Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 32

"You crazy thing. Do you really think that I don’t dare to kill you?"

The black robed cultivator was clearly furious as well and found it impossible to contain his anger. He drew a long shiny sword.


The sharp longsword gave out a loud cry as it scratched against the surface of its scabbard. It swayed in the air for some time, reflecting light across the entire pitch black area.

Within seconds, the entire sword burst into black flames, covering the surface of the sword.

The intensity and heat of the fire radiated throughout the entire sect’s stronghold.

Xu Que instantly knew that his life was in danger. He frowned before hastily stepping atop his lightning and leaving the fiery location.

Shiu! Shiu! Shiu!

As soon as his body moved away, the spot which he stood at several seconds ago was blown apart by several bright rays of light. The force of the light rays were so immense that a huge crater was formed.

The strength and powers displayed by this black robed cultivator caused Xu Que to tremble in fear.

He was indeed an Original Infant Staged cultivator, for his might was colossal.

"Ignorant kid. I had originally planned to spare you and show you mercy on account of your master’s great name. Who would’ve expected you to take advantage of my mercy and forced me to draw my strength from my core. Now, it’s too late for regrets!" The black robed cultivator cleared his throat and spoke before waving a large fist. Instantly, he conjured numerous swords which were covered in black flames too as they soared threateningly towards Xu Que.

"Hehe, why should I regret? Do you really think that just because I’m a mere Core Bearing Stage, I won’t be able to overcome you?"

Xu Que laughed out coldly as he forced his palms together. His ten fingers were all touching each other as a shadow emerged from his hands and conjured the ancient spell!

It was the secret character "Troops!"

This special secret character came from the novel , and was one of the nine secret ancient characters. Once this character was possessed and mustered, it would enable excellent and perfect control over an army or any weapons. What was special about this character was that it enabled the user to steal and gain control of an enemy’s weapons and troops. Therefore, he was able to cause the weapons to turn on its owner.

Although this particular spell only had a 10% completed mastery, it was a sky-ranked spell afterall and was specially created by the Imperial God. It’s strength was immense and would be the nightmare of many cultivators to come.


At the exact same time, the black robed cultivator’s swords filled up the entire sky like meteor showers and threatened to rain down upon Xu Que like a sky full of a thousand arrows.

However, just as the blazing swords were about to rain down upon Xu Que, he finally completed conjuring his spell. It was as if time was called to a halt. All those thousands of black flamed swords seemed to have been blocked by an invisible transparent wall for they froze in mid air unmoving.

"What the?" The black robed cultivator trembled in fear. He knew that this spelt trouble for him.

He then realized that he had lost all control of the spell which enabled him to conjure so many flaming swords. No matter how he tried to recall the swords, they wouldn’t listen and remained unmoving just in front of Xu Que!

"Old baldy, go to hell!"

Xu Que gritted his teeth as he realized it was getting more difficult to upkeep the ancient spell. His hands were still waving in a ritualistic manner, attempting to keep control of the stolen fiery swords.

In the next moment, the boundless amounts of core energy within his body were all almost drained out. Even though he had 5 spiritual roots and had 5 cores, it was hard to sustain the amount of energy being used up by this special character-Troops.

However, it seemed like Xu Que had succeeded!

He managed to temporarily wrestle control over the old black robed cultivator’s skills and even managed to use it against him.

The tens of thousands of black fiery swords turned in unison and pointed at the black robed cultivator.

With a wave of his hands, the swords darted in the air once more as they soared towards the black robed cultivator this time.

"How… How could this be?"

The old cultivator opened his eyes wide, unable to believe the scene that was unfolding before him.

At this point, he had nowhere to run and he has nothing to defend himself with!

He managed to conjure this spell by burning away at his core energy. Right now, he couldn’t stop such a powerful spell. Unless…

"No, stop it! Obliterating the village wasn’t the plan of Fallen Spirits Sect. Someone instructed us to do it." The old black robed cultivator shouted out in panic.

Xu Que heard these words and hurriedly raised his hands up, causing all the black flaming swords to pause in mid air once more. He then looked coldly at the old cultivator, "What did you say?"

The black robed old man heaved a sigh of relief. He knew that his gamble had paid off. Only this young man could control the spell at this point.

"I have no feud against you, why would I send men to Pan Shan Village to kill them? This matter was commanded by me to execute by Elder Sun of Celestial Sect. It was her who personally broke through your protective screen by using the Spell Breaking Cartridge. She then commanded me to kill the villagers and rewarded me with a vial of Vitality Pill!" The old black robed cultivator shouted out in fear.

Xu Que’s eyes gaped wide open as he replied, "Celestial Sect, Elder Sun?"

That old woman Sun Jue Li? Why? Why would she do that?

Her Sect Leader Zhang Dan Shan just promised me that he would ensure the safety of Pan Shan Village.

But at last, it was Celestial Sect who was behind this attack!

The more Xu Que thought about this, the angrier he became. Killing intent radiated across all directions!

"That’s right. It was her who planned this. I’ve reached an obstruction in my cultivation and failed to ascend further. As a result of the failure, my soul and mental faculties were hurt. Hence, I required the Vitality Pill in order to recover properly. She used the Vitality Pill to entice me into destroying Pan Shan Village. If you wish to exact revenge, don't’ do it on my Fallen Spirits Sect. You should go and find her!"

The old black robed cultivator shouted out as he felt a sense of relief. He had started to regain his connection with the flying swords at last.

However, Xu Que’s reply to him made him despair once again.

"My apologies. I take my words very seriously. Since I’ve already said that I would annihilate your entire sect, that’s what I will do."

The minute his words fell, Xu Que allowed his raised hands to fall, as tens of thousands of black flamed sword descended continued its trajectory across.

Pu! Pu! Pu!

Most of the black flamed swords pierced through the heart of the black robed cultivator, causing him to die almost instantly. All that was left was a severely wrecked body, which fell to the ground lifelessly.

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 10 acting tough points!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for killing an Original Infant Stage cultivator. The reward is 200,000 experience points and a storage ring."

"Ding! Congratulations to the host for successfully killing your first Original Infant Stage cultivator. The reward is a gift bag. Would you like to open it?"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for gaining a level. The current cultivation stage is Core Bearing Stage, level 7."


Following the numerous beeps going off in his head, Xu Que didn’t react like how he usually would in elation.

He shook his head as he carried Xiao Rou’s small frame and walked over slowly to the deceased black robe cultivator. He dragged the long piece of fabric along with him as he walked over. He then tied the fabric to the dead corpse of this Fallen Spirits Sect Leader.

His gaze then turned cold as he looked at the remaining disciples who were staring right back at him with intense fear and trepidation. With a stoic expression, he shouted across at them, "Next up! It’s your turn!"

His indifferent and cold voice sounded to them like it came from the very depths of hell, causing their scalps to go numb in fear.


Some of the remaining disciples couldn’t endure the fear in their hearts. They screamed out shrilly before fleeing towards the mountains.

Before long, Xu Que managed to use his Six Corporeal Forms with his buster sword and hacked them down. Like with the rest of the bodies, he draped the piece of fabric along the corpses.

This was definitely a night for death and vengeance!

Xu Que acted like the grim reaper, collecting the lives of all the Fallen Spirits Sect members.

All the way ‘till day broke, he didn’t allow a single person to escape.

The entire Fallen Spirits Sect had been annihilated by him. Several long string of fabrics were filled with hundreds of corpses. Most of them were headless as Xu Que dragged them across on the ground, causing an entire trail of blood.

"Up next, it’ll be your turn, Celestial Sect!"

Xu Que stood at the cliff of the mountain and looked in the direction of Celestial Sect with cold hatred in his eyes. Killing intent welled within him and radiated out.

Although he was furious, he wasn’t blinded by the need for revenge.

He was very clear that Celestial Sect was different from a small sect like the Fallen Spirits Sect.

Celestial Sect had several elders who were in the Original Infant Stage. There was also the Sect Leader, Zhang Dan Shan who was in the Infant Transformation Stage. With his current strength, there was absolutely no way that Xu Que could overpower him.

"Looks like I have to purchase even more powerful skills!"

Xu Que mumbled to himself before opening up the system interface. He then accessed the inventory.

He still remembered after killing the Sect Leader of Fallen Spirits Sect that he received a great deal of experience, a storage ring and a mysterious gift pack.

The storage ring was a personal item belonging to the Sect Leader. Xu Que looked at its contents briefly and noticed that apart from several spell manuals, there were vials of herbs and spirit stones.

Nothing much of worth could be found within. He then turned his attention to the mysterious large gift pack.

"Open the gift pack!"

Once he shouted out these words in his mind, the interface started to glow brightly with white light.

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for obtaining 2x Beginner’s Divine Escape Emblem!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for obtaining 1x Disguise Puppet!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for obtaining ‘Bone Freezing Fire’. Would you like to assimilate this?"


After the system had finished with its notifications, there were an additional three new items within the inventory.

As for the "Divine Escape Emblem", not much had to be said about it since Xu Que had even used it several times before.

As for the "Disguise Puppet", he had obtained one before but never had the chance to use it. Today, he managed to acquire another and Xu Que didn’t think too much about it.

The last item was the Bone Freezing Fire. Receiving this item made Xu Que feel like he just stepped on dog shit for some strange reason.

Bone Chilling Fire. That came from the novel and was a very popular spell.

This spell was ranked 11th in terms of strength and belonged to Yao Lao. Soon after, it was handed over to the main character of the novel, Xiao Yan.

The might of this fire was extremely renowned. It combined both extreme poles of heat and cold, resulting in astonishing effects. Additionally, the coexistence of extreme heat and cold could only be witnessed once every couple of hundreds of years under extremely precise conditions.

Xu Que even checked the price of this spell within the shops of the system. He then noticed that it costed 1,300 acting tough points. Extremely expensive!

"Keke… Looks like even the heavens are on my side. Celestial Sect, you’re doomed!"

Xu Que gave a cold laughter before absorbing the spell capabilities into his body.

In that instant, he could feel an intense heat within his dantian region. This heat was emitting white cold mist. It was so hot that it could literally melt anything in this world.

Xu Que happily told the system, "Purchase and number 19’s !"

"Ding! 50 acting tough points have been spent to purchase . Would you like to learn it?"

"Ding! 38 acting tough points have been spent to purchase Molten Green Lotus. Would you like to absorb it into your body?



Soon after, Xu Que had already mastered an additional sky level spell. Additionally, he had assimilated the Molten Green Lotus into his body as well and would coexist with the Bone Freezing Fire.

He then walked into the treasure room of the Fallen Spirits Sect and allowed the system to acquire their treasure. All of them were recycled into around 300 skill essences, which he spent all on Buddha’s Fiery Lotus and successfully increased the mastery by 30%!

This meant that he could use all three types of mystical fires at the same time!

At last, Xu Que lifted up Xiao Rou’s body as he dragged the fabric containing all the dead corpses and returned to Pan Shan Village.

He knew that once he headed to Celestial Sect for his revenge, even if he was successful, he would never be able to return to Pan Shan Village after.

Hence, he decided to return to the village, where he personally dug up dozens of trenches. He then placed every single fallen villager within each grave and included a stone to mark their graves as well.

As for Xiao Rou, he buried her right at the top of the mountain, where everything was quiet and beautiful.

Xu Que erected a stone which had inscriptions on it. ‘Xiao Rou, tomb for her mortal body! -Done by Xu Que!’

Since Xiao Rou hasn’t truly died, Xu Que was confident in reviving her. Hence, this grave can be considered a grave for the flesh belonging to her previous life!

Xiao Rou’s soul was being harboured within the Soul Pagoda and kept safe. When Xu Que used his own spirit to scry within the pagoda, he could recognize Xiao Rou’s soft and delicate features sleeping soundly and comfortably within the pagoda. The calmness about her sleeping surprised Xu Que to no end.

"Xiao Rou, trust me. It won’t be much longer before I revive you!"

"And now, it’s time to seek my revenge from the Celestial Sect!"

As he finished speaking, Xu Que conjured his Lightning Haste spell as he dragged the long fabric of dead corpses along with him as he disappeared like lightning towards Celestial Sect.


Before long, a bolt of lightning flashed across the sky just above the domains of Celestial Sect. Killing intent radiated all around.

"Sun Jue Li, Zhang Da Shan. Come out of your hiding shells right now!"

An ear piercing and ground shaking voice sounded as it perforated through the layers of clouds and reached Celestial Sect.