Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 106

Xu Que was in disbelief that such a beautiful, flawless woman existed!

Even though he had read countless novels in his previous life which had described and portrayed many women who were devastatingly beautiful, he felt that such characters only appeared in novels and nobody in the real world would be so perfect.

However, he had witnessed it with his very own eyes today.

The facial features on this woman were like that of a beautiful painting. She had a fair and smooth cheeks and her face brought about an oriental feel along with a tinge of a matured and composed femininity. She also had a poised and dignified grace to her which only someone of a high position with influence and power would have.

Yet, this imposing manner she brought about was not overly intense. She possessed more of an extensive, mild and lukewarm presence. Her image could be portrayed by the words, "A motherly model of the world".

The Flaming Sun Princess also possessed a similar air of high authority. But compared with the woman right in front of him, the Flaming Sun Princess appears to be uncivilized and was no match for this woman’s imposing aura!

Just as Xu Que was lost in his thoughts while staring at the lady in front of him, her pair of eyes moved and fixated themselves upon him.

She was shocked when it all first happened, but her eyes started to reveal a certain impossible calmness which resembled a graceful flowing water. She muttered softly to herself.

"Something’s not right. This pretty boy is only at the Golden Core Stage Full Foundation. How is he able to reach the eighth level? Who knew that my Heart’s Demons would arrive so quickly! But I've already been in secluded Cultivation for several months. Today is the day that I was supposed to unleash the Ice Element Spiritual Qi from my body and is a critical moment to reconstruct the Infant Transformation from my Nirvana state. I cannot afford to have any distractions disrupting the process. On top of that, I've never exposed my body in such a way to outsiders before. Could it be that… This is my heart’s weakness which caused my Heart’s Demons to appear?"

"But… even the Heart’s Demons has its flaws. My state of mind was disturbed slightly just now but it didn't pose much of a problem. I should be glad that my illusionary Heart’s Demons is at a mere Golden Core Stage. If it was at the Infant Transformation Stage, I would've fallen for the illusion and my soul strength would be shaken, ultimately ruining all my efforts. Since I’ve already seen through this young man’s true form, I need not care about it anymore."

After her thoughts, the woman closed her eyes again, emptied her thoughts and reentered into her state of Cultivation again.

As for her identity, she was naturally the most outstanding female genius of the Sky Incense Valley. She was the current Empress of the Water Nation, Hong Yan!

However, there was a limit to Xu Que’s imagination. Although he knew that this lady’s status was probably remarkable, he would have never guessed that she was the all-powerful Empress.

At this time, in the face of a naked lady sitting in front of him, although he had thoroughly checked her out from top to bottom, she did not seem to be bothered. She stayed calm and composed and continued to cultivate.

Xu Que was flabbergasted all of a sudden.

Could this be a norm over here? Are ladies here not afraid to be seen naked?

Dang, how open-minded! How sick! How indecent!

I should have come earlier and criticize their wrongdoings and given them a lesson on life!

However, the priority was to get out of being trapped within these clouds of mist. He was definitely in an awkward situation!

"Hey, gorgeous?" Wanting to get out of his situation, Xu Que looked towards the lady and called out gently.

However, the Empress had assumed that he was just an illusion- her Heart’s Demons. She did not care to hear or look at him and remained in a calm and tranquil state. She did not move a single inch.

Even her long eyelashes didn’t move the slightest.

Xu Que pouted his lips and tried to jerk his body. However, with the tremendous pressure forced upon him, he was stuck in the middle and could not move a single inch, let alone try to squeeze his way out.

Feeling impatient, Xu Que had no choice but to ask call out again, "Lady, I’m stuck and cannot pull myself up. Give me a hand here."

"..." The Empress did not budge!

Xu Que continued to call out, "Lady, help to pull me up. I’m really stuck."

"..." The Empress did not react. However, her eyelashes started to twitch several times.

Xu Que had just ate the Smelly Tofu before coming up. Being just over ten centimetres away from the Empress, the stench immediately emerged from his mouth when he spoke.

The Empress could not help but to slightly move her pupils and knit her elegant eyebrows, as if being offended by the smell. She muttered to herself in her head in shock, "How can the Heart’s Demons formed this time be so powerful? It can even emit a stench? Wasn’t it just an illusion? Not good… my mind is a little disturbed. I can’t be distracted any further!"

She immediately concentrated her energy again, emptied her mind and entered into a state of Cultivation.

Upon seeing her acting so coldly, Xu Que became annoyed.

He sneered, "Lady, are you deaf? Or are you unable to move? Quickly save me. If you do, I will treat you to some Smelly Tofu and barbequed chicken wings as thanks."


"You don’t like them? How about I make a poem for you?"


"Lady, your appearance makes me enraptured, your face looks exquisite and doesn’t look wrinkled! Eh, how’s that? Does it sounds like it rhyme? It’s my first time constructing a poem!"


"Are you really unable to speak? You could at least blink to respond to me!"


"Move a little bit. Fuck me… You really can’t do it?"


"Sigh… the morals of the public are degenerating each day. Nobody care from their hearts anymore! Lady, with your beauty, why aren’t you a little more warmhearted? Do you know anything about doing heroic deeds? How about helping others when they are in need?"

"..." The Empress still didn’t budge.

Fortunately, the Empress had a steady and strong mind and was not easily affected by external factors.

If it was anybody else, trying to cultivate in seclusion while having to hear Xu Que’s nagging, it would have caused anyone to break their form and even rushed forward to give him a savage beating.

"Damn you! You are a tough one. Hmph! If you refuse to save me, I will save myself then!" Xu Que reprimanded in his head. He brought out the system and asked, "System, any idea to help me out of this situation?"

"Ding! Host, you will only have to wait half an hour. After the tempering of the soul strength is finished, your soul strength will improve by 100%! Also, you will be able to purchase 8 drops of the Dark Jade Dew. With the both combined, you will have no need to bother with the pressure on this level!" The system replied.

Xu Que immediately widened his eyes and exclaimed in his head, "8 drops of Dark Jade Dew? What the hell? Are you trying to rob me!"

The 8 drops of Dark Jade Dew will cost a whole 4000 act tough points!

He originally had 4000 over act tough points. However, to reach this level, he had already purchased 2 drops of Dark Jade Dew and was left with 3000 over act tough points. He could not afford anymore!

"If I had known earlier, I wouldn’t have went up this stupid eighth level! I thought I could save a big bunch of act tough points. Who knew that I would have only gained soul strength, but make such a big loss on the act tough points." Xu Que was feeling a little vexed. He then looked at the lady who was inches away from him and suddenly thought of an idea.

"No, I definitely have to act tough in front of you! If not, god knows how long I will be stuck here! What if the 49 Heavenly Tribulations happen a few days later and I’m still stuck? Won’t I be hacked to death while being stuck here?" Xu Que thought to himself and made his choice.

"System, help me to think of an idea to allow me to move around. Even a small area is fine!"

"Ding! You can buy 1 drop of the Dark Jade Dew!"

"Any free or cheaper alternatives?" Xu Que asked bitterly.

"This is already the cheapest solution. After the Host consumes the Dark Jade Dew, you will be able to have a square meter’s activity area. Half an hour later, after your soul strength is tempered, you can acquire 3 square meter’s activity area!"

"...Alright, I’ll buy one drop. And didn’t I earn the nickname of the ‘Act Tough Criminal’? Can I get a 10% off?"

"Ding! The prices of the system store’s items have already been discounted!"

"..." What an unscrupulous black market. You’re so black, I'm actually pissed.

Xu Que grievously cursed in silence and proceeded to purchase a drop of the Dark Jade Dew. He then consumed it.

Quickly, he felt something change in his mind and his soul strength expanded by 60%.

At the same time, the feeling of being shackled was broken in an instant. The clouds of mist slowly floated away from him and retreated a square meter away. Xu Que had finally regained his freedom.

"Although it’s only a square meter, but as a master of acting tough, I will never lose my edge just because of the restricted space!"

Xu Que pouted, looked at the lady who was seated in front of him and exclaimed, "Lady, hurry and watch me act tough!"

Empress: "..."

Xu Que concentrated his gaze and focused his attention on the Empress.

Eh, it’s nothing much. It’s just that the view was superb and so he looked at her for a while longer.

After some time, Xu Que stopped staring, and regained his decent aura of a nobleman. He reached into his system inventory and started to throw items out. These items were all kinds of tools to act tough!