The Strongest Wizard Who Makes Full Use of the Strategy Book


The Strongest Wizard Who Makes Full Use of the Strategy Book Chapter 21

I <Warrior> Misha, along with the Hero's party, Hilde, Nyaco, and Eugene, have finally reached the top floor of Delven'Vro's Castle.

The level of the monsters laying in the castle was really high to the point you're really questioning how one man was able to reach the 5th floor by himself. There were also well-hidden traps across each floor of the castle.

We barely managed to reach this floor, if not for our <HP> and <Mana> potions and other consumption items I'm not sure what would've happened.

Recently, our party has been made out of Eugene's foolishness and lack of seriousness, but today we were able to work together properly and was able to face this challenge.

I still can't forgive Eugene for setting Magnus in a trap......

I have to bear with it.....

To live.....

To bring back peace in Laxter Kingdom.

[I'm sorry Magnus........I'll help you out later......]

◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇

Delven'Vro was at the Throne Room of the castle.

It was exactly the same as the King's audience hall back in Lassia.

Delven'Vro was a humanoid monster, except that was 4 meters tall, had blue skin, and gigantic fists that may exceed 2 metres if he was to extend it!

He was leaning back in his great throne which fitted him perfectly.

"Oho....You've finally reached this point, human" (Delven'Vro)

Delven'Vro greeted us with his cheek resting on his right hand looking bored.

Then Eugene replied with his typical arrogant attitude.

"Tch! I don't care what you bastard say!" (Eugene)

"No, no, I truly praise you for coming here, I feel honoured" (Delven'Vro)

Delven'Vro said so and smiled happily.

His sinister golden pupils were staring at us.

"Huh!?" (Eugene)

"Hmm.... Level 22 <Warrior> and <Monk>, Level 20 <Martial Artist>, and Level 19 <Hero>......Such small fries, I dare say to have come this far......What tricks did you use?" (Delven'Vro)

"Small fries?! Us?!" (Eugene)

"If you look at your <Status> and <Level>, isn't it obvious? Well, I suppose you're just lucky, 'Hero-san' be chosen as a <Hero> is one in a billion chances...." (Delven'Vro)

Delven'Vro continued to ridicule Eugene with a mocking smile.

Eugene started to tremble with anger and screamed,

"I can't forgive you anymore!!" (Eugene)

"Hahahaha! That's right, come over here" (Delven'Vro)

Delven'Vro laughed as he watched Eugene.

"The Demon Lord's orders were to say, 'Hero, be my pawn. I'll give you half of Laxter' when the hero arrives" (Delven'Vro)

"Eh?! Really?!" (Eugene)

"But I'm not willing to offer you that now seeing how feeble you are. Now, DIE" (Delven'Vro)

"?! Damn youuuuuuuuuuuu!!!" (Eugene)

Eugene unleashed his <Flame Sword> and charged with anger.

Hilde casted spells quickly and buffed Eugene one after another.

Nyaco and I were also running beside Eugene to protect his sides.

Delven'Vro intercepted the attack.

[No.... did he really intercept it?]

He didn't even stand from his throne, he just placed his gigantic hand as a shield, while still sitting in his throne.

We started to attack his right hand (shield) with full power.

I thrust my spear, and Nyaco drove a full-powered kick.

Eugene's <Flame Sword> raged with fire all around its blade. It was a powerful weapon that was threatened to be made.

Moreover, the wielder was the <Hero> which has the best source of magic damage.

"I'm not done yet!!Oraaaaa!!" (Eugene)

Eugene used his <Hero> special skill, <Awakening>.

It was a unique skill that unleashes the hidden value of weapons and armours, especially if it's a <Magic Item>. It was the reason for Eugene's search of it, even if he had to threaten Bezelf-san to obtain it.

With the <Awakening> skill, Eugene's <Flame Sword> became more and more bright and the flames surrounding it raged.

Swinging a crimson-lit sword, Eugene who's a <Hero> attacked the <Magic Fist General>.

—Then the <Flame Sword> broke suddenly.

The blade couldn't withstand the magic force coming from Delven'Vro's palm and the power that was forcibly enhanced by the <Awakening>.

The moment it touched Delven'Vro, we were all surprised.

"W-w-what?! Isn't this the <Magic Item> that can be sold for 8,000 gold coins?!?!?" (Eugene)

"Hahahaha! Did you, somehow bought a fake replica or a defective product?" (Delven'Vro)

Eugene was staring at the hilt of what used to be the <Flame Sword>, while Delven'Vro continued to laugh so hard.

"It's not a fake! He was the best dwarf blacksmith! I made him forge it right in front of me! There's no chance that this is a fake!" (Eugene)

"Haahaha...... Then did he write an inscription to the blade? Right?" (Delven'Vro)

"...........What?......" (Eugene)

Eugene gazed at the shattered pieces of the <Flame Sword> and was stunned.

"Hahahaha, then it's a defective product after all!" (Delven'Vro)

Delven'Vro laughed and hit his knee with his left hand causing a little rumble.

During that time, my <Steel Spear> broke and Nyaco's legs and fists were sore as we kept attacking all that time.

The result was unbelievable because not a single scratch can be seen from Delven'Vro's palm.

That's how powerful the boss monster was.

"Kuhahahahaha, physical attacks are useless to me. Remember, since I've become level 30 you won't be able to damage me with physical attacks.... Is there no <Mage> in your party?.... Such ・ A ・Weak ・party ・ with ・ a ・fool・of・a ・leader....." (Delven'Vro)

Delven'Vro ridiculed with a voice of pity.

"Oi! Are you listening, party leader? Hero?" (Delven'Vro)

To Eugene who was still staring at his <Flaming Sword>, Delven'Vro flicked him with his middle finger playfully.

But even though it was just a flick, Eugene's body flew violently, his body bounced multiple times on the floor before hitting the wall.

"Obuu, Ohuuu *cough*" (Eugene)

Each time Eugene bounced off the floor he gave a lady-like scream.

"I'm going to heal you now, Hero-sama!" (Hilde)

Hilde ran to Eugene and casted a recovery spell.

Then Eugene grabbed Hilde's hand.

"Let's run away" (Eugene)

"What?" (Hilde)

"Hilde is the only one I have....The two of us should run away" (Eugene)

"Eh? Hero-sama?" (Hilde)

Eugene forcibly pulled Hilde's hand and ran away from the Throne Room.

This time it was Nyaco and me, who were stupefied.

[How dare you be such a coward!

You dare call yourself a Hero and cause troubles wherever you go!]

"HAHAHAHAHA! Was that really the <Hero>?! Are you sure you didn't mistake him for a coward?!" (Delven'Vro)

Delven'Vro was laughing so hard while holding his belly with both hands.

He seemed to be laughing at us who were left behind.

After Delven'Vro stopped laughing, he raised his right hand.

"haha.....Well, let's see, I hope you, who have been left behind, will taste better" (Delven'Vro)

"""" (Nyaco/Misha)

Suddenly in Delven'Vro's right palm were eyes on each finger, then his hand separated from his arm. {tl; I'm not so sure about this.... If I get a clearer translation I'll just change it}

Then each finger opened a mouth-like hole, then tentacle sprouted from those mouths.

It looked like a grotesque monster. {tl; oh boi.....tentacle monster.....}

"I can't hold myself any longer, from now on I'll enjoy your delicious-looking limbs" (Delven'Vro)

Delven'Vro said that then his "finger-tentacles" came towards Nyaco.

A huge, self-supporting right hand,* while licking its lips, extended its tentacles. {tl; I think the hand itself became a different monster altogether}

"Nyaaa~~Nyaaa!~~~~~ I don't like that kind of thing!! No~~~don't lick me~~!" (Nyaco)

Nyaco cried and struggled, but that didn't do anything to the monster.

"My <Fist Bind> won't take any damage unless your level is 32 and above!" (Delven'Vro)

Delven'Vro shouted with an ecstatic voice.

Then his left hand, the same with his right hand, detached from his arm.

This time coming for me.

"Nooo....Nooooo" (Misha)

"Didn't I say, resistance is futile?" (Delven'Vro)

"Uwaaa!" (Misha)

I cornered in a wall without any chance of escaping, all I could do is cry like a little girl.

I thought, just like what is happening to Nyaco, I would be violated once I'm captured.

Half of my mind reached to the point of giving up, while the other is crying for help.

Then the tongue extended from Delven'Vro's hand and approached close to my skin, I closed my eyes—

—But it never touched me.

[Was I saved?]

To my hope, I directed my full attention towards the entrance of the Throne Room.

There, stood Magnus.


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