Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 131

"Ah?" Xu Que was astonished. "What’s the matter? Didn’t we say to set off tomorrow morning instead?"

"That was the initial plan but that won’t do any longer." Su Ling’er shook her head and pointed at the pills in Xu Que’s hands and continued, "These pills will bring disaster and death onto our tribe. We have to set off right now!"

"What’s the matter?" Xu Que frowned.

"There are two reason. The first is that there’s a traitor within our tribe, although I can’t be sure who it is yet. But once the traitor and the enemies knew of the fact that we have the Lightning Evasion Pill with us, the entire demonic human race will come down upon our tribe and kill us. Even the demonic beasts might turn against us."

When Su Ling’er spoke out, she paused for a second and looked at Xu Que apologetically, "The second reason is that the old granny of our race will imprison you once she hears the news of you being able to refine such a pill. At first, I wanted to invite you to join our tribe. But now… if you stay, I’m afraid you might never be able to leave."

"You don’t have to worry about this. Your old granny would never be able to restrain me against my will!" Xu Que replied plainly.

As for the first reason given by Su Ling’er, he was indeed worried.

The Lightning Evasion Pill wasn’t a huge deal to the human race, since it didn’t have much use. After all, human cultivators wouldn’t have a difficult time with their Tribulations. At least, that was the case from previous stories. Hence, the Lightning Evasion Pill wasn’t considered to be very valuable to humans and wasn’t worth learning. Hence, the art to refining such a pill was eventually lost.

However, to other races like demonic beasts or demonic humans, this pill was extremely precious and valuable. A hundred Vitality Pills wouldn’t even be enough to trade for a single Lightning Evasion Pill. What’s more, now that Xu Que had refined ten in one shot, should the demonic beasts hear about this news, they would most certainly attempt to capture him.

Xu Que was the least afraid of confrontation or being involved in battles. He had many tricks up his sleeves to defend himself. But if he were to run now, he would implicate the entire Sky Demon Tribe. That was against his morals to implicate innocent parties.

Hence it was true that these Lightning Evasion Pills really couldn’t remain within the Sky Demon Tribe. For having such valuable treasures would certainly invite trouble and death!

"Let’s not hesitate anymore. Let’s set off now and take advantage of the fact that they are still in the dark and make our way towards the Lightning Pool!" Su Ling’er seemed extremely anxious.

Xu Que nodded his head, "Eh, I shall go with you. But, would we be safe once we get to the Lightning Pool?"

"Of course we would be safe." Su Ling’er was shocked and looked suspiciously at Xu Que and lowered her voice, "Anyone who belongs to our race knows this. Apart from the day of the Thunder Tribulations, nobody would be able to use spells within the pool at any point in time. If not, the pool would attack the user! The Lightning Pool is the most sacred ground of our entire race. How can you not know that?"

"Ah-ha! I already said earlier that I was raised outside of our race’s territories since I was a kid! Alright, stop asking, let’s hurry up." Xu Que yawned before urging Su Ling’er to set off.

There were still some doubts within Su Ling’er’s heart. However, she still couldn’t see past Xu Que’s disguise puppet and the situation was indeed urgent. Hence, she casted all doubts out of her mind and took Xu Que deeper into the forests.

Since the Lightning Pool was very far away from the Sky Demon Tribe’s domains, they didn’t travel by walking. Su Ling’er immediately activated the teleportation device belonging to her tribe.

It’s just that the teleportation device didn’t send that straight to the pool. They only managed to travel half the distance, leaving the other half to be walked by the pair of them.

This was the first time Xu Que had used such a teleportation device and was extremely curious and awed by it.

The entire teleportation device was a grey colored enchanted plate on the ground. It somewhat resembled an item used in rituals with many inscriptions written across the entire boulder.

Xu Que had seen such an item for sale within the system store as well. However, it was extremely costly and Xu Que couldn’t afford it.

"Stand firm." Su Ling’er reminded him before walking straight towards the plate. She then retrieved a spirit stone from her storage ring and slapped the stone.


Instantly, the teleportation device started to rumble and tremble. All the inscriptions on the plate emitted a blinding light before disappearing and materializing in the air before them. As the air around them started moving rapidly, increasing in speed by the second.

At the next moment, Xu Que could feel a strong force surrounding himself as everything in his vision turned blurry. It felt like he was sitting on a roller coaster where everything moving past him was a blur.

Before long, everything halted around him.

When Xu Que regained his sense of direction and vision, he realized that he was standing within a desolated mountain plains.

However, he was still standing on the same teleportation device as before.

"Now, we have to rely on how fast our legs can take us!" Su Ling’er walked up to Xu Que and spoke pensively.

Xu Que nodded his head, his eyes were still focused on the teleportation device beneath his feet.

Back when he was within the Tower of souls, he had used the One Star Amulet Maker. Hence, he somewhat understood the enchanted inscriptions scattered all across the teleportation device.

After experiencing the wonders of such an item, Xu Que was intrigued. If only he could study a little more on these enchanted inscriptions and how they worked, he would probably increase his Amulet Maker to Two Star level. Then, he could even create a teleportation device which would enable him to arrive at a precise location!

"What’s the matter?" Su Ling’er whispered softly.

Xu Que regained his senses and shook his head, "It’s nothing. I was just thinking, since we’re both single men and women travelling together, it might not be very appropriate."

Su Ling’er started to blush before rolling her eyes, "Please stop all this nonsense talk. Let’s make our way towards the Lightning Pool now. Regardless of how fast we travel, it would take at least a night. I’m afraid we’re still in danger until we reach."

"Don’t worry. With me around, nobody can hurt you. Besides, you still owe me two requests. You can lick twice." Xu Que laughed out cheekily.

"What lick twice?" Su Ling’er asked warily.

"It’s nothing, it’s nothing. I’ll tell you once we cross the Tribulations." Xu Que smiled and replied mysteriously. "Right, I would like to participate in the Thunder Tribulations Worship on the second day as well."

"You?" Su Ling’er reeled in shock before laughing, "You’re only of the Golden Core Stage and the Tribulations you would undergo would only be the 49 Tribulations."

"So what? Does it mean that 49 Tribulations candidates cannot participate in the Thunder Tribulations Worship?"

"You can. It’s just that there’s no need. According to what I know, there are 8 tribes who will be competing in this Thunder Tribulations Worship. All of them are at the Full Foundation of the Original Infant Stage. Everyone would be dealing with the 59 Tribulations. If you do participate, everyone will start mocking and laughing you!"

"Haha, mock me? That’s fine. Let them laugh." Xu Que squinted his eyes and smiled.

It was such a good opportunity to act tough. Why on earth wouldn’t I go?

Besides, Xu Que was extremely confident in succeeding in his own 49 Tribulations. It was precisely because he was so confident to the point of complacency that the system even warned him and reminded him to prepare himself.

"I really couldn’t tell that you were so mild mannered and calm to allow others to mock you!" Su Ling’er whispered in surprise.

Indeed, she had always thought that Xu Que was an extremely stubborn and prideful person, who wouldn’t be able to swallow insults and taunts.

"You’re overpraising me, you’re over complimenting me!" Xu Que clasped his hands in a salute and pretended to be modest.

Su Ling’er laughed plainly before replying, "Since you’re not afraid of taunts and mockeries, it would be good for you to participate in this Thunder Tribulations Worship as well. It would help to transform you."

"Oh, what do you mean?" Xu Que asked curiously.

"Don’t you know? During the Tribulations, the thunders and lightnings which were summoned would be extremely powerful. For example, if I were to activate my own Tribulations right here, I might be faced with at most four waves of lightning assaults. However, if I activated the Tribulations within the Lightning Pool, I would face six waves of lightnings. Hence, you can use that increased Tribulation power to forge and strengthen yourself. There would be many advantages of tempering your body and becoming stronger. After all, such an event only happens once in a hundred years!" Su Ling’er spoke out expectantly.

When Xu Que heard this, he nearly threw out blood.

He was already facing a difficult Tribulation ahead as warned by the system. If he were to take on the additional assaults and increased difficulty in the Lightning Pool…

Fuck! Won’t I be electrocuted to death by the lightning and be roasted by it?