Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 180


The crowd inhaled a breath of cold air!

Composing a poem on the spot was young master Mo’s expertise!

Someone then shouted out, "I’ve heard that young master Mo managed to compose a poem in just ten steps for the Fire Emperor. Do we have the fortunes of seeing such a skill?"

Everyone started to reveal cheers of joy and anticipation.

Most of them had heard of young master Mo’s ten step poem before the Fire Nation's Emperor. If they manage to hear young master Mo compose a poem in ten steps once again, it would be a historical moment for everyone!

Once the poem was completed, it would also be a poem that would be recorded in the books of history.

Besides, young master Mo’s talents in poem are undoubted. In fact, he was so good in poetry that he was the unrivalled Poem King within Fire Nations. Anyone who could witness his ‘ten steps poem’ would be deemed to be extremely fortunate.

Madam Ya was rather astonished as well. In previous banquets, the crowd would come up with their own topics of discussion, since they would have made preparations before coming and allow others to enjoy their work. Today, young master Mo requested for her to give a topic. He clearly wanted to win some of his pride and dignity back.

Although Madam Ya felt that agreeing in this wouldn’t be fair to Xu Que, she badly wanted to witness young master Mo’s ten step poem as well.

"Regardless of whatever topic Madam Ya gives, I will be able to complete a full poem within ten steps!" Young master Mo stood up, as he readied himself. His eyes were focused as he smiled and looked at Madam Ya.

Complete a full poem within ten steps!

Madam Ya was so excited by these words that her heart was hammering in her chest. Such confidence and exquisite talents caused her to go in a daze!

For a student to compose a good poem was the ultimate test of how brilliant and knowledgeable he was. If he wasn’t the best student or the most talented, how will he ever dare to speak such big words to promise a complete poem within ten steps?

Hence, Madam Ya replied, "Alright. Since young mister Mo’s so full of confidence, I shall come up with a topic!"

As she finished, she turned her head back to look at her surroundings before looking at the sky.

At this point, the sky was gradually turning dark as if it was about to rain anytime soon!

Madam Ya smiled gently as she spoke, "Since we’re right on the brink of spring, everyone can look out and see that the clouds are dense and thick. Maybe we shall receive our first spring rain today. Let’s have spring rain as the topic. What do you think?"

Spring rain?

When the students heard this, their eyes gleamed. This wasn’t very hard!

However, even though this wasn’t a difficult topic, it would be rather hard to compose a poem within ten steps!

To most of the students present, writing a poem would always have the comfort of their own homes. They would rack their brains and think for hours on end before they produce a work that’s average at best. For someone to do it in within ten steps was practically impossible to them.

Xu Que was still standing by the side when he heard the topic of ‘spring rain’ and was elated.

Hehe... spring rain? Within my book of 300 Tang Poems, most of them can be linked to this topic. Besides, each and every poem in this book is a work of genius!

Even before Madam Ya could finish speaking her sentence, Mo Yun Shang walked out.

When he took his first step, everyone’s expression was one of surprise.

"How... How is this possible?"

"Doesn’t he even need to think?"

Even Madam Ya reacted to this in amazement. As soon as he heard the topic, he could immediately compose a poem. That was amazing. It’s no wonder he’s referred to as Poem King!

Mo Yun Shang’s eyes exuded immense confidence in his own abilities as endearing dimples were able to capture the hearts of those who heard him. Mo Yun Shan reared his head up before taking his second step, "The spring rains are as fine as dust."

Soon after, he took his third step, "While the willow trees outside, a brilliant shade of yellow."

Even before the audience could ponder over his words, he took another step forward and recited the fourth line, "Curtains entwined with the gentle wind."

He was down to his last line. Everyone held their breaths in nervous anticipation as they watched his feet. He had three steps to go. Could he complete the poem within three steps?

Indeed, the contented look on Mo Yun Shang’s face indicated that he was more than confident of achieving such a feat. He took a deep breath before finishing his last three steps. He then spoke loudly, "As the satin cloths sway in the mild breeze."

He took a total of ten steps and delivered such an amazing poem!

Clap clap clap clap…

The audience were filled with astonishment and were clearly impressed!

The sounds of applause were almost deafening.

"Great poem! What a great poem!"

"Indeed, he’s the Poem King. He could compose a brilliant poem from scratch within just ten steps.

"The spring rains are as fine as dust, while the willow trees outside, a brilliant shade of yellow. Indeed, that is the scenery we get to view at this very moment across the great lake!"

"It’s hard to imagine how talented young master Mo is. Even before the first drops of rain had descended, he’s already painted a beautiful picture of spring in our imaginations that is so lifelike!"

Several students voiced out their opinions and were filled with respect.

Tang Liu Feng was sighing as well, "The title of Poem King is indeed not in vain. Today, my eyes have been treated to a sumptuous experience!"

Madam Ya was mildly trembling as her eyes twinkled in delight. She sighed, "Young mister Mo’s poem is indeed the best poem to describe spring rain!"

"Pu!" Xu Que spat out an entire mouthful of tea on the floor, as his face contorted in disgust.

Fuck, how could this be considered ‘best poem’? Are you trying to tease me?

Indeed, when he spat out tea, he had attracted the attention of everyone again.

Mo Yun Shan turned around and glared at him, his eyes emanated an icy stare and laughed coldly, "What? Could it be that Brother Li despises my poem?"

"Gulp… It’s alright, but it isn’t even worth my despise!" Xu Que wiped away some tea water on his lips and laughed dryly.

As soon as this words were spoken, the crowd’s lips puckered in disgust.

It isn’t even worth his despise?

Fuck me! Big brother, you’re bragging a little too much here right?

The quality of this poem could even be the best in Fire Nation! And he even composed it all within ten steps. With the amount of talent it took to produce something like that, you even say that it’s not worth your despise?"

Mo Yun Shang couldn’t bear it any longer and burst out, "Since that’s the case, I wonder if brother Li has a better piece of work?"

"Me? Of course I do. Are you sure you wish to hear it?" Xu Que blinked several times as his heart roared with happiness. This humble subject didn’t wish to act tough, but you forced me to. I shall oblige you. Looks like sometimes, even when I don’t wish to act tough, the career catches me off guard! So, don’t blame me for putting on a good show!

The crowd looked at his face and had to suppress the inner urge to rush forward and beat his stinking face. Their hearts were filled with disgust and repulse for him.

A student then cleared his throat, "Young master Mo composed his poem in ten steps. If you can really compose a poem, it still won't mean that you’re more talented than him!"

"Hehe… did you say ten steps?" Xu Que laughed coldly before shaking his head, "To me, that poem was utter trash!"

"You… What did you say?"

"The audacity! How outrageous! You dare to lose your mannerisms and speak in such a way!"

"If a ten step poem is too easy for you, are you going to compose a poem in seven steps?"

The crowd was enraged when they heard this and that Mo Yun Shan was truly being treated unjustifiably.

The ten steps poem was extremely difficult and he even managed to compose such a high quality poem, but you actually called it trash?


Xu Que slammed the tea cup heavily on the table, as he smiled out, "Seven steps poem? What’s the big deal with that? But I have to apologize. This humble subject won’t just compose one poem in ten steps. Instead… I shall compose ten poems in ten steps!"