Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 174

Xu Que’s question wasn’t actually difficult. The problem was that nobody dared to voice out the correct answer!

What did Er Dan say? Since he lived beside Old Madam Wang and Old Madam Wang’s son asked where he live…

What else could Er Dan reply? Of course the answer was… I live in your mother’s c*nt!

(T/N : "I live right beside your mother sounds very similar to "I live in your mother’s c*nt!"

The exact chinese words for it are 住你妈勒戈壁, whereas the words for "I live beside your mother" are 住你妈的隔壁)

Hence, Er Dan was beaten up savagely!

However, this answer was extremely vulgar and thus nobody present dared to utter it.

Afterall, Madam Ya had just said that she didn’t want to hear any sort of vulgarities or uncouth language being spoken right in front of her.

For this reason, nobody present dared to utter the answer and yet they were extremely frustrated and angry with Xu Que. They were extremely afraid that they might just be overwhelmed with anger and started spewing vulgarities.

Before long, ten seconds had passed. Madam Ya’s eyes were gleaming with extreme interest as she looked at Xu Que, "Young mister Li is really smart to do something like this!"

Naturally, she knew the answer to this question as well but didn’t bring it up to Xu Que or scold him for it. Instead, she looked at him with renewed interest and admiration.

And yet deep down within her heart, she was somewhat taken aback as well. It wasn’t hard to realize the pattern with both of Xu Que’s questions. They were both thought off on the spot, based on his current situation.

The first question used his own circumstances about taking the test in order to gain entry to trick and deceive everyone that it was the correct answer!

The second question was even more ingenious. He had used the fact that Madam Ya had said that she didn’t wish to hear anymore coarse and vulgar language. Hence, even though everyone around knew the correct answer, they didn’t dare to speak it out.

"With such guile and intelligence, he’s indeed a genius!" Madam Ya sighed deep down in her thoughts as her huge eyes scanned across her surroundings where students were standing in all directions. She then laughed out, "Young mister Li’s second question proved to be insolvable. Hence, I shall announce that he has successfully passed in the second question."

As she finished speaking, she then turned her gaze to Xu Que once more. She was signalling for him to begin his third and final question!

Xu Que shrugged his shoulders before looking at everyone. He had an expression of smugness as he spoke, "Ai, what can I say about you guys? I as good as told you the answer for the second question and yet you still cannot answer it? What a disappointment!"

"..." The entire crowd were speechless as their lips twitched and clenched their fists. They were obviously enraged by his taunting remarks.

Tang Liu Feng didn’t dare to stand too near to Xu Que as well. He knew that right after this event was over, this brother Li Bai would surely get beaten to death by this mob!

However, since Tang Liu Feng was his friend, he didn’t stand too far away either. He stood by the side of the lake and stared across it.

Xu Que didn’t really care much about this kid. With a roll of his eyes, he began asking his third and final question.

"This third question is even more simple. Everyone, please listen closely. This is a body part. Some are hard, while others are soft. Some are long, while others are short. Some have more hair, while others have less hair. Can I ask, which part of the body is this?" As he finished, he turned to the rest of the crowd and started sniggering playfully.

Everyone around were stumped by him!

The answer was a body part. Some are hard, while others are soft. Some are long, while others are short. And then there was the bloody part about having more hair and less hair.

Fuck me. Another question like this. What a dog of a person!

Li Bai, screw your sister!

All the male students around subconsciously glanced down at their own bodies before they felt a dull ache in their chests, as if they were about to vomit blood. How can a person ever speak out an answer like this?

Several female students, including Madam Ya, thought about the question for sometime before their faces turned red. They then shot angry glances at Xu Que.

To a student, speaking dirty and vulgar words were extremely taboo. This was especially true when it came to private parts, which was extremely vulgar and uncouth. Speaking such words in public would hurt a person’s dignity and self respect. It was extremely lowly!

When Tang Liu Feng heard this question, his face turned pale before he took several steps back and mumbled under his breath, "Brother Li is too vicious!"

Xu Que could feel the gaze of everyone upon himself and yet he maintained an easy and calm demeanor about him. He then returned the stare as he mocked them.

"Ten seconds is almost up. If you’re not going to answer the question now, you might never get a chance to do so anymore."

"Do you know the answer or not? It’s such an easy question and you can’t get it right?"

"It’s a bodypart. Everyone will use it from time to time. Why can’t you answer the question?"

"Excuse me for being too direct, but the intelligence of these students around here is too low!"

"Ai, ten seconds is already up. Shall I give you some more time to ponder over the question?"

"Fuck me. Why are you guys staring so hard at me! If you’ve thought of the answer, have the guts to say it out. Whoever gets the correct answer, I shall choke myself to death on shit!"

"Still no answers? Hahahah! Then I’m sorry. Looks like Madam Ya will be my… Oops, sorry. Looks like I will be Madam Ya’s VIP from now on."

Xu Que spewed out taunts like a machine gun, causing everyone around to rage out in anger. Some of them were biting down on their teeths, attempting to control themselves.
"Li Bai, whether you win today or not, just by your last question, you’re not fit to be a student." At this point, someone couldn’t hold it in any longer and shouted out loudly.

"What a disrespectful and coarse question and you dared to ask this in front of Madam Ya. How outrageous!"
"You are such a disgrace to the educated. You’ve humiliated Madam Ya!"

"That’s right. You’ve been extremely disrespectful to Madam Ya!"

"Today was supposed to be a dignified and grand event and yet you managed to stain it. You deserve to be punished!"

Before long, shouts started to echo across the entire lake as the students were incensed.

Some of the female students even glared at Xu Que as they shouted at him as well, "Shameless pervert!"

Madam Ya’s brows were slightly raised as she shook her head as well, clearly displeased with this question which Xu Que had set.

"I’m sorry, I don’t understand what you are saying. There’s nothing wrong with my question at all. If there is, it has nothing to do with me whatsoever!" Xu Que was still smiling as he laughed out and replied to them.

The reason he was so composed was because his answer wasn’t dirty at all. In fact, it was extremely logical. Hence, he wasn’t afraid at all.

"Hm, you’re still trying to wiggle your way out of this. The answer to your question is beyond disgusting!" A student shouted back at him.

Xu Que shrugged his shoulders as he blinked several times, "No, it’s not disgusting at all. My question is perfectly normal. Don’t tell me you’ve guessed the answer as well? Why don’t you tell me what the answer is."

"You…. You…. You’re being unreasonable." The student retorted as he trembled in anger, pointing at Xu Que. He was overcame with anger that he didn’t know what else to say.

"What unreasonable? I don’t understand what you’re saying at all. If you know the answer, just say it! If you don’t tell me the answer, how am I supposed to know what you’re saying? Strange. You’re the one being unreasonable. Your whole family is unreasonable!" Xu Que gave an innocent look.

The crowd was enraged once more, having never met someone so shameless and thick skinned. He still refused to admit his wrongdoings.

"Tell me! Stop staring at me like that! If you know the answer, say it. I think that nobody here knows the answer and are just trying to find an excuse for me to fail the test right?" Xu Que gave an expression that resembled a pig unafraid of the boiling hot water as he continued to taunt and challenge them.

"Hm, Li Bai, stop being so arrogant. You’re just hoping that we wouldn’t dare to say the answer out loud right? Fine. Today I shall tell you the answer." At last, someone couldn’t hold it in anymore and jumped out before the crowd.

Xu Que was elated at this as he laughed, "Fine, then tell me. What’s the answer?"

The student was extremely upset as he glared at Xu Que and shouted out angrily, "A penis!"

Xu Que gasped loudly, as his expression revealed a look of utter shock. He even staggered several steps backwards as he stretched a trembling finger out and pointed at the student, uttering in panic, "You… You damned pervert. How dare you speak such dirty words?"