The Rise of the White Lotus

Other name: No other name

Genre: Romance

Date released: Unknown
Views: 8423

Author: BAJJ

Status: Ongoing

Translator: Webnovel

The downfall of the infamous white lotus, Lexi Yang led her to the only escape she knew -- SUICIDE.


Born with a golden spoon, having all the privileges being the young miss of the prestigious Yang family, Lexi Yang was the type of person that whatever she wants, she gets. However, fate must have challenged her the moment she fell in love with the domineering CEO of Liu Empire.


Alas, just like in every romance novels, Morris Liu fell for another woman who's kind, fragile, and gentle.


Due to her intense desire to gain Morris Liu's love, she has done extreme vicious deeds. But in the end, everything backfired on her.


Now, on her death moment, just as her vision went to a pitch black abyss, a cute minion voice was heard.


"Chuchururu~! CONGRATULATIONS! Your viciousness score surpassed the preliminary test! To receive full access to the 'otome love system', here's the initiation main task -- make your ex-fiance's bestfriend fall in love with you!"

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