Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 115

"Whoosh!" The two demonic humans frantically rushed into the forest and were scared out of their wits.

The snake-bodied human gritted his teeth and said, "Damn it! Since when did human Cultivators get so strong? He killed that old bull in one move."

"We are finished. The King will definitely not let us off when we return." Another one of them spoke while sobbing.

"Woosh!" a figure in black robe streaked past the both of them abruptly. Immediately after, an ink-colored Great Buster Sword appeared in front of them, blocking their path.

"The both of you were already running too slow and still have the time to chit-chat?" Xu Que stood in front of them and laughed.

The demonic human’s expressions fell. They replied with trembling voices, "How…nhow could this be? How is he able to catch up to us?"

"Why not? Stop with this crap and quickly give me your necks. I will finish the both of you off in one move."

"Mercy, noble warrior! We were being forced!" The fur-tailed human sat down on the ground and scowled.

Xu Que looked at the snake-bodied human and laughed, "He’s already kneeling down to beg for mercy. How about you? You have quite the guts!"

The snake-bodied human shook his head with a gloomy look on his face and replied, "I… I want to kneel down but I don't have legs and can’t do it!"

"..." Xu Que smacked his lips and propped his Buster Sword on the ground. He then said, "Answer me first. What do the both of you mean by the Thunder Tribulations Worship?"

The fur-tailed man immediately replied, "This is a kind of worship used to elect our new Demon King. It happens once every ten years and everyone from different tribes can participate in it. The one who possesses the mightiest powers to pass the Heavenly Tribulation will be the newly-appointed Demon King."

"Just like that? What if nobody participates in the Heavenly Tribulations on the day of worship?" Xue Que questioned in doubt.

The snake-bodied human shook his head, "That is impossible. A few years prior to the worship, those who are required to participate in the Tribulation will have to suppress their Heavenly Tribulation date until the actual day of worship arrives."

"Oh, the Heavenly Tribulation can even be suppressed?" Xu Que became excited.

"Of course! One only needs to seal his own strength and restrain his aura to be able to put off his own Heavenly Tribulation. On top of that, over a long period of time, one may be able to call upon even greater and more powerful Heavenly Tribulation!"

"Are you guys courting disaster?" Xu Que became a little speechless. When one’s Heavenly Tribulation become greater and more powerful, it will become increasingly difficult to cross. If a person dies during it, he wouldn’t even become a Demon, let alone a Demon King.

"When does the Thunder Tribulations Worship start?"

"Two days later!" the snake-tailed man replied.

Oh? Two days later?

Xu Que’s eyes lit up. His own Heavenly Tribulations was also coincidentally in two days’ time!

‘This is going to be fun. My Heavenly Tribulations is in the Difficult Mode. I shall compare whose Tribulation is harder!’

He then thought of something. Turning to the two demonic humans, he asked, "How many people will be participating in the Thunder Tribulations Worship this time round? What Cultivation stage will all of them be roughly?"

The both of them looked at each other and laughed bitterly, "We don’t know exactly how many people due to the many different Tribes participating. However, this year, there are only two suitable candidates to be appointed as the new Demon King."

"One of them is the King of our Thousand Demon Tribe, the Tiger-Dragon King. Another one of them is the King from the Sky Demon Tribe, the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox! They have already been in the Full Foundation Original Infant Stage for many years. They have been stabilizing their powers for a long time just for the Thunder Tribulations Worship in two days’ time!"

"Only at the Full Foundation Original Infant Stage?" Xu Que picked his brows and asked again, "Only the demon-race can join the Thunder Tribulations Worship?"

"Mm, that’s right."

"As long as one is half-man half-demon, he is allowed to participate?"


"If one is of demon-raced but looks a little like a human on the outside, can he still participate?"

"It should be… alright."

"That’s all. You guys may go but don’t let me see your faces again." Xu Que waved his hand, prompting the both of them to leave his sight.

The two demonic humans were stunned. They were somewhat in doubt of his words. After looking at one another, they quickly fled the scene without a single word as if afraid that Xu Que would go back on his words anytime.

On the other hand, Xu Que grinned from ear to ear while looking at the both of them fleeing into distance. After they completely vanished from sight, Xu Que took his time and calmly executed his Lightning Haste, following their path.

Letting these two demons off so easily? Of course not.

Xu Que’s only thought was to take the opportunity to sneak into their tribe and cross the Tribulation. This way, he could earn some act tough points.

The two demonic humans were fast on their tracks. Moreover, they were on a desolate and narrow path filled with pitfalls and traps.

However, it was a pity that these two men had never trained any form of martial arts. As a result, it was an easy task for Xu Que to follow them far from behind without being detected.

Soon, after bypassing several hidden tunnels, Xu Que and the two demonic humans appeared within a lush forest.

To the sides of the forest were protective walls formed by several spells. It looked very majestic.

Also, vague pulses of killing intent could be felt from it.

Xu Que could not help but be amazed. He could see that it was at least a mid-ranked Spell.

At the same time, the two demonic humans outside the Spell Area muttered intelligible chants before the protective walls immediately opened up and an entrance took form.

Before Xu Que could take a peek at what was beyond the protective wall, the two demonic humans had already stepped inside, after which, the entrance on the wall closed quickly.

"Seems interesting. I shall put on my disguise for a while."

Xu Que muttered the command and took out an item from within his system inventory. It was the "Disguise Puppet" which he acquired from the Big Growth Gift Pack quite a while ago.


Disguises as another party with 100% accuracy and imitates the target’s Cultivation Stage. However, the user’s true strength is not copied. Duration: 1 hour. (Disguise targets are limited to Cultivators below the Infant Transformation Stage.)"

Xu Que had a total of two of these items. However, he never had the chance to make use of it. In this situation, he could disguise as a demonic human and sneak into the Tribe without anyone knowing.

On the flip side, there were quite a few limitations of the Disguise Puppet. It could only be used for 2 hours and the disguise is limited to Cultivators below the Infant Transformation Stage.

At once, Xu Que called out to the system and asked, "System, is it possible to increase the usage limit for this Disguise Puppet? Can I also use it to disguise as something not of this world?"

"Ding! Host is recommended to perform synthesis on the Disguise Puppet. It will have the aforementioned function after upgrade."


While Xu Que was in doubt, the system interface started to change in front of his eyes and transformed into an interface with a synthesis function.

There were nine blank grids on the top and they formed a circle. Also, there were fine lines connecting each of the blank grids, with the last line connecting to the middle of the circle, which contained larger grid. It was similar to those online games which also had the synthesis interface in the previous world.

Xu Que happened to be an avid gamer in the previous world too. After witnessing this, it was a second nature to him.

He took out both of the Disguise Puppet from his system inventory and placed them into the blank grids on the outermost layer. He screamed "Synthesize!" in his mind.

"Ding! Do you want to consume 100 act tough points to synthesis the Disguise Puppet?"

Damn! Doing this needs points too?

Xu Que widened his eyes momentarily. However, he reluctantly went with "Yes" in the end.

No choice. No pain, no gain. Treat it as an investment!


In the moment, the system synthesizing interface started to rotate rapidly and the two Disguise Puppets started to disappear. After a white light flashed past, the system beep sounded.

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ on successfully synthesizing the ‘High-ranked Disguise Puppet!"


Disguises as another party with 100% accuracy and allows user to freely choose Cultivation Stage as display. However, the user’s true strength is not increased or decreased with the Cultivation Stage display. Duration: 2 hours. (After the duration ends, every hour of extension will consume 1 act tough point! )"

"Damn! System, you are such a scammer. You won’t even let 1 act tough point off as a good will charge. Are you even human?" Xu Que started to reprimand on the spot.

"Ding! I, the system, do not belong to the human race!" The system answered indifferently.

Xu Que pouted his lips for he knew that he could not do anything about it. Afterall, there was nothing wrong with that reply.

He took another look at the "High-rank Disguise Puppet" in his system inventory. It indeed transformed into a High-ranked item after synthesis and it had much more freedom and choice in his functionality. For example, one could freely control his Cultivation Stage to be displayed. In this way, a Qi Refining Stage cultivator could ‘pretend to be a pig to prey on the tiger’ or act as a Transformation Infant Stager to scare others.

Of course, the most important part was that he could freely disguise as anyone. One could say that Xu Que can even disguise as Buddha if he wanted to!

However, Xu Que felt that he wasn’t a flamboyant person but instead was very humble and modest. Disguising as Buddha would be too high-profile for him. Also, that would fall short of the current task of disguising which was to become a half-man, half-demon.

As such, without hesitation, Xu Que confirmed his appearance to disguise with the system.

"System, transform me into a messenger who… Tathagata Buddha, the Jade Emperor and Guanyin Bodhisattva designated to undertake a journey to the West and had to undergo Huaguo Mountain and Shui Lian Dong, his aliases are the great Monkey King, The Great Sage whose name is Sun Wu Kong…"