Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 159

The entire area fell silent!

Everyone stared strangely at Xu Que’s cannon and were stumped.

A cannon?

What’s the use of a cannon at this particular juncture?

Within the hall, all their excited and happy expressions froze and their expressions turned to shock when they saw Xu Que’s cannons.

At the same time, all of them started to feel uneasy.

Some of them gulped down loudly and looked at Xu Que uneasily, "Demon… Demon King, your majesty. You spent an entire hour upstairs… Was this the reason?"

As soon as this question was uttered, everyone fixed their gazes at Xu Que. Even Su Ling’er was no exception.

Everyone had seen a cannon like this before. It was used it battles between mere humans. Its power and effectiveness was unquestionable when it came to fights between mortals. However, to a cultivator, the blast of a cannon was as powerless as a tickle!

Hence, they were extremely uneasy. If this Demon King had spent the entire hour forging a cannon, they would all vomit blood till they died!
Indeed, when Xu Que heard this, his eyes lit up as he slapped the cannon and laughed, "Yo, I couldn’t tell that some of you are so intelligent! But this is no ordinary cannon. This is called the God Powered Cannon! A cannon with the power of God is unrivalled under the heavens!"

When they heard his reply, their faces fell as their vision turned dark while most of them were on the verge of passing out.

The fuck? All of us risked our lives and exerted so much energy into maintaining the protective spell for an hour. We even managed to prolong the life of the spell up ‘till this point and you wasted your precious time on building a cannon?

What God Powered Cannon? God Powered your sister! You’re crazy!

In that split second, the last remaining ounce of conviction had plummet and dissipated.

The spell emitted a strange pop as it darkened and became extremely weak and frail.

However, it didn’t shatter and break yet because several of them were still maintaining the spell.

Those who persisted in the spell included several elders from Sky Demon Tribe, Su Ling’er and Su Xiao Qi!

Su Ling’er and the elders from her tribe had seen Xu Que’s strange methods. They knew that he was capable of pulling miracles out of strange situations.

Although their convictions had faltered after being disappointed by the cannon, a hint of confidence still remained.

However, it wasn’t of much use as well. The entire spell was severely weakened to the point of near collapse. In fact, just a mere Golden Core Stage beast was capable of shattering the remnants of the spell by himself.

"Ah, I didn’t expect my death to be such a hilarious one!" An old demonic human forced a bitter laugh as he lost his last remaining strength and sat down on the ground in exhaustion and despair.

A grim atmosphere filled with despair permeated all across the hall.

Everyone presented didn’t even have the energy to be angry with Xu Que as they started accepting their fates.

"Honestly, I don’t blame the Demon King, his majesty. I only blame myself for being foolish for choosing to stay!"

"If I had known this was the outcome, I would choose to charge out. Even if I were to die at the hands of these beasts, it would be a better outcome than this."

"Yes. At the least, we won’t have to be humiliated and defeated like we are now!"

"Ai, forget it, forget it. Looks like this is the fate of our race. We’ve been unlucky and despised all our lives!"

"Since we have so many tribe leaders here with us today, when we all die, our race will be extinct before long."

"My race… Is going to be extinct just like that?"

More and more people started shaking their heads and sigh. They started blaming themselves or started pitying their own situation. Their hearts were filled with sorrow and regrets!

Su Ling’er looked at Xu Que and asked him expectantly, "Sun Wu Kong, you must have other plans up your sleeve right?"

"Nope! When it comes to dealing with bastard beasts like these, just a God Powered Cannon would be enough. By the way, do any of you have spirit stones? Hurry and take them all out. I shall lead all of you in slaughter, we shall kill them all!" Xu Que shouted out in confidence.

However when Su Ling’er and the rest of the Sky Demon Tribe members heard this, their faces turned pale.

He only has the cannons? There aren’t any other plans?

Then we’re doomed!

Their anticipation and eager excitement had vanished just like that.

Witnessing such a scene from the outside, the Beast King almost laughed himself dead as he watched on.

They weren’t anxious to force their way in any longer. From the way he saw it, this protective spell was as good as done. The entire group of demonic humans inside were just like pathetic ants. As long as he wished, all he had to do was to press down on them with his fingers and they would be crushed to death.

"Haha! Monkey... You are such an interesting Demon King! I was actually worried about that protective spell, since we couldn’t break through earlier. You are really kind to help me weaken the spell and giving me such a good gift!" The Beast King laughed out, his face was full of mockery.

Even the Tiger King stepped forward and laughed out. He then looked at the rest of the demonic humans inside and asked, "What now? Have you seen this? What kind of dog shit rubbish Demon King have you elected? I told you this earlier. The Demon King throne should belong to me!"

It was only at this point that Xu Que realized that Tiger King was around and was even standing together with the demonic beasts. He then realized what had happened as his face fell. Xu Que then shouted out, "You untamed beast. So it was you who betrayed us!"

"Scold me all you wish. I just can’t wait to see what vile words your toxic mouth still has to spew when you die." TIger King seemed to be exceptionally bold today as he replied.

Xu Que’s brows twitched when he heard this.

Aiyo, did you just step up and volunteer to be scolded by me? Sure, I shall grant your request!

Looks like I shall borrow the words which Zhu Ge Liang used to scold Wang Lang!

His expression remained stoic as he channeled the anger from within his dantian and shouted out confidently, "How dare you, traitorous tiger! When I first saw you, I thought that you were a senior in this race and thus had high expectations from you. Now you have disappointed me by being so crude in your language! You were actually the leader of a tribe and were highly esteemed. Yet you actually betrayed the entire race and linked up with our enemies to plot and destroy this race. That was such a vile act. Even the heavens wouldn’t tolerate your deeds!"

"Eh? That’s all?"

When everyone in the hall heard this, they were astonished. Even the Tiger King looked shocked.

What was going on?

Wasn’t this monkey famous for scolding and cursing well? Why did he scold him so lightly and politely now? In fact, he even scolded Tiger King with so much dignity. What was he trying to do?

Tiger King paused before he broke out in laughter, "Darned monkey... your standards of verbal abuse has dropped considerably. Are you afraid now?"

Xu Que ignored him as he continued, "Tiger traitor, you actually dared to join forces with the enemy of our race, and even dare to be disrespectful towards me? Old whiskers traitorous tiger, how will you have the face to meet your ancestors in hell when I send you there? Traitorous infidel, you’ve actually lived for several hundred years but the only thing you’ve learnt is to wag your tongue and suck up to the Beast King as a lowly slave!"

"You…" As soon as Xu Que mentioned his ancestors, the Tiger King was enraged.

Xu Que’s brows twitched once again as he continued, "When you were young, you lacked calcium in growth. When you’re old, you lacked love. Your aunts didn’t pamper you and your uncles didn’t love you. Your left cheek is always asking to be punched and your right cheek is always asking to be kicked. When a camel sees you, he kicks you. When a pig sees you, he tramples over you. You’re most similar to a cucumber and deserved to be slapped! You’re also very similar to a walnut, you deserved to be cracked!"

"Outrageous!!! You…"

"You what? You what? I am your grandfather. I taught you to practice your knife but you decided to practice the sword. Instead of practicing your sword properly, you decided to practice being a bitch. I had big plans for you to become a sword master but you refused. You could’ve become a God in swords, but you chose to become the God of bitches! Really, why should you do this?"

(T/N : The chinese word for ‘sword’ is pronounced the same way as ‘bitch’)

Without even pausing to breathe, Xu Que fired his insults like a machine gun. Everyone around were shocked at his words, especially Tiger King. This vicious mouth was really unparalleled.

Tiger King was trembling in anger at this point. He took in a deep breath and was ready to rebut, "Damned monkey, you…"

Indeed, Xu Que was waiting for him to open his mouth. The second he spoke out, Xu Que interrupted him once more, "Shut up! You are an anus, with all that shit coming out from you. There are a thousand varieties of flowers but you’re just another cross bred dog."

"You…" The Tiger King was clearly infuriated.

Xu Que glared at him as he continued firing insults, "You spineless abandoned dog, how dare you even stutter while you bark at your King! I have never seen such a thick skinned shameless dog in my entire life!"


At this point, the Tiger King spat out a mouthful of fresh blood!

Everyone around watching on were stumped, their faces revealed expressions of shock.

Several of them had seen the way Xu Que hurled insults by the Lightning Pool. They knew that this monkey was extremely vile when he started scolding.

He was extremely unpredictable with the words he used. Anyone who got caught up in an argument with him was surely looking for an agonizing death!

However, these words had found Tiger King’s weaknesses and insecurities.

He had betrayed his own race and linked up with his enemies. Indeed, he was nothing more than a spineless dog.

"What now? Do you still wish to quarrel with me? I still have a hundred more insults to throw at you." Xu Que’s lips curled into a smile as he laughed."

Tiger King clutched his chest and was so infuriated that he was trembling. He raised his head and shouted out, "Cursed monkey, I swear to the heavens that I shall never rest as long as you are alive!"

"Your mouth is full of shit, remember? Don’t speak to me! I really wonder why your father didn’t throw you over the wall when you were born?" Xu Que had a look of indignance as he replied.

Tiger King felt a sharp sensation in his chest once more and couldn’t even speak.

He realized that he had made a huge mistake by quarreling with this monkey again. He had done himself in!

Right at this point, the Beast King looked on, clearly entertained. He then laughed, "Monkey, on account of how well you can insult others, I shall give you one last chance. Turn off your protective spell and kneel down to me before kowtowing. I promise, I won’t kill any of you."

"Heheh… exactly what I was about to do!" Xu Que laughed out coldly. Without hesitation, he waved his hands and shouted out, "Turn off the protective spell!"

At this moment, the demonic humans, including Su Ling’er’s expressions fell.

"Turn off the protective spell? Demon King, what are you trying to do?"

"Do you really want us to kneel down and kowtow to these beasts? No, I would never!"

"That’s right. I’d rather die!"

"If you wish to, you cowardly bunch can go ahead and kneel!"

The crowd were visibly upset as they shouted out in anger.

Even Su Ling’er was stumped as she shouted out, "Sun Wu Kong, do you know what you’re saying?"

"Damned monkey, have you lost your mind?" Su Xiao Qi was startled as well.

Even though the spell couldn’t defend them against the beasts any longer, nobody wished to turn it off.

That was because such a gesture was an indication that they had surrendered and it meant that they were willing to bow down to the beasts.

Hence, they would never endorse such a move! Even if death were to come, they were willing to face it without compromising their dignity.

Xu Que was also shocked by their responses and replied, "What are you thinking? Do I look like the cowardly sort?"

"Then… Then what do you mean?" Su Ling’er was clearly shocked.

Xu Que rolled his eyes and pointed at the rest of the beasts outside along with the Tiger King, "If you don’t turn off the spell, how am I supposed to blow these idiots apart with my cannons?"
"Gulp…" everyone then understood what he meant.

So it seems like the Demon King wanted the spell to be switched off, not because he was going to surrender to the beasts. Instead, he wanted to retaliate.

Alright, not bad. Although that’s a silly move, it shows that he has courage!

Demon King, your majesty. Good move!

Let us fight back together, even in the face of death!


Su Ling’er turned off the spell. She knew that even if she persisted in channeling her strength into the spell, it wouldn’t make much difference. The outcome would still remain the same!

Outside the tower...

The Beast King noticed that Xu Que had actually ordered for the spell to be switched off and even saw that he planned to shoot him with the cannon. Beast King then broke out in laughter, "Hahaha! That’s interesting. It’s really interesting. I really didn’t expect someone as silly as you to become the Demon king. Looks like your race is really doomed!"

Several Original Infant Staged beasts behind echoed their leader and started laughing as well.

"This monkey’s brain is really rotten. He actually thinks that a single ordinary cannon is enough to deal with our king!"

"Looking at this cannon, I think it won’t even be able to tickle our king!"

"They actually have such a muddle headed King. It’s no wonder after so many years, they’re still so weak."

"No, no, no. I think it’s that among the entire race, this stupid monkey is the smartest among them all."


The entire group of demonic beasts broke out in hilarious laughter as they started taunting and making fun of their half human enemies. They completely ignored the fact that Tiger King was standing in their midst.

Beast King took a step forward and was extremely intimidating and awe inspiring.

He then looked at Xu Que before shouting out, "Darned monkey, I shall stand here and wait for you to fire your cannon at me. Come on then! Shoot at me. If you can hurt a single hair of mine, I shall call you my father!"

"Fire my cannon at you? And you will call me father?"

When Xu Que heard this, he was elated. Sure, I shall do that. I’ve never heard of such a cheap request.

"Ling’er, quick get me some low grade… Oh no, get me some high grade spirit stones!"