Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 145


Atop the altar, four bolts of terrifying purple lightning had been scattered and crushed by Xu Que within several seconds.

The remnants of the lightning bolts were purple electric energy which resembled small wriggling worms, squirming their way into his flesh.

At this point, Xu Que could feel the God of Hell’s Compulsion react to the massive energy surge received. He could feel it greedily absorbing as much of that purple energy as it could!

The entire area fell into pin drop silence.

Everyone around were astounded!

Their ears were still buzzing from Xu Que’s shouts and they could still hear the echo of his voice as he screamed out those four intimidating sentences.

"I want the skies to obscure my eyes no longer!"

"I want this earth to no longer be able to contain my heart!"

"I want every single living organisms to understand my intentions!

"I want all the gods above to disappear like smoke!"

Every single word and every single sentence had roused the hearts of everyone who heard him.

The way Xu Que swung his golden rod and crushed the purple bolts of lightning caused all of them to feel so afraid and confused. They were all trembling in fear.

"How… How could this be?"

"It was just a mere rod… And it caused the divine lightning to dissipate?"

"That was a true purple lightning bolt! It was even written in the ancient records! And yet he defeated it so effortlessly!"

"And… How could he dare to speak such words?"

They were all terrified.

Such words were in open defiance of the heavens and showed utter disregard and disrespect. How could he dare to say those words?

This wasn’t even considered words of defiance. They were words of rebellion!

He wanted the skies to obscure his vision no longer and wanted the earth to contain him no longer. He wanted all living organisms to know his intentions and wanted all the gods to disappear!

Where did his heart of rebellion came from? Did he really wish to fight with the heavens?

Could it be that… He was really unafraid of heavenly retribution and intentionally offended the heavens?

All of them down below were horrified and appalled. They looked at Xu Que in utter disbelief.

Su Ling’er was stumped as well as she gazed at the shadow of Xu Que...

That monkey clutching onto that golden pole was of such a small size and yet he seemed to hold the skies in his palms.

He was the Great Sage, the equal of heavens, Sun Wu Kong!

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 40 act tough points!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 60 act tough points!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 70 act tough points!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 100 act tough points!"

"Ding! The system has detected the strength of the lightning. God of Hell’s Compulsion has already accumulated up to 45%!"

The system beeps rang out consecutively within Xu Que’s mind.

The purple bolts of lightning had caused the God of Hell’s Compulsion to benefit the most but there was still slightly more than half before it reached its full potential.

As soon as Xu Que finished destroying the purple lightning, he could feel his physical body become much stronger than before. It was as if his body had been tempered by multitudes of electrical currents. Every single pore was filled with electric energy as it glistened under the light.

This very Tribulation made him feel extremely satisfied and yet he wasn’t contented!

He wanted to continue!

Xu Que reared his head towards the heavens once more, his eyes glistening as he shouted out yet again.

"Along with these four bolts of lightning, this Great Sage has already completed and endured seven waves of Tribulations. Where are the other two? Hand it over!"

His last few words were so forceful and loud that the earth shook and trembled as his voice soared past the clouds. He glared disdainfully into the sky and his expression was intimidating.

The crowd were once again stumped by his behavior.

What was going on?

He… He actually asked the heavens for his remaining two waves of Tribulations?

Fuck! Do you think the heavens owed you something?


Right at that moment, a loud roar could be heard in the skies.

Everyone inclined their heads and were shocked by what they saw.

The movement and sounds of the thunder and lightning reduced significantly. The killing aura which had filled up the entire area just moments before had dissipated. The clouds which were so dense and caused everyone to feel choked were scattering as well!

"Are the Heavenly… Heavenly Tribulations over?’ Someone asked in surprise and bewilderment.

"That’s not right! It was just here moments ago. How… how could it have disappeared?"

"Yes. The clouds and thunder were already charging for the eighth wave. Why did it dissipate all of a sudden?"

"Could it be that… Even the heavens are afraid?"

The second these words were uttered, they were all so scared they turned as white as sheet!

The thought of that was way too scary and was extremely inappropriate to be spoken out for fear of divine punishment!

However, at the corner of the Sky Demon Tribe, the elders heaved a sigh of relief as they clutched their chests as they finally relaxed.

"It’s finally over. Our frend Sun isn’t a normal person. He’s exceptional!"

"This Tribulations was extremely dangerous and yet the worst is over. Looks like we all received a healthy dose of fright but are all safe!"

"After the Tribulations, our friend Sun would become much stronger!"
"That’s right. To survive after such a calamity means that he would become more powerful than before."

"I also wonder how our friend Sun managed to withstand that. He could actually fight it out so bravely and courageously in the face of such an intimidating Tribulations!"

The few of them sighed out in relief, and were extremely glad. Afterall, Xu Que was brought here by their Sky Demon Tribe. After his recent show of power, he inevitably brought glory to the entire tribe as well.

Su Ling’er watched Xu Que closely, who was still atop the altar as she smiled and spoke, "After successfully surviving seven waves of Tribulations, there’s no need to quarrel about who shall take the throne anymore. The new King of Demons is Sun Wu Kong!"

The elders heard this and froze. Immediately after, they revealed looks of delight.

That’s right. He handled seven waves of lightning which means he had seven points. Tiger King only managed to get six points. Hence, the new King of Demons belongs to small friend Sun!

Most of the Sky Demon Tribe members revelled at the joyous fact. As long as the throne doesn’t fall onto the hands of the Tiger King, they were glad. Much less now that the position belonged to Xu Que. This made them extremely happy.

Right at this point, there was another movement on the altar.

Xu Que grabbed onto his golden rod and leapt high up into the sky as if he was charging towards the heavens. As he dashed up, he shouted angrily at the sky, "Damn it! If you have balls, don’t run away. You were supposed to present me with nine waves. I’ve only gotten seven and you want to run away from me? Fuck this! Give me back my final two waves of lightning!"

Xu Que’s body turned into a flash as he made an attempt to chase after the thundering cloud. The thundering cloud seemed to be escaping from him as well in haste. From afar, everyone could see Xu Que chasing after a dark cloud!

Everyone fell silent once more!

They were all dumbfounded by Xu Que’s actions and all wanted to vomit blood.

Big brother monkey, have you had enough?

You’re just a mere Golden Core Stager and you managed to conjure seven waves of Tribulations. You even managed to blow up the ancient purple lightning and you still aren’t satisfied? Now you’re chasing after clouds, trying to get back your final two waves of Tribulations?

You will never reach the heavens, you foolish monkey!

"Fuck! Return me my Tribulations!"

"Stop running away, you handicapped sister! Do you believe I can’t break open the entire heavens with just a swing of my rod?"

"Bring it here! Fuck!"

In the depth of the skies, Xu Que’s enraged shouts could be heard very clearly as he spewed vulgarities and obscenities which echoed throughout the entire area.

Everyone’s lips were twitching and their faces had looks of utter disbelief!

"Boom doom!"

Right at this point, the thunder cloud emitted a loud roar as a supernatural presence which felt like a supreme being filled the atmosphere. It felt as if a gigantic hand had descended down from the clouds and covered the entire area.

Everyone around became alarmed.

Fuck me! Fuck!

Damn it! Did this monkey really scold the thunder cloud until it decided to return?


Indeed, the thunder cloud which was supposed to have been scattered, started congealing together once more as it froze in mid air.

Rays of purple light flashed and intertwined within the dark clouds. These rays of lights illuminated the entire area and were so bright, it was nearly blinding.

Once again, a huge bolt of lightning started charging up within the clouds. This time, it was much more intimidating and fearsome than the previous waves.

After seeing this change, Xu Que started to simmer down. He then mumbled to himself, "You should’ve done this earlier. You had to endure my scolding before coming back. You were really asking for a scolding. Hurry up! Return me my final two waves of Tribulations!"

Everyone in the crowd : "..."

Everyone was left completely speechless by whatever they saw as nobody knew what to say.

The Heavenly Tribulations were supposed to have ended earlier. However, after receiving such a thorough and harsh scolding from Xu Que, the cloud actually returned. This monkey’s mouth was too formidable.

"I knew it was going to be this way. The monkey’s evil tongue was too much even for the heavens to endure!" The people of the elephant tribe cleared their throat and spoke out.

"That’s right." A man-snake along with the camel tribe nodded their heads profusely.


The eighth wave of Tribulations was about to descend!

Xu Que waved his golden rod in a flashy move before activating his Soaring Dragon’s Nine Transformations and dashed towards the heavens. His killing aura radiated out in all directions as he charged straight at the clouds.

He clearly wanted to have a good fight!

"Eat old Sun’s stick! Wataaaaa!"

Following Xu Que’s loud cry, the golden rod transformed into multiple shadows before coalescing back together as one again. With the power held within the rod, he swung his rod at the purple lightning cloud!

A loud crash could be heard as the entire purple lightning bolt was crushed!

Swarms of tiny bolts of purple electric energy poured into Xu Que’s body and filled him up.

Right at this point, a loud clamor rang out. Soon after, the entire thunder cloud scattered. Even the electric energy vanished instantly. It was extremely obvious that there wasn’t going to be a ninth wave!

"NO! Where’s my ninth wave?"

"Fuck! You really ran away?" Xu Que froze before starting to feel anxious.

However, the cloud didn’t return this time as it scattered as fast as it could and returned towards the upper echelon of the skies. It seemed like it was truly afraid!

As for the rest of the tribes down below, they finally heaved a sigh of relief. They whispered to themselves that this monkey’s Tribulations were finally over.

However, Xu Que was furious. He flipped both hands and conjured a mystical fire and shouted out angrily, "Run away your sister! Run away you retard! I shall blow you into smithereens!!!"

The second his last words were uttered, the flame in his hand transformed into Buddha’s Fiery Lotus as he tossed it right at the thunder cloud!

"Boom doom!"
There were already very few clouds present within the skies. As soon as the mystical fire contacted the cloud, it exploded into a mixture of purple and red. The effects of the blast sent ripples a thousand kilometers wide and the entire sky lit up with a myriad of colors, making a spectacular sight.

The crowd craned their necks to look up and were completely astonished. They watched on with eyes and mouth gaping wide.

This monkey was thoroughly crazy.

He was really fucking crazy. He was so crazy he caused the heavens to explode!