The Strong Wife from Peasant Family


The Strong Wife from Peasant Family Chapter 22

"Xiao Ling, dangerous!" Liu Zhimo's eyes could not help but stare as he shouted. At that moment, he felt as though his heart had stopped.

In that moment of life and death …

The bear blind struggled for a bit before finally collapsing.

His hand was shaking even more than hers. It seemed that the scene just now had truly frightened him.

Seeing that she was really alright, Liu Zhimo heaved a sigh of relief, "Next time, I can't be this reckless, understand?" What would he do to his aunt if anything happened to her?

"Got it." Li Qingling nodded obediently. The danger this time made her realize even more that if he was not careful and careful, he would really lose his life in just a few minutes in the deep mountains.

She looked at the dead tiger beside her. When the tiger died, its eyes were wide open as it looked towards a certain direction with yearning, as if there was something that it could not bear to part with.

Her heart skipped a beat as she started walking in that direction. Just as she walked in that direction, she saw a little tiger cub in the grass.

It should be because of the smell that the bear blind emitted when the tiger was producing.

In order to protect the tiger cub, the female tiger had to do his best to protect his child.

Li Qingling was instantly moved by the female tiger's actions. She gently hugged the little tiger who was sniffing all over the ground.

"Little Tiger?" Liu Zhimo walked over and blinked his eyes in surprise, "What do you want to do with this little tiger?" From the looks of it, she wouldn't hurt the little tiger that lost its mother at such a young age.

He understood her.

Li Qingling worriedly sighed, "If I don't care about this little tiger, he might not be able to live past tomorrow." She could only watch as the little tiger died. She couldn't do it, but if he brought it back home, it would be a huge problem.

She … They were really conflicted!

After frowning for a moment, Liu Zhimo made a decision for Li Qingling. He suggested that she carry the little tiger back first and put it in his house to raise.

He knew that she had this intention, but he was a little worried, so he was in a dilemma.

Hearing his suggestion, Li Qingling nodded his head. He carefully carried the little tiger in front of the female tiger and told her, "Don't worry, I will take good care of it until it becomes independent."

With that, she closed the tiger's eyes.

For some reason, her heart felt uncomfortable.

Liu Zhimo rubbed her head softly, silently comforting her.

Taking a deep breath, Li Qingling suppressed the pain in his heart. She placed the little tiger beside the female tiger and told her to drink the milk.

She then went and cut off the claws of the bear blind. These four bear paws were quite valuable, they should be able to be sold for a good price.

"Zhi Moge, dig a hole here and bury the bear blind and tiger inside." Li Qingling said as he started to dig.

She was touched by the mother's love for the little tiger and did not want to sell it for money. It was better for her to bury it in the ground and rest in peace!

Liu Zhimo replied as he put down the basket on his back. Then, he went to help Li Qingling dig a hole.

The two dug a very deep hole, placed the bear blind and the female tiger inside, and covered the soil with the lid. After they finished digging all of these, they carried the basket and left.

"We need to leave this place as soon as possible." Li Qingling increased his speed, "Tonight, I will not stay in the cave for the night, I will return to the outskirts of the mountain to spend the night, I am afraid that the smell of blood will attract other beasts."

If they attracted the wolves, then the two of them would be in trouble.

For her own safety, she chose to return to the outskirts of the mountain for the night.

Hearing that, Liu Zhimo's expression became more serious, and he silently nodded his head.

Two years later, he returned to the cave, put the jars and other things in the basket, and went out.

The quilts and reed mats were left in the cave. They would come back next time anyway, so they would have to spend the night here.

After hurrying, it took her two years and a half to return to the outskirts of the mountain. Once she returned, Li Qingling sat down on the small hill that she had spent the night on before.

She was sitting next to him and could hear his heavy breathing.

"Are you very tired?" His forehead was covered in sweat, and his face was flushed red.

Liu Zhimo licked his lips and nodded.

He was indeed exhausted, but on the road, he didn't dare let her stop for a rest. He knew that once she stopped, he wouldn't be able to get up.

Seeing that his lips were starting to dry, Li Qingling immediately stood up and took the jar to the stream to fill it up with water, and then put some spirit water in before boiling it.

The firewood she had picked up last time was still there, so she didn't need to pick it up to start a fire.

"There's going to be water later, just endure it." Li Qingling lit the fire and sat beside him.

When she came here, she didn't allow Li Qingfeng to drink cold water directly. He had to boil some water before he could drink.

"Thank you …" Liu Zhimo swallowed his saliva with much difficulty and thanked her softly.

Li Qingling waved his hand, telling him not to be so polite.

In a quarter of an hour, the water began to boil. She lifted the lid to let the water cool down before she brought it to him for him to drink.

He wasn't sure if he was too thirsty, or something, but he felt that the water was very sweet.

"This stream is so sweet." Liu Zhimo cleared his thirst and returned the jar to Li Qingling's hands. He smiled and said, "You want to try it?"

She knew what was going on, of course, but she couldn't say it out loud.

Li Qingling held the jar and drank a few mouthfuls, nodding. Maybe because we were too thirsty, we felt that the water in the creek was very sweet.

Liu Zhimo thought about it. Probably, the last time he drank, he did not have such a feeling.

Seeing that he did not mention this topic anymore, Li Qingling secretly heaved a sigh of relief, extended her hand out and pulled the little tiger out, drinking some water for it.

The little tiger was truly thirsty, sucking on her finger without letting go. Seeing this, she poured some more for it to drink.

When it stopped drinking, she put it back in the basket and went to cook some more food.

She and Liu Zhimo had not eaten for almost an entire day, and her stomach was so hungry that it felt empty.

"Zhi Moge, do you want to eat the hair pit Chicken, or the roasted chicken?" Li Qingling took out a wild chicken and asked Liu Zhimo with a smile.

"Whatever you want, I'll eat whatever you want. I won't choose."

"..." It was this kind of answer that made it difficult for people to choose.

Li Qingling thought for a while, then decided to roast the chicken, the wild chicken was roasting very well.

She took the wild chicken to the stream to be cooked, and told Liu Zhimo to pick some wild vegetables to cook.

After eating the wild chicken and eating some wild vegetables, he would not feel greasy.

The two of them worked together, and the first meal of the day was ready.

The little tiger seemed to have also smelled the fragrance of the roasted chicken as it whined continuously in the basket.

Li Qingling laughed and took it out from the basket and placed it in her embrace. Seeing that it was still too small, he did not dare to feed it barbecue.

It seemed to know that spirit water was a good thing, and it only let go of her finger after sucking up all her spirit water.

"Ghost spirit …" She tapped the little tiger on the forehead and said with a smile.

Seeing the interaction between her and the little tiger, Liu Zhimo also laughed, "It's really close to you." They probably knew that Li Qingling was its savior.

"Mmm, I love people, but flowers bloom when I see them." She laughed heartily. She was not the least bit ashamed of being praised like this.

"..." If it was really just a little bit of sunshine, then she would be brilliant, and if it was just a little bit of color, she would have actually opened up her face.

Liu Zhimo shook his head helplessly and took two bites of the roasted chicken leg. He felt that Li Qingling's cooking was getting better and better, and the roasted chicken leg was even more delicious than the last time.

"Is it delicious?" Seeing that he was eating so quickly, Li Qingling smiled and asked him a question. The roasted chicken had also been added with spirit water, and adding the ingredients that she had brought, it must definitely be better than the last time.

When he heard this, he nodded his head repeatedly. He stretched out his hand and tore off another piece of meat. He stuffed it into his mouth and said, "It's very delicious." To be honest, ever since he was young, this was the first time he had eaten such a delicious chicken. It was so tasty that he almost wanted to swallow his own tongue.

Li Qingling complacently raised his brows, "This time, I've added some ingredients, so it will smell better when baked." If even this didn't taste good, then she had no other choice.

The two of them quickly finished off a wild chicken and also finished eating the wild vegetables. They both let out a sigh of relief. This kind of life was called living a life!

"Zhi Moge, stay here for the night. Tomorrow morning, leave the mountain, go to the town and sell your prey, and then return home." You can't put the bear paw for too long. If you put it for too long, it won't be fresh.

"Alright …" Liu Zhimo nodded.

The two of them spent the night on the hillside. Early the next morning, they went to the town to sell their prey. This time, they got forty-three taels of silver, and with ten pieces of bear's paw, they sold four of them for forty taels of silver.

After receiving so much silver, Li Qingling and Liu Zhimo laughed so hard that their teeth could no longer be seen.

The two excitedly rushed home, but they didn't expect that the moment they returned to the village, the villagers would yell at them the moment they saw them.

"Xiao Ling, where did you go? Everyone's looking for you. Mom's in trouble, I can't take it anymore. Let's hurry up and go home! "


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