Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 34

"Sect Elders, Sect Leader, not good. That Xu Que is killing his way up here!"

"He’s gone mad. He brought an entire mound of dead bodies and even killed our elite senior brothers!" Outside the meeting hall, several Celestial Sect disciples clambered their way in, as they knelt before the closed door and shouted out in fear.

With a loud thud, the door to the hall opened up. A few Elders walked out with a surprised expression etched over their faces.

"What are you speaking of? That Xu Que dared to kill our sect’s disciples?"

They were all dumbfounded by this shocking revelation!

The elite disciples were all at least of Golden Core cultivation stages, and everyone of them had underwent training away from the sect domains and had a wealth of experience. How could they all be killed by just a mere Core Bearing Stage cultivator?

"That little bastard is sick of living! Sect Leader, I shall bring his head on a platter for you." The old woman was so outraged that it wouldn’t be surprising if smoke bellowed from her nostrils and mouth. She gritted her teeth in anger and clutched her flying sword, ready to depart.

Zhang Dan Shan’s face fell, "Elder Sun, please hold it. You must not kill this person!"

"What?" The old woman widened her eyes in surprise, "Sect Leader, that little bastard even dared to kill our disciples under our noses. How can we let him off so easily? If word gets out, how can we still hold our own in Fire Country?"

Zhang Dan Shan was getting angrier by the minute, as he let out a loud shout, "Shut up! If you didn’t take matters into your own hands, would this matter be blown out of proportion to this extent?"

"Sect Leader, you…" The old woman paused in shock.

The few other Elders present were stumped as well. Elder Sun was one of the Elders who helped with the establishment of the Sect from the earlier days!

Besides, the Sect Leader had always regarded her very highly all these while, and gave her frequent privileges above everyone else. Yet he lost his temper at her just because of this Xu Que!

"Don’t forget that this person’s master is Duan Jiu De! I’ve already mentioned that we cannot afford to offend him. Xu Que has an amulet on him. Once he’s in danger, he would break the seal on the amulet and Duan Jiu De would come immediately to his aid. Let’s not even speak of Celestial Sect, the entire nation would be finished." Zhang Dan Shan spoke in fear.

The Elders around him listened to his words and inhaled a breath of cold air.

The entire nation would be finished?

My god. Was that Duan Jiu De some sort of a deity?

No wonder that even the Sect Leader was so fearful of him. Looks like he really cannot be messed around with!

"Ai, what should we do now then?"

"We cannot allow him to kill everyone in Celestial Sect to vent his frustration, right?"

The Sect Elders voiced out in worry.

The old woman’s expression softened after being shaken by Zhang Dan Shan’s words. She finally understood that Duan Jiu De really couldn’t be offended at any costs.

After several moments of consideration, the old woman gritted her teeth and decided to compromise. "Leader, this matter is my fault and I shall bear full responsibility. I shall go and account to him now."

"How do you think you’re going to handle it?" Zhang Dan Shan asked.

The old woman shut her eyes and inhaled deeply. She then withdrew a vial of pills from her storage ring and replied, "This is my last bottle of Vitality Pills. I shall give it to him to atone for my actions!"

Zhang Dan Shan’s face softened as well as he nodded his head gently. "Although the Vitality Pills are precious, it might not be enough to soothe his rage. Take some other weapons along with the pills."

"Yes…" The old woman replied through gritted teeth.

It was very obvious how unhappy she was at the prospect of having to do something as shameful as this!

The few people behind were stumped by this. Retrieving their flying swords, they made haste and headed towards the training grounds.

Before long, they finally arrived.

The sight that greeted them caused all the Original Infant Stage Sect Elders and the Infant Transformation Stage Sect Leader to take a step back in shock!

Xu Que was standing in the middle of the training grounds. To his right were the hundreds of gory and severely wrecked dead bodies belonging to the disciples of Fallen Spirits Sect. To his right were another mound of dead bodies. This time, belonging to the elite disciples of Celestial Sect. The entire training ground was dyed red from the amount of blood that had bled out!

However, the reason they were so stunned was the evident sight of the black robed dead body lying in the middle.

"The Sect Leader of Fallen Spirits Sect is dead? These… These people were killed by you?" An Elder looked towards Xu Que and asked.

"You finally dared to show yourselves? Hehe... Wait ‘till I get my hands on that old haggard woman. Then you shall know if I was the one who killed all these people." Xu Que laughed coldly upon seeing their emergence. His gaze fell upon the old woman as killing intent emanated from his pupils.

The old woman felt an intense chill ran down her spine as her heart trembled in fear.

The Elders present were all astonished by the sight.

That old man in black robes was an Original Infant Stage cultivator after all!

And he actually died at the hands of this kid?

How… How was that possible?

At the same time, the disciples which had fled earlier noticed that even the Elders and the Leader had appeared. They momentarily returned and gained some courage.

Their faces were full of anger as they glared at Xu Que in anger.

Then, someone roared out, "Sect Leader, his moves are too vicious! My senior brothers merely exchanged words with him and he killed them all for it!"

"That’s right Sect Leader. You have to avenge our fallen brothers!"

"Give this evil person a thousand cuts to his body!"

Seeing that everyone had turned against him, Xu Que smiled confidently, "Please don’t be too anxious. I shall send all of you on your way to meet your fallen brothers!"

Everyone present was enraged by his words and shouted out fiercely, "You killed hundreds of people without batting an eyelid. My fallen brothers shall return as vengeful spirits and will never let you off!"

"Today, our Celestial Sect will give you a hundred thousand cuts without ending your life!"

"You shall be in misery begging for your death but it shall not come!"


The harsh scoldings from the training ground rose up to the skies.

Tang Xue Rou stood in the middle of the crowd, her face was full of fury as well. She raised a finger and pointed at Xu Que and shouted out harshly, "Yesterday, I saw you weeping for that girl and I thought you were a good person who valued relationships and feelings. I didn’t expect you to be such an asshole who can’t differentiate wrong from right. I even explained to you yesterday that we were merely just passing and weren’t accomplices with Fallen Spirits Sect. Why have you come here to slaughter innocent lives?"

She was not alone for all the Celestial Sect disciples didn’t know the truth. They thought that Xu Que was just killing for the sake of killing!

Xu Que shook his head and laughed coldly, his eyes were fixed upon Tang Xue Rou, "Have you heard of the phrase, ‘big breasted but brainless’? Well that describes you very well!"

"You…" Tang Xue Rou’s face turned red as she shook in anger.

"You, what you? Don’t you know who instigated the Fallen Spirits Sect to attack the village? That’s right, it was your master. The old hag without a conscience!" Xu Que shouted back.

The minute his words were spoken, everyone turned around simultaneously. It was pin drop silence. Everything was still!

All their glances were casted upon the old woman.

The old woman gritted her teeth and clenched her fists. She glared back at Xu Que, killing intent permeated in the air and radiated out from her pupils as well.

Her silence on this matter allowed all the disciples of Celestial Sect to understand a simple fact.

Their Elder Sun had actually collaborated with an evil sect such as Fallen Spirits Sect to kill the innocent villagers.

Tang Xue Rou was astounded in this revelation and her mind went blank. She looked at her own master in utter disbelief, not daring to believe those words.

"My friend, Xu!"

At this point, a plain voice rang out, breaking the silence.

Zhang Dan Shan looked calmly at Xu Que and spoke, "Please take a moment to calm down. This matter, we shall be accountable to you."

As soon as he finished her sentence, he turned his gaze to look at the old woman.

The old woman’s face turned ashen as she retrieved the vial of pill from her robes.

She then spoke out unwillingly, "This matter was started and caused by me. I shall give up this vial of Vitality Pills in order to compensate for the lives of the insects. I mean, villagers! You can also go to the treasure vaults belonging to my sect and pick out any weapons or treasure you fancy!"

As she spoke, she pointed at the vial which floated towards Xu Que and dropped gently before him.

Xu Que caught the bottle before it dropped. Without looking at the contents, he smashed it onto the ground in anger.

With a loud crash, the glass vial broke into a thousand tiny pieces. Several precious pills which incur the envy of many Original Infant Stage cultivators fell to the ground and dissolved under the thick blood on the floor.

Xu Que then laughed out loud, "What rubbish pills are these? You think a vial of rubbish pills can erase the innocent blood on your hands? Wishful thinking! Let me tell you. Even if you decide to give me the entire Celestial Sect as payment, it wouldn’t even be enough!"

"Outrageous!" The old woman burst out in anger, her eyes were fixated at the pills on the ground which were dissolving gradually. Her heart was almost bleeding from the loss of such a valuable item!

Zhang Dan Shan trembled subtly as he creased his brows and looked at Xu Que, "What exactly do you want?

"What do I want? Hahahahahaha!!!" Xu Que burst out in uncontrollable laughter.

That course and evil laughter was mechanic like a clock and echoed throughout the entire sect domain.

In the next instant, his laughter ceased. His eyes were bloodshot as he glared at the old woman. He then spoke word by word, accentuating his feelings. "I want the life of this old hag! BLOOD. CALLS. FOR. BLOOD.