Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 199

Up until today, Xu Que had acted tough numerous of times.

He had long gotten used to the feeling of being stared at with awestruck glances and feeling extremely tough. At this point, he truly agreed with the wise words, "If one doesn’t act tough, how is he different from a mere calf?"

Hence, Xu Que often told himself that he wasn’t just acting tough. He was cultivating a good habit of acting tough, taking a positive attitude and outlook on his career.

However, there was only one issue. This dog of a system remained so discreet about the way it awarded act tough points. For some reason, the act tough points he’d been receiving had been increasing each time.

Although he was unsure of how the system calculated points, since the system refused to tell him, he guessed that it had something to do with his cultivation levels and the number of people around.

However, to the Act Tough King who could act tough whenever and wherever he wanted, Xu Que didn’t pay much attention to it. As long as he could act tough, act tough well, and receive act tough points, he was satisfied.

Soon, he would be able to act tough before the entire cultivation realm.

Everything around was silent as Xu Que casted his glance down at the Imperial Guard. He then exclaimed out, sounding extremely tough, "I wish to fight ten men!"

"Master… Master Ye, this is a one on one challenge."

The Imperial Guard was almost trembling in fear and was rendered speechless as he fell into a daze. When he finally regained his senses, he forced a laugh as he took out his amulet and activated it. At once,Ye Chang Feng who was sprawled on the ground and unable to move was transported out of the training grounds.

One of the three great sects from within the five nations, Jade Sword Sect, had its most renowned and skilled disciple Ye Chang Feng defeated in such a humiliating way.

He didn’t even manage to pass the first stage and was defeated so cruelly.

This was because he met the fabled cultivator who claimed to be a local, Ye Liang Chen.

This result was evidently not what everyone had expected. In fact, even the eunuch was taken aback by the surprising outcome of the battle.

As the eunuch of the Fire Nation, he knew and understood most of what was happening within the nation.

Choosing the Prince Consort of the Fire Nation wasn’t a random affair. In fact, it was thought out for a long time and everyone, including the eunuch had a good idea of which men would rise through all the challenges. Thus, he had narrowed down the candidates to a couple of likely winners.

For example, the leader of Bright Saints College, Zhao Wu!

Another example was the Legendary Swordsman of Jade Sword Sect, Ye Chang Feng!

These two men were the most likely candidates and had also earned the respect and favor of the Fire Emperor before this contest. In fact, Zhao Wu was supposed to be the favorite to win this.

It was a pity that Li Bai of the Heavenly Explosion Faction had defeated him several days ago. As a result, he was supposed to carry a sign and walk around the entire Imperial City in humiliation. His reputation had been tarnished and thus, he had lost the rights to become the Prince Consort.

Hence, the next option would be Ye Chang Feng. However, Ye Chang Feng didn’t even manage to pass the first round of the contest. Once again, he was defeated by a member of the Heavenly Explosion Faction.

This scared the eunuch half out of his wits. After seeing Ye Chang Feng being sent out of the training grounds, he turned around hurriedly and ran to the throne room.

This was a huge slap to the face!

In fact, it was a slap to the face of the Fire Emperor, his majesty!

Where did this Heavenly Explosion Faction came from?

The old eunuch was rather curious as to how he’d never heard of them before. Besides, it was such a talented and outstanding cool sect.

At this point, within the throne room, a middle aged man sat on his dragon throne, looking austere and majestic.

He was dressed in immaculate robes with fire dragons embroidered across the entire robe. His shoulders were broad and his chest was muscular. Every gesture of his was exemplary as a royalty of the highest standings. An aura of fearsomeness emanated from him as though he alone owned and controlled everything beneath the heavens. 
This was the Emperor of the Fire Nation, Ji Ming Wu.

Beside the Fire Emperor were two ladies. They were the Flaming Sun Princess and Zi Xuan.

Both of them had expressionless looks across their faces as though they were trying to hide their anxiousness and worry.

They’ve also found out about Li Bai from Heavenly Explosion Faction over these past few days and scrambled to find a drawing of Li Bai. When they eventually saw how he looked like, they were stumped.

The person which had been drawn wasn’t Li Bai. It was Hua Wu Que. No, more accurately, it was Xu Que.

Xu Que, the Prince Consort from six years ago.

When they first saw the drawing, their faces turned pale as they looked at each other and said at the same time, "He came."

Whoever was supposed to come will always come.

The old eunuch ran back to the throne room in a hurry as he fell to his knees before the Fire Emperor, his voice was quivering. "Report for your majesty. This old servant has just witnessed... Ye Chang Feng of the Jade Sword Sect had just been defeated."


It wasn’t just the Fire Emperor who was astounded. Even the Flaming Sun Princess and Zi Xuan were shocked as well.

They were very clear about Ye Chang Feng’s powers. His extraordinary cultivation powers had reached the stages of Original Infant Stage despite his young age. Additionally, he was also widely known for his skills with swords. He was the number one ranked disciple among a hundred others from Jade Sword Sect. How could he have failed?

"What was going on?" The Fire Emperor’s face fell as his pupils dilated as he asked.

The old eunuch spoke out in a trembling voice once again, "This old servant witnessed Ye Chang Feng being defeated by a rogue cultivator named Ye Liang Chen. In fact, he was subdued in just under two strokes."

"To defeat Ye Chang Feng in under two strokes? Who was this Ye Liang Chen?" The Fire Emperor was immensely surprised as he frowned and revealed a look of anger which terrified everyone around.

"Your majesty, Ye Liang Chen said that he was a local." The old eunuch replied.

"A local? How is it possible that I’ve never heard of such a talented swordsman in all of the capital city?" The Fire Emperor’s brows were still knotted as he asked.

The old eunuch hurriedly bowed as he replied, "That Ye Liang Chen even called himself a member of the Heavenly Explosion Faction. He wielded a Four Star sword and even demonstrated extremely masterful grasp of sword fighting techniques. According to what this old servant has heard, he’s unparalleled as long as core energy is not used."

"Heavenly Explosion Faction? Why was it another Heavenly Explosion member?"

When the Fire Emperor heard these three words, a look of wary suspicion could be seen across his face.

This wasn’t the first time he’s heard of this sect. Before Li Bai, he’s already received some news. Some time back, a mysterious cultivator caused quite a scene at the Sky Incense Valley and he called himself Hua Wu Que of the Heavenly Explosion Faction. With a mere Golden Core Stage, he managed to ascend to the eighth level of the Soul Tower. Soon after, he vanished without a trace.

Soon after, the Fire Emperor secretly dispatched some people to look for him to no avail.

All the way up to this point, a talented genius who also claimed to have hailed from Heavenly Explosion Faction defeated the pair of great students from Bright Saints College. He even composed ten flawless poems in ten steps and caused a stir within the entire Imperial City.

What caused him to be most upset was the fact that his sister, Madam Ya was endangering the lives and survival of the entire Fire Nation. She was disallowed from having any relations with men her entire life.

Several nights ago when he visited Madam Ya, he discovered that his sister had already developed feelings for Li Bai. Hence, he sent some men to the Great Lake and ordered for it to be sealed up. His intention was to ground Madam Ya and ensure she doesn’t leave her domains. At the same time, he sent out several highly skilled guards to discover the location of Li Bai.

Likewise, he came up empty handed.

He never would’ve expected to hear of yet another Heavenly Explosion Faction member called Ye Liang Chen today at his daughter’s big event.
Heavenly Explosion Faction, Heavenly Explosion Faction. The Fire Emperor had already started to develop a sense of irritability and hatred for this sect.

However, the Emperor was rather fascinated by the talented genius from the sect. Hence, his face softened as he mumbled something under his breath.

Since he was deep in thought, he never noticed that the two females beside him, the Flaming Sun Princess and Zi Xuan, had shocked expressions all across their faces.

The pair of them opened their eyes wide as they looked at each other and a mutual unspoken understanding had formed between the pair of them. They both knew that Ye Liang Chen of the Heavenly Explosion Faction was actually Xu Que in disguise.

Apart from him, who else could it be?

He even styled himself as a local of the Imperial City and that’s true. Xu Que was a local of the city.

Only he in this world could possess such talents.

"Looks like I have to pay a personal visit to Ye Liang Chen of the Heavenly Explosion Faction."

At this point, the Fire Emperor stood up with a smile on his face as he left the hall and walked out.