Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 35

Blood must be repaid in blood

These four words stirred the hearts of everyone present!

All the Celestial Sect disciples froze. They never imagined that Xu Que would give such a reply.

Blood must be repaid in blood. Did this mean that unless every member of Celestial Sect was dead, he wouldn’t rest?

But where did he get the courage to speak words like these?

In front of the Sect Leader, there were so many other Sect Elders and he was just a mere Core Bearing Stage cultivator. Where did he get such courage from?


Just as the disciples were deep in thought and fear, Xu Que had already began his silent assault.

His figure turned into a blur, a pair of lightning bolts interlocked with each other beneath his feet as he charged with astonishing speed towards the old woman!

Under the form of the Soaring Dragon’s Nine Transformation, Xu Que’s powers were way stronger than the Core Bearing Stage which he currently was in.

With his fists clenched, he recalled all the killing intent which radiated out and charged it within his body. Right at its peak, he allowed it to explode from his body!

The old woman seemed to snap back from her daze as cold sweat started to form across her forehead. Her expression changed as she fell back in eager retreat.

Xu Que’s power which emanated from his body used the complete strength of the entire 9 forms. His strength was 9 times more powerful than his usual strength and would definitely surpass and overcome an Original Infant Stage cultivator.

Additionally, the old woman had sustained internal injuries by destroying the protective screen created by the Four Directions Desolation. Her strength had been significantly reduced as well.

Time seemed to freeze as she realized she couldn’t outmatch Xu Que in terms of speed. She looked dazedly at Xu Que’s fists that resembled the head of a huge dragon, becoming closer and closer to her face.

Just before his fist could do any damage to her, half an inch away, a shadow appeared before the old woman, blocking Xu Que from her.


A loud shout echoed out, as a wave of crushing pressure descended down.

Xu Que couldn’t stop in time and crashed with the shadow. However, it felt like as though he fell onto a patch of grass and flowers, without sustaining any injuries to himself.

Soon after, he felt a large wave of energy crush down upon him. His chest quivered as his entire body was hoisted up into the air. With a dull "boom", he was flung onto the training grounds.


Xu Que was on bended knees as he spat out a mouthful of blood. He had been wounded!

The Infant Transformation Stage… Was too powerful!

At this point, even with the addition of many more spells, he was clearly of no match for the Sect Leader.

Xu Que’s heart fluttered as his eyes looked up and fixed themselves like a death stare upon the Sect Leader, Zhang Dan Shan who was standing in front of the old woman, protecting her.

If it weren't for the fact that Zhang Dan Shan protected her, Xu Que was absolutely sure that the old woman would’ve sustained severe injuries. He would’ve then activated the Bone Freezing Fires and burn her to death.

However, the Infant Transformation cultivator decided to intervene, ruining Xu Que’s plans.

The difference in strength between the Infant Transformation Stage and Xu Que’s present stage were 2 huge stages. After his current Core Bearing Stage, he would become a Golden Core Stage cultivator before becoming an Original Infant Stage cultivator. The difference was too huge and couldn’t be compensated by just having more spells.

"Friend Xu, you almost killed her. That would have to suffice!"

Zhang Dan Shan looked coldly at Xu Que and spoke in a low voice. Even in his tone, there was a threatening demeanor.

"Heheh… Once I kill this old woman, that would suffice for me!" Xu Que clutched his chest and laughed out loud. At the same time, he conjured the system wordlessly to begin recovery and the healing process. Instantly, his wounds seemed to get less serious as he felt better with each second.

Zhang Da Shan’s face fell as he spoke out, "Are you sure you wish to make an enemy out of me over the deaths of those mere villagers? Even if your master were to show up here today, I wouldn't allow you to do something that would hurt both sides like that!"

"The deaths of mere villagers? Haha!" Xu Que’s face revealed a laughter of mockery as he palmed the ground and gradually got up.

"So what if they were normal people? Based on the way I see it, killing an entire village of defenseless and helpless villagers is the lowest a person can go. And this old woman can’t even compare to beasts!"

"So what if both sides would take damage? It’s something that I would be willing to do even if death would come to me!"


His voice echoed throughout the entire training grounds like a ray of light.

All the disciples remained standing in a daze, watching him. Xu Que’s words echoed continuously in their minds.

Tang Xue Rou was stunned as well, her mouth was mumbling under her breath as she repeated Xu Que’s words to herself.

So what if they were normal people? So what if both sides would take damage?

Under such a situation, he was still able to speak such hot blooded, compassionate words. Does that show that he was sentimental and kind or that he was foolish?


Tang Xue Rou shook her head. She was very sure that Sect Leader would defend her master to the very end. If Xu Que insisted on having his way, he would ultimately be the one who would suffer.

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 20 act tough points!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 40 act tough points!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 60 act tough points!"

The system rang out repeatedly in Xu Que’s head.

Xu Que wasn’t the least bothered by it.

At this point, Zhang Dan Shan shouted out angrily, "Idiot!"

However, he didn’t make any move to attack Xu Que. Remaining rooted where he stood in front of the old woman, he continued speaking.

"On account of your master, I shall not attack you. However, I have to warn you as well. From this moment on, you must not kill Elder Sun or any disciple from Celestial Sect! My Celestial Sect is not a place for you to misbehave."

"Is that so?" Xu Que’s lips curled into a sinister grin. "Then let me tell you as well. If I wish to kill someone, nobody would be able to save him."

The minute he completed his sentence, he summoned the core energy from within his body. His fair and white pair of hands started extending slowly out from beneath his robes.

Zhang Dan Shan paused, his face was full of suspicion and unsure of what Xu Que was trying to do.

All the Celestial Sect disciples and their sect elders were equally baffled at his actions.

What was he trying to do?

At the next moment, Xu Que turned his palms up towards the heaven as his boundless core energy was visible atop his palms. He then moved his hands until they were in front of his chest.

His movements were slow and steady. All of a sudden, a green flame of mystical fire appeared on his right palm and soared into the heavens, licking the clouds.


The dazzling and burning fire warmed the entire around around him, causing the training grounds to feel the intense heat.

The flame was burning bright green as it emanated a fierce glow and immeasurable powers. The way the green flames licked the surrounding air and swirled about on his right palm looked extremely illusory.


The Sect Elders around all took in a deep breath of fresh air.

What spell was this? How could he conjure such astonishing and strange fire such as this?

None of them present had ever seen anything like this!

Zhang Dan Shan’s face started to turn severe as his brows creased.

Even someone as powerful figure as himself had never seen such a strange fire. It was green and burned deep with a strong and steadfast demeanor. It was extremely intimidating as it emanated a burning aura, heating up the entire area rapidly. Whatever he saw was more powerful than anything he had ever witnessed!

In the next moment, Xu Que’s palms raised above his shoulders, facing the sky. A white flame then appeared atop his left palm. It was extremely subtle and looked more like smoke than flames. However, a strange frosty coldness radiated from that white flame, engulfing everyone around in a certain chilliness.

The disciples were all of varying cultivation levels and couldn’t help but shiver from the cold. They hunched their necks as their faces were full of fear!

Zhang Dan Shan and all the Elders around were immediately taken aback by the sight of his powers.

As people of the Fire Country, they were more familiar with fire powers more than anyone else. However, they’ve never seen anything like this. A flame which was as cold as winter? Such coldness was even colder than the Millenium Winter Spell.

Zhang Dan Shan trembled as he glared at Xu Que. He then thought to himself, "Where did this kid acquire all these strange and ancients spells from?"

Even for someone like senior Duan, he couldn’t possibly have access to such special spells right?

For a split second, Zhang Dan Shan looked greedily in envy of the white flames resting on Xu Que’s palm, almost as if he wanted to steal it away from him.

At this point, Xu Que had already immersed himself completely within the spell, not caring about anything else apart from himself. A wild and crazy yet subtle smile was etched across his pale face.

Buddha’s Fiery Lotus!

This was the spell used in the novel Fight Breaks Spheres by the main character Xiao Yan. Being able to use it required the complete control of 2 different forms of fire.

However, Xu Que had already trained the spell Buddha’s Fiery Lotus up to 30%, and was enough to fuse the 3 different fires. At this point, he only had 2 different types and combining them together wasn’t difficult for him.

As his palms were drawing close to each other, attempting to fuse the different fires on each hand, the flames on his palms started dancing in frenzy. The Molten Green Lotus fire which costs 300 acting tough points and the Bone Freezing Fire which costs 1,300 acting tough points were churning and surging violently. The intense heat and fierce coldness clashed against each other at the training ground.

"Kid, what are you trying to do?" Zhang Dan Shan’s eyes squinted. Although he had several hundred years of cultivation experience, there was something extremely unsettling about what he saw.

The old woman who was standing behind him and the rest of the Elders and disciples took several steps back in apprehension.

At the next moment, Xu Que’s eyes opened wide as he whispered, "Fuse."


Each palm carried a different type of fire as he forced them together, ending with a clap. The minute his palms touched each other, a loud roar like that of thunder could be heard, shaking the ground beneath their feet.

"Not good!"

"Stop it! Are you crazy?!"

"The fires are of different elements. How could you fuse them? That would be akin to combining ice and fire."

"If you don’t stop now, even you would die here!"

The several Elders were screaming out, their faces were full of fear.

They stood by the side, watching as Xu Que’s expression took a complete change. It was exactly the same as watching a crazy person. A completely crazy person who had gone berserk!

Zhang Dan Shan’s pupils dilated as he raised a large palm up before him. Instantly, a screen of light formed between himself and Xu Que. It almost seemed as though he had expanded more than half of his entire core pool to create this barrier to protect himself and his sect members.

At the same time, he was still shouting out in rage, "Xu Qu! I’m ordering you to stop. There’s no need to go to this extent and kill everyone present!"

Clearly, Xu Que didn’t stop at all. In fact, there was no way he could’ve stopped even if he wanted to.

He was clear to anyone else when it came to the strength and might of the Fiery Lotus.

Today, Sun Jue Li, the old hag would die for sure!


The pair of fires swirled around his entire hands, green and white had fused together. It was an extremely queer and eerie sight to behold. The pair of powerful elements were repeatedly gelling against each other and looked as if it could blow his hands apart any moment.

Xu Que’s fingers were moving much faster like he was kneading or plucking leaves from a tree. The fires were getting increasingly stronger and moved faster along with Xu Que’s frenzied fingers.

Within the space of several breaths, under all their watchful eyes, that fire started to transform into a greenish white lotus which was the size of his palms.

It looked like a lotus which had just bloomed in spring as it rotated quietly around Xu Que’s palms and looked extraordinary.

"Buddha’s Fiery Lotus, explode!"

"Old woman, it’s time to die to atone for the deaths of the villagers!"

Xu Que shouted out manically as he flung his hands, causing the greenish white fiery lotus to pelt away from his hands. It floated in the air strangely before being catapulted towards Zhang Dan Shan and Sun Jue Li who stood behind him.

"Stop it!" Zhang Dan Shan looked extremely fearful as he shouted out.

"No!!!" Sun Jue Li was horrified as the hairs on every inch of her body were raised. She let out a huge shriek!

Soon after, the peaceful looking fiery lotus exploded right in front of Zhang Dan Shan and the old hag.