with the wild beasts he had been killing this last half a month caused Xu Que to gain another level!

"You’re dead meat. You dare to kill my Blood River Sect brothers. You’re finished. I shall remember you." The man wielding the spear stopped in his tracks and glared at Xu Que in rage.

At the same time, he tossed his spear and leapt down onto it as he transformed into a beam of light and soared towards the sky intending to escape.

"Blood River Sect huh? Fine, I shall remember that too! But don’t you think of escaping."

Xu Que gave a laugh as he used his Lightning Haste spell. With a blur of his shadow, he chased in hot pursuit. In the span of several breaths, he appeared right before him.

"Wh-What?" The man’s eyes gaped wide open in fear.