Transmigration: The Cannon Fodder Beauty and Masked Beast

Other name: No other name

Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Mystery, Romance

Date released: Unknown
Views: 7513

Author: ShinSungmi

Status: Ongoing

Translator: Webnovel

Not only Lee Soohyun spent a night with the main villain, she found herself in the body of the Cannon Fodder, Moon Jiwoo.


Now, bound to a system, she had to reach three goals in order to avoid death— Top the Villain, get him to open his mask, and lastly, make him fall for her.


Something that is truly not possible when, according to the author, the main villain was smitten by the female lead.


On top of that, following Jiwoo's last wish, she had to separate the male leads and the female lead when they were her favourite ship! Moreover, if the talented main villain couldn't do it, how could she then?


This was truly too unfair!





Wrapping her hand around Minhyun's neck gradually, she whispered, "Then, what if I try to make you miss me?"


'I think that's how the girl in the drama said it.'


Pulling her back by gripping her hair, he spoke out, "You'll regret messing with me."


Soohyun wanted to cry out. 'I know, I know. But what more can I do when my life is on the life? Sadly, I can't let you know of my perils.'


"Then, show me how I'll regret it," Soohyun said.




"Dear Husband, as much as I want to beat you up at this moment, I don't want to show my ugly side you and make you reluctant to sleep with me the next time around."


"Is your so-called ugly side worse than your smiling expression at this moment, Dear Wife?" Han Minhyun questioned.


"Dear Husband, what are you talking about? When I smile, the flowers bloom and skies clear up. The moods of the animals improve, and the birds start singing."


"Dear wife, the delusional disorder you have seems serious. Should I take you to the hospital because when you smile, the flowers wither and storms wreak havoc, the animals get a headache and birds get sore throat," Minhyun voiced out.


Lee Soohyun raised one of her eyebrows.


"Are you sure, Dear Husband, that you are not the one with delusional disorder?"

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