Transmigration: The Cannon Fodder Beauty and Masked Beast


Transmigration: The Cannon Fodder Beauty and Masked Beast Chapter 143 - Planning to ignore

Knocking on his door, Lee Soohyun waited for a reply from Han Minhyun. When she heard a 'Come in', Lee Soohyun turned the knob and pushed open the door.

A nonchalant expression sat on Soohyun's face as she stepped into the study room. Closing the door door behind her, Soohyun walked further into the room and sat on the chair in front of Minhyun.

Han Minhyun continued to stare down at his documents, and feeling irritated, Lee Soohyun slammed her palm on top of his table. 

"Are you actually planning to ignore me?" Soohyun questioned— a pout forming on her face.

Han Minhyun raised his line of sight and said, "Without me looking at you, you can say whatever you want to."

Furrowing her eyebrows, Soohyun voiced out, "Someone as capable as you most definitely has an idea on why I am here. So, I need an answer."

Looking down at his document, Minhyun replied, "Well, your transmutation is at the end of this month, so train more efficiently if you don't want to die or go into coma."

Lee Soohyun stated, "Heol! Look at how casually you're saying this! You clearly know how lacking U am in this training, and doing it this month is definitely risky."

"We have to take the risk; The enemies are stepping up in their game," Minhyun vocalised, "That's why, you'll be training nonstop these days."

"Han Minhyun, the chances of me dying is higher. As far as I know, going through the transmutation process is suicide unless the person is very strong and fit mentally and physically," Soohyun pointed out.

"Use this as your motivation, Soohyun," Minhyun voiced out.

Raising his head, Minhyun stared at Soohyun and vocalised, "More than you yourself, I don't want you to die, but why do you think I am taking this chance? Lee Soohyun, your life is really important. Your death would lead to my downfall, and my downfall would potentially destroy the entire Red Clan," Han Minhyun voiced out.

Lee Soohyun let out a sigh. Han Minhyun was right. At that moment, Soohyun was too drunk over her emotions to analyze everything properly.

"I guess you are right, but can't you comfort me in a better and sweeter way? Tch!" Soohyun vocalised.

"That is because you don't deserve it," Minhyun pointed out.

Lee Soohyun scrunched up her nose and said, "If you're not sweet to me, whom will you be sweet to? Heol! No way! Don't tell me you a Mistress or crush on someone else."

Han Minhyun voiced out, "I am considering that."

"What a husband!" Soohyun exclaimed.

Soohyun then questioned, "If you cheat on me, can I cheat on you as well?"

"I want to cheat on you, but I am too scared to do so. What if you lock me in some dark room and torture me?" Lee Soohyun voiced out.

Wearing a smirk on his face, Minhyun questioned, "Is there anyone who would help you cheat on me?"

Lee Soohyun had to admit that Han Minhyun was right. Males would be too scared after hearing Minhyun's name to help her cheat on Minhyun.

Lee Soohyun shrugged her shoulders and vocalised, "You never know; There are lots of type of people in this world."

Han Minhyun boredly looked at Soohyun and said, "Sure, go and find someone to cheat with on me. After you do that, I can finally divorce you and get rid of you."

"Heol! Heartless indeed! You should be jealous and possessive," Soohyun voiced out.

"Funny. Why should I feel jealous and possessive over a trash?" Minhyun expressed.

Lee Soohyun laughed and said, "Fine, I admit that you win. Happy? But sooner or later, you'll fall for me."

"Did any man even fall for you?" Han Minhyun asked.

Han Minhyun's question made Soohyun speechless. No man has fallen for Soohyun. However, this time she had Jiwoo's body, who was drop dead beautiful.

"That's because I looked like a boy in last life," Soohyun answered.

"Ah!" Minhyun exclaimed.

He then questioned, "So, you're telling me that girls who look like boys wouldn't be able to have men fall for them?"

"It's not that; It's just that people around me were too shallow," Soohyun vocalised. 

"That's fancy way to say that your personality is rotten," Minhyun stated whilst nodding his head, and amusement showed in his eyes.

"Heol! Han Minhyun, were you a bully in your highschool days?" Lee Soohyun asked.

"I was a bully, and I am pretty sure you can imagine how I bullied others," Minhyun vocalized.

"You're truly have a villainous personality. No wonder you did not have people confessing to you," Soohyun voiced out, "If a man is rich, they have millions of woman running towards them whilst you have woman running away from you."

Han Minhyun's lips curved to a smirk as he pointed out, "Didn't you run towards me?"

Lee Soohyun chuckled and said, "Only girls like me will run towards you. You can forget about the decent ones."

"You're not a decent woman?" Minhyun questioned.

Scrunching up her nose, she questioned, "Don't you think decent is way too boring for me?"

Han Minhyun nodded in agreement and expressed, "Truly, decent doesn't suit you. Which woman, who is dumb, lazy, and shallow, will be considered decent?"

"Isn't that why we make the best couple? You're not decent neither am I," Soohyun voiced out as she winked her eyes.

Soohyun then added, "We are really a match made in heaven."

"For someone like you, I might seem better than what you could have ever imagined. However, for me, I think I deserve someone better," Minhyun vocalised.

Standing up, Lee Soohyun walked towards Han Minhyun, and Minhyun spun his chair slightly to face her. Holding Minhyun's shoulder, Lee Soohyun leaned closer to Minhyun.

Her warm breath hit Han Minhyun as she said, "Regardless of how I am, I surely can make you crave for me."

She placed a peck on Minhyun's lips and stepped back. Soohyun's lips curved to a wide smile as she vocalised, "Other than that, I can also make you talk with me for hours."

Soohyun then let out a yawn and added, "I have to sleep now, Dear Husband. Goodbye."

Before she could walk away, Minhyun gripped her wrist, surprising her and pulled her towards him. As she sat upon Minhyun's leg, a gasp left her mouth.

Before Soohyun could say anything, she felt Minhyun's mouth capturing hers.


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