Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 33

Many disciples were present at the training grounds of Celestial Sect as they conducted their usual morning training sessions. They were abruptly startled by a sudden onset of great, crushing pressure and someone shouting outside.

How could this person be so daring?

Is he crazy? He actually dared to speak so rudely to Elder Sun and Sect Leader Zhang? And even dared to ask them to come out of their shells?

All the disciples craned their necks to look up at the perpetrator and were stumped by the sight.

High up in the clouds, a youth was riding atop a bolt of lightning. He was clutching onto a several long pieces of cloth. The cloth were tied to countless of headless bodies. Blood dripped all around showing a gory sight.

What… What’s happening?

Everyone were stunned by whatever they saw. Several of them had never witnessed someone dying before and they bent over to vomit violently.

Some female disciples were screaming out in fear.

Only the more bold and daring disciples looked up at the chain of corpses and shouted out, "Look at the robes worn by those dead bodies. They’re all… Disciples of Fallen Spirits Sect!"

"Ai, that’s true. They’re all from Fallen Spirits Sect."

"Wait a minute. Look at the black robed person… How… How’s that possible?"

"It’s actually the Sect Leader of Fallen Spirits Sect!"

In that instant, the entire training grounds were rifled up.

The Fallen Spirits Sect Leader had actually been killed and so many disciples were hanging from the piece of cloth. Could it be that he… Exterminated the entire sect?

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 20 act tough points!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 20 act tough points!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 50 act tough points!"


Xu Que could hear the system going off in his head. He then looked down in the direction of the Celestial Sect stronghold.


Several beams of light could be seen appearing in the sky above Celestial Sect.

It was the elite disciples who had flew out from within Celestial Sect on their flying swords. The minute they caught a glimpse of Xu Que, their faces were full of dread!

Tang Xue Rou was among the disciples. When she looked at Xu Que, she noticed that he was tugging along countless of dead bodies. Her eyes widened as her lips trembled. She couldn’t even speak a single word.

How… How could this be?

He actually… Killed the Sect Leader of Fallen Spirits Sect?

Xu Que floated down expressionlessly. As he stood atop a red tiled roof, he released the strings of fabric, causing the corpses to fall heavily down onto the training grounds!


Instantly, fresh blood burst out of the body and seeped into the ground.

Most of the Celestial Sect disciples had never witnessed such a gruesome and gory seen before. Their faces turned pale as they retreated several steps back hastily.

Xu Que casted an icy glance across his surroundings and shouted out, "I shall repeat myself. Sun Jue Li, Zhang Dan Shan, come out of your tortoise shells now cowards! If not, I shall flatten the entire Celestial Sect too!"

"Outrageous! How dare your little mouth speak the names of my Sect Leader and Elders with such impunity?"

At this point, the elite disciples who had just came out from within the sect stronghold shouted out in fury.

Tang Xue Rou then realized what had happened and ran forward, "What have you done? The minute I returned, I informed the matter to my master and the higher ups. Today, my Sect Leader was supposed to handle the matter. You..."

At this point, Tang Xue Rou realized that her words didn’t matter anymore. She then continued, "Since you’ve already killed the Sect Leader of Fallen Spirits Sect, why have you come today to kick up a fuss? Yesterday, we happened to pass by. When we saw Fallen Spirits Sect ravaging the village, we decided to lend a helping hand. We didn’t assist them or participate in the slaughter at all."

Xu Que looked around coldly as he was lazy to explain himself. He stood atop the roof quietly.

After several breaths, the entire stronghold was still and quiet.

Xu Que then allowed himself to smile, "Fine. Since you won’t come out, then…. Your disciples would have to take the blame for you and suffer the consequences on your behalf!"

The minute his words landed, he stepped atop the bolt of lightning and transformed into the Soaring Dragon’s Nine Transformation and charged towards the group of elite disciples who had shouted out in disapproval at him.


Earlier in the day, before Xu Que had arrived, Zhang Dan Shan and the rest of them already knew what had happened the night before.

The few of them gathered within the meeting hall of Celestial Sect. Zhang Dan Shan, Sun Jue Li and the rest of the Sect Elders were present within the hall. The atmosphere was tense.

Zhang Dan Shan furrowed his brows and looked at the old woman for a long time before sighing in anger. "Elder Sun, you… How could you have done something like that? You do know that I just promised him yesterday that I would protect the entire Pan Shan Village. And you had the cheek to... Sigh!"

The old woman had a murderous expression on her face as she replied coldly, "Those are just the mere lives of ants. So what if I’ve killed them? Would that little bastard really come seeking revenge just for something so minor? I’ve followed you for more than 10 years and I’ve helped by contributing hugely to the sect and to yourself. How can those insects who’ve died compare to what I’ve done for you?"

"Ai, Elder Sun, that's not what I meant. But you probably didn’t know that Pan Shan Village was very special to Xu Que. If he finds out about what transpired and comes to Celestial Sect, how should I account to him?" Zhang Dan Shan shook his head.

The old woman then laughed out, "Maybe you don’t have to account to him anymore. Yesterday my disciple Tang Xue Ruo happened to pass by Pan Shan Village. When he saw the bloodbath that happened, he decided to go alone to Fallen Spirits Sect to take revenge. There can be two outcomes that may happen. If he dies at Fallen Spirits Sect, my plan would’ve worked in getting rid of him. Besides, should Duan Jiu De come for revenge, he would only look for Fallen Spirits Sect to have his revenge."

Zhang Dan Shan waved his hands, "Forget it, forget it! With his status and abilities, Fallen Spirits Sect will not be able to kill him so easily. How about this, send some men to Fallen Spirits Sect and demand for their Sect Leader to come out. After a few days, I shall execute him in public myself. This should be enough for Xu Que to see that justice has been served."

"Why? Sect Leader, you want to kill him yourself? Why not allow an elite disciple to do this? Why do you care so much about what this kid thinks?"

Zhang Dan Shan revealed an expression of bitterness and difficulty. He shook his head and replied, "You don’t know the might of Duan Jiu De. If any of you here have met him before, you probably won’t have such a defiant and stubborn attitude."

The minute he finished speaking, a loud shout rang out from outside of Celestial Sect. It was Xu Que shouting!

"Sun Jue Li, Zhang Da Shan. Come out of your hiding shells right now!"

In that instant, the faces of everyone within the hall turned ashen!

"Shit! He’s come for us. Look at the way he’s speaking. I’m afraid he already knows the truth!" An elder spoke out, frowning.

Zhang Dan Shan furrowed his brows as well.

The old woman however had a look of extreme anger. She slammed the table with her palms and stood up, "Screw him! How dare he speak our names with such disrespect! And that idiot Sect Leader of Fallen Spirits Sect. He’s asking for death as well. Not only did he release that little bastard, he even told him the truth!"

At this point, another shout could be heard from Xu Que.

"I shall repeat myself. Sun Jue Li, Zhang Dan Shan, come out of your tortoise shells now cowards. If not, I shall flatten the entire Celestial Sect too!"

The minute these words were spoken, even the mid tempered Sect Leader was enraged!

Flatten the entire Celestial Sect? Does this kid even respect me?

The old woman and the rest of the elders were infuriated!

The Celestial Sect had been established for hundreds of years. This was the first time that anyone dared to speak such words to them!

"This person doesn’t respect anyone and is too arrogant. Sect Leader, ignore him first. The elite disciples of our sect would know how to handle him. The last time he managed to kill some of our sect elders is because of the protective spells. Since he’s come today and misbehaved, does he really think nobody can kill him?" The old woman spoke out coldly.

Zhang Dan Shan fell into a moment of silence as he looked down and nodded his head, "He really deserves to be punished."

Outside, Xu Que had begun his massacre.

At this point, he was already a Core Bearing Stage cultivator, level 7. With the speed of the Lightning Haste on his heels, and the final form of the Soaring Dragon’s Nine Transformations, these mere Golden Core Stage cultivators were no match for him at all!

Within several breaths, Xu Que moved around the battlefields quickly and decisively ended the lives of anyone who stood in his way. He showed no mercy.

The rest of the disciples watched on in fear, their eyes were wide open in surprise. They had just witnessed Xu Que punching right through the bodies of the elite disciples. He even plunged his hands into their dantian to plunder their golden cores, causing them to die on the spot.

The disciples who were surrounding Xu Que were astonished by his prowess and were stumped!

Many of them still couldn’t fathom whatever was happening.

Did that just happen? That Xu Que killed an elite disciple with a single punch?

How… How is that possible?

He was only a cultivator in the Core Bearing Stage. He couldn’t even fly on a flying sword. With his pair of bare knuckles, he completely obliterated these extremely powerful elite disciples!

Am I dreaming right now?

"There isn’t enough cloth to tie all of your dead bodies! Since that’s the case, how about I use your bones to form an entire pagoda as a tribute to my Xiao Rou and all the dead villagers!" Xu Que started laughing out coldly. He then collected the lifeless bodies of the elite disciples and piled them up in a heap of dead flesh.

Intense anger was written all over his face and eyes as he glared at the remaining Celestial Sect disciples who were standing there frozen in fear.

A group of disciples jumped up in fear as his gaze swept across them, causing them to tremble in fear. They regained their senses as their faces turned pale.

Then, they realized that things weren’t looking favorable to them. Someone was actually killing Celestial Sect disciples and the people he first killed were actually the cream of the crop, the elite disciples!

"Quick, run!"

"Inform the Sect Elders and Leader. Hurry!"

All of a sudden, the entire place was thrown into chaos as many disciples rushed back into the sect stronghold.