Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 142

"Boom doom!"

The skies above the altar were lined with dark and heavy clouds, all compact together. The burst of lightning resembled large dragons as it slithered through the clouds.

At this second, the audience were stumped by whatever they saw as their faces revealed looks of dread.

Some of them even jumped up in fear at the crashing sounds of thunder, causing their faces to turn pale with fright. Their legs even began to tremble, oblivious to whatever was happening.

"What was happening? Was… Was this a Tribulation?"

"Or could it be that the heavens wished to strike us dead? The sounds are so violent and powerful. How could a cultivator in our midst survive a Tribulation as powerful as that?"

"That’s way too scary. Could it be that the darned monkey committed treasonous acts to offend the heavens or an unpardonable sin that caused the heavens to be angry? If not, why would the heavens be so upset?"

"My god! The Tribulation isn’t even here and I can’t bear it. I almost feel like falling to my knees!"

"That monkey is doomed. With such a tremendous Tribulation ahead of him, even Infant Transformation Staged cultivators won’t be able to survive it."

"Besides, this is only the first wave. It’s so hard to imagine. If the monkey somehow manages to survive this, how is he going to survive the rest of the waves, which would become increasingly difficult?"

"He won’t be able to endure even the first wave. It seems like the heavens won’t even grant him a chance and claim his life right on the very first wave."

"This is a Tribulations that would definitely kill him!"

The audience were appalled as they broke out in animated discussion.

Eyes were all turned towards Xu Que and their expressions turned from mockery to pity.

The Thousand Demons Tribe however finally reacted to this change. They were all elated as their cheers of jubilations soared towards the heavens!

"Hahahaha! Quickly look! Even the heavens wished to do him in."

"This proves that the monkey deserves to die!"

"That’s right. Looks like we won’t have to interrupt and distract him as well. He shall be claimed by the heavens!"

"It would be best if he was smashed and his flesh turns to dust, while his spirit is completely crushed!"

Over at the other end where the Sky Demon Tribe was...

The elders around were stumped as well and Su Ling’er wasn’t exempted from the shock. They watched on helplessly and in disbelief as the lightnings continued to crash down around them.

Apart from being terrified, they felt that Xu Que was a lost cause and that it was hopeless for him to survive.

They didn’t wish for Xu Que to die but under such violent and terrifying Tribulations, they were made aware of how tiny and miniscule they were.

"He’s finished! Our friend Sun is done for! Everything we’ve seen points to disaster!"

"It’s not just disaster. I’m afraid it’s a gone case. He’s doomed for sure!"

"The heavens are jealous of talented individual. The heavens are indeed jealous of talent. Sigh…"

The elders had expressions of sadness and agony as they shook their heads and sighed in unison.
Su Ling’er had a hand in her hair as she bit down hard on her lips, tearing flesh. A wound formed on it as blood seeped out.

Her eyes started to well up with tears as she mumbled to herself, "I… I caused this. I shouldn’t have brought him here to the Thunder Tribulations Worship…"

Up on the altar, Xu Que wore a look of helplessness as well, clearly not knowing what to do.

He then started to hear the system go off in his head.

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 40 act tough points!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 60 act tough points!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 70 act tough points!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough while in the face of Tribulations. The reward is 200 act tough points!"

"Ding! Since the host even had time to act tough before the Tribulations, the difficulty level has increased another notch. Current difficult is Hell Mode. Please survive the upcoming Tribulations!"

A series of beeps rang out in his head which coupled along with the ferocious roars of thunder and flashes of lightning. His mind was buzzing with activity and thoughts.

Fuck me!

Acting tough while in the face of Tribulations?

Hell Mode?

Damn it! This is going to be huge! System, you darned unscrupulous cheater! You actually deceived me into acting tough?

Xu Que lashed out in rage.

However at this point, he no longer had any time to hold conversations with the system. He hurriedly whipped out the Spirit Visage from his system inventory. Right in the face of danger, he decided to purchase an additional item as a precaution and increase his chances of survival.

[Banshee’s Veil]:
An equipment from the League of Legends.

Magic Resistance +70

Passive Ability: Creates a shield which is able to block magic attacks. If the shield is broken, it would require an entire day before the passive ability cools down. It would then be effective again after the cool down period.

Cost: 600 act tough points.

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully purchasing the Banshee’s Veil. 600 act tough points have been spent!"

This equipment was more expensive than the Spirit Visage by a hundred act tough points!

However, the amount of magic damage which it can absorb was massive and was thus an extremely valuable item.

Xu Que had seen this item before, but had ignored it because it was just a veil. He had never intended to purchase it since it looked extremely underwhelming. However, seeing such a powerful Tribulations ahead of him, he decided that his life was way more important than looking tough. Without a second's hesitation, he purchased the item.

As soon as he equipped the veil, a white ray of light enveloped Xu Que and surrounded him.

At the same time, Xu Que could feel his own magic resistance increase by 70 points. Along with the Spirit Visage which granted him 55 magic resistance points, he realized that his overall magic resistance was now 125. This was considered especially high!


At that moment, the lightning bolts and thunder within the clouds had charged up near its full potential and seemed like it would descend down upon him any second now. The clouds were becoming darker than before as they coalesced just above him, indicating danger was near.

Even the crowd seemed to feel suffocated by the impending dangers.

"System, unseal my cultivation powers!" Xu Que’s expression turned grave. He knew that this Tribulations was extremely dangerous and he couldn’t afford to underestimate it.

He had seen how the thunders and lightning were brewing and knew that the first Tribulation wave would be extremely terrifying. He couldn’t even imagine how the following waves would be, knowing that the difficulty would increase with each wave!

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for unsealing your cultivation powers. You have recovered your initial cultivation powers!"

"Ding! The system has detected that the host’s current position is in a sealed off zone. However, he will not receive any consequences for unsealing his cultivation level temporarily. This is to ensure that the host can concentrate on his Tribulations!"

Since Xu Que was standing right in the middle of the altar, which had been sealed off by many protective enchantments in order to prevent cheating, unsealing his cultivation powers there would’ve caused the Lightning Pools to attack him. Since the system managed to bypass that hurdle, that was a good news!

As soon as the system finished his message, Xu Que’s mind was completely clear. The only sounds that remained were the roaring and cackling of thunder!

"Boom doom!"

Before long, the first wave of Tribulations had descended!

It almost resembled a waterfall, as the Tribulations spilled down from the heavens down onto him.

That mighty and intimidating strength emanated from the skies terrified everyone standing down below.

"He’s finished. That monkey is done for!"

"His Heavenly Tribulations is too scary. I’ve never seen the likes of it!"

"I would never imagine that someone from my race would incur such a wrath from the heavens that it would actually want to claim his life!"

"Looks like this monkey has really rebelled against the will of heavens!"

Many different tribes were all sighing out loud, sympathizing with Xu Que.

The Thousand Demons Tribe members all revealed looks of extreme happiness, gloating in Xu Que’s misfortunes.

The Sky Demon Tribes had expressions full of trepidation, as their faces spoke of intense agony and sadness.

Su Ling’er’s pair of bright eyes were completely covered in tears.

Xu Que who stood in the middle of the altar remained fixed to the ground. A single monkey and his rod stood upright in defiance as he faced the waves of lightning which resembled waterfalls as they crashed down upon him.


The Tribulations in the form of lightning bolts descended down upon Xu Que with impunity. Xu Que however, didn’t move a single inch. The protection from the Banshee’s Veil filled him with confidence.

However, to everyone else watching from beneath the altar, all they could see was his shadow being overcome by the lightnings sent from heaven.

"It’s over. Hahaha! This monkey is dead meat!"

The Thousand Demons Tribe members were all laughing out loud.

"Sun Wu Kong!"

Su Ling’er could feel a sharp pain in her chest as her heart ached for her loss. She shouted out in grief while watching on.

Right at the next moment, after the rays of lightning had dissipated, the view of Xu Que standing completely still reached their eyes.

He… He’s still alive!

He… He doesn’t even look hurt in the slightest!

"Hahahaha! A mere Heavenly Tribulations. CAN. IT. CONTAIN. ME?"

At this moment, Xu Que was still holding onto his golden rod as it pointed up towards the heaven. The sound of Xu Que laughing hilariously was deafening!

The crowd had been roused as they gaped at him with their mouths hanging open!

The amount of strength Xu Que emanated shocked everyone present. This was added on by the way he clutched his golden rod and pointed it towards the heavens, as if mocking the heavens for sending such a lame wave of Tribulations. His laughter in the aftermath of it was extremely intimidating and domineering.

Xu Que gave out another cold laughter. He then slammed the butt of the rod down onto the ground before pointing the middle finger at the heavens and shouting out, "Hey, hey, is that all you’ve got? Please send the strongest wave down upon Old Sun here! Wasn’t this supposed to be the Heavenly Tribulations? Come come come… I shall set a small goal for me to attain, for example, to survive nine waves of Tribulations!"