The Reincarnated Person Doesn't Want to Cheat (LN)


The Reincarnated Person Doesn't Want to Cheat (LN) Volume 2 Chapter 6 part1

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Chapter 6.

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Natsuki Aoi 奈月葵


Yukkuri Oniisan



Volume 2

Chapter 6 Part 1


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Eight centuries and a few decades ago, Iscalio Empire was extremely prosperous Magic Nation under the reign of the strongest and most celebrated Flame Emperor, Igirma Or Iscalio.

The Fimeria Province as the Empire’s frontier land was adjacent to the other countries, but the power of the empire is mighty. Therefore, there were no countries that will wage a war thoughtlessly, and the 16 years old Flaruca had an extremely peaceful life as a daughter of a Margrave.

Then that day too should be yet another day where nothing happens. Her father and his next heir, her younger brother, left for the Imperial Capital for a task, it was a custom event held once every few years. If the trip proceeds smoothly, it would take about 3 months for a round trip with a carriage. They had been staying in the Imperial Capital for one month. Soon, there would be a message of their return to the Province so Flaruca and her mother was waiting for it.

However, that peace came to an end. One day, at a dawn, there was a bad news arrived from the Wind Magic Transmission Bird cast by the Second Aide who accompanied her father.

🐦 Swarm of monsters from the castle. Will definitely return. 🐦

This very brief message sent a severe shock to the Province.

As if to acting in concert with the monster of Imperial Capital, the number of sighting of magic beast and monster in the province continued to increase day by day. Furthermore, it began to inflict damages on the citizen. This was unmanageable just by the vigilante groups alone, so they had to dispatch the Lord’s soldiers to various places to lead the subjugation and took countermeasures.

Flaruca’s mother, who was forced to respond to these events as the wife of the Lord, finally collapsed from excessive anxiety for her husband and son who hadn’t yet return even after five months had passed since their message.


Yes, ojou-sama.[1](Bartol)

Flaruca called one Aide to the Lord-less office and presented the document that she had just written.

From now on, you will assume the duty as the acting Lord.(Flaruca)

Wh-what are you talking about!(Bartol)

The document was for leaving the authority of the Lord to him as the aide.

It is fortunate that my father did not take you, the First Aide, and instead took the young Second Aide to train him. Thanks to this, my mother and me, could properly govern as the acting Lord. But this is not possible anymore. My mother needs a medical treatment.(Flaruca)

Then Flaruca-sama can……(Bartol)

There is something that I want to do.(Flaruca)

Want to do?(Bartol)

Even though she felt sorry for to the confused Bartol, Flaruca spoke out.

I want to go and search for Father and the others.(Flaruca)

Gulp, there was a gasp.

…… can’t do.(Bartol)

Bartol muttered, then strongly shook his head.

That can’t do! Outside the province…… No, even inside the Province, there are many confirmed appearance of magic beasts and monsters that have turned ferocious. If something happened to ojou-sama……(Bartol)

The remaining words never came. However, even without hearing it, they understand.

――If Flaruca dies, there will be no one to succeed Fimeria territory.

This line assumed that the current Lord and his heir are already dead. This was an ill-omened saying, so he couldn’t bring himself to say it.

I understand, Bartol. Even if they didn’t use a horse carriage and went back to the Province from the Imperial Capital on foot, it is already way too late. Even though there are already refugees fleeing the Imperial Capital arrived in Fimeria Province, there is nary a contact from Father or the others. Both of them…… might have died.(Flaruca)

Flaruca forced the last few words out of her mouth.

To go towards the Capital of the Empire located in the northwestern part of the continent, one must cross the Yggurd Heights that separating the Imperial Capital from each Province. It was not as rugged as a mountain crossing, but it would take a longer time compared to walk on a flat plain. For a horse-drawn carriage, a round trip would be about three months. But five months had passed. She had to be prepared for the worst. But ...

Father and Little Brother have Earth Attribute that excels on defense. That’s why…… That’s why perhaps they are staying on a village or town somewhere to protect the wounded, then if they forget to contact us, I will give spank them ten times for Mother’s share too.(Flaruca)

Then they would immediately return to the Fimeria Province.

If I arrived at the Imperial Capital and still find no traces of them, then I will give up. I will get something that likely to be their remains and return soon.(Flaruca)


I am the Miko of the Earth Spirit King, you know? I won’t be that easily killed by a monster.(Flaruca)

She had to thank the Earth Spirit King she met when she was young. Her body as a Miko couldn’t be easily hurt, and she can exert a much stronger force than a normal Body Enhancement and not suffering any fatigue. With one swing of a mace ―― no, if she wants to do it, even with her bare hand, she could defeat a bear magic beast. Her Earth Magic was powerful too.

However, depending on the opponent, it will turn into a defense battle.(?)



From the entrance to the office which was left open, Flaruca’s three years older cousin – and also her fiancée – entered the room.

The long-distance capable attack, Saxum Glandis(Rock Bullet), become less powerful as the distance increase, and they can’t penetrate if the monster has strong physical resistance.(Thor)

He slowly approached Flaruca and peered at her face.

Since magic beasts and monsters have short temper, if make a sturdy barrier that is difficult to be destroyed, they will give up and look for another prey.(Flaruca)

Flaruca frowned her brows.

However, Luca, if as the result, the monster will attack another person as a result, will you accept that? Won’t you brave the perils of a close combat and try to defeat them instead?(Thor)

Of course, I will.(Flaruca)

Then, I have to refuse your plan. It will take months to travel towards the Imperial Capital and to return with that mindset, isn’t it? Obaa-sama’s will become sicker from worry, you know.(Thor)

Flaruca herself was aware of this. But without knowing the whereabouts of her father and little brother, she couldn’t give up on them at all and unable to move on from this fact. Even if her plan will make her mother sad.

Then, I will ride a war horse.(Flaruca)

Indeed a war horse is hardy. They also are fast on their legs. If it’s you, then you could travel while protecting the horses. But if you try to defeat the monsters you encountered, it will take too much time if you are not hunting them aggressively.(Thor)

So what are you objecting to?(Flaruca)

That you are going alone.(Thor)

Thor-sama, you mean……(Bartol)

I will go as well.(Thor)

Flaruca and Bartol opened their eyes.

I know that my wife is not someone who will not listen. I will be the one responsible for attacking the monsters.(Thor)

I am not your wife.(Flaruca)

Thor made a small smile at Flaruca who pouted and turned her face away.

Ah, but a fiancée is the future wife.(Thor)

……Kuuu. Bartol! It will be fine if both of us go together, right!(Flaruca)

No, but,(Bartol)



The cheek-flushed Flaruca pressed her face at Bartol who then reluctantly agreed.

If we haven’t returned after one year has passed, then you could think us as dead.(Flaruca)


Flaruca nonchalantly told the Aide who became pale.

Isn’t that reasonable when the deadline had passed? Especially given the recent events. However, I promise that I will definitely return.(Flaruca)

Luca, I have a problem with that sentence.(Thor)

As Thor had pointed out, Flaruca tilted her head and then with an “Ah!”, she understood.

Father who had said that he will definitely return, still doesn’t return to this day, right?(Flaruca)

It would be a common trope in a story, that a daughter who left the same words went to find them and didn’t return.

Well let me restate myself: please wait and prepare a toast.(Flaruca)

Yes, and please prepare our wedding reception.(Thor)

It will be a return celebration! A return celebration!(Flaruca)

Flaruca turned red and yelled, but Thor was merely smiled.

I will come after preparing for the journey. At any rate, the departure is tomorrow, right?(Thor)

With that words, he waved his hand and he left the office.

Can he stops teasing me already?(Flaruca)

Bartol smiled fondly at Flaruca who was smacking at the desk. it was gladdening that both of them had a close relationship.

However, I have to give a warning to Thor-sama afterward.(Bartol)

Bartol muttered quietly so that it wouldn’t be heard by the fretful Lord’s daughter in front of him. Even if they are engaged, it will be a journey with an unwed young girl. On behalf of the Lord, Bartol firmly decided that he should properly stick a stern warning.

Bartol bowed and was going to leave the room when he remembered that there was something that he needs to report. Since he was so surprised at being called by Flaruca's and the subsequent flow of events, he almost forgot to report. Since the term for his unexpected appointment as the acting Lord would be from tomorrow until Flaruca’s return, she was still the acting Lord for the present.


What is it? I won’t listen if you reject my plan at this point of time?(Flaruca)

Yes, I am aware of that. As soon as I receive a message of your return, I will prepare a feast to welcome your return.(Bartol)

…… It’s a return celebration, okay?(Flaruca)

Bartol smiled at Flaruca who emphasized her words.

I understand, ojou-sama.(Bartol)

Do you really understand, I wonder?(Flaruca)

Bartol silently smiled when she expressed her dissatisfaction.

Flaruca also understood. Both Thor and Bartol were trying to cheer her up.

They were also concerned about the Lord and their colleagues whose whereabouts are unknown. Even if they made a gloomy face, good news wouldn’t come. Then, for her collapsed mother and considering the feeling of Flaruca, who said that she would go and search for her missing family, the shouldn’t let the gloominess floating in the air.

Both of them look at each other expression and understood what on each respective mind before smiling to each other. Then, Bartol made a blink and tightened his mouth before spoke up to finally make a report.

Flaruca-sama, there is a worrying report from the Lord’s soldiers who had been dispatched to various places.(Bartol)

I am listening.(Flaruca)

The Aide’s eyes were serious so Flaruca responded as the acting Lord. When the Aide called her name, it was basically the time for work. The previous mood was inadvertently gone.

I have already reported about the increases in magic beats and monsters, but it seemed that recently they have become ferocious. A magic beast’s physical strength came from Body Enhancement, but the monsters, that are believed to be evolved from the magic beast, had an increase in their magic power.(Bartol)

Isn’t this just an individual difference?(Flaruca)

No, it’s probably not. For example, the Wild Boar magic beast. Until now, two soldiers are needed to eliminate one Wild Board magic beast ―― though a single skilled soldier could it alone. Most of the specimens that appear recently are huge, has a strong charge attack, and to defeat it, an average of three or more soldiers is needed.(Bartol)

That much?(Flaruca)

It seemed that a number of trees were broken to the root from their charge attack.(Bartol)

The stronger the enemy, the more soldiers will accumulate fatigue. It will be dangerous if this continues too long.

There is a story that the appearance of the Demon Lord is the cause for this.(Bartol)

Demon Lord? …… So, someone who rules over the Magic/Demons[2]? That is a quite unexpected idea, but perhaps they based this on the existence of the Spirit King.(Flaruca)

It was not similar to the Human race’s Monarchial System, but the Spirits World also have Kings. The Earth Spirit King is an existence that records of every being that lives on the land. It seemed that the remaining Water, Fire, and Wind Spirit King also has their own role.

It was not wrong to say that there is a King that has some kind of role over the monsters and demons as well. However, she doesn’t want to believe that its existence had something to do with the monsters strengthening.

“Oh, no,” said he, looking a sort of diabolically funny, “the harpooneer is a dark complexioned chap. He never eats dumplings, he don't—he eats nothing but steaks, and he likes 'em rare.”

“The devil he does,” says I. “Where is that harpooneer? Is he here?”

“He'll be here afore long,” was the answer.

I could not help it, but I began to feel suspicious of this “dark complexioned” harpooneer. At any rate, I made up my mind that if it so turned out that we should sleep together, he must undress and get into bed before I did.

Supper over, the company went back to the bar-room, when, knowing not what else to do with myself, I resolved to spend the rest of the evening as a looker on.

Presently a rioting noise was heard without. Starting up, the landlord cried, “That's the Grampus's crew. I seed her reported in the offing this morning; a three years' voyage, and a full ship. Hurrah, boys; now we'll have the latest news from the Feegees.”

A tramping of sea boots was heard in the entry; the door was flung open, and in rolled a wild set of mariners enough. Enveloped in their shaggy watch coats, and with their heads muffled in woollen comforters, all bedarned and ragged, and their beards stiff with icicles, they seemed an eruption of bears from Labrador. They had just landed from their boat, and this was the first house they entered. No wonder, then, that they made a straight wake for the whale's mouth—the bar—when the wrinkled little old Jonah, there officiating, soon poured them out brimmers all round. One complained of a bad cold in his head, upon which Jonah mixed him a pitch-like potion of gin and molasses, which he swore was a sovereign cure for all colds and catarrhs whatsoever, never mind of how long standing, or whether caught off the coast of Labrador, or on the weather side of an ice-island.

The liquor soon mounted into their heads, as it generally does even with the arrantest topers newly landed from sea, and they began capering about most obstreperously.

I observed, however, that one of them held somewhat aloof, and though he seemed desirous not to spoil the hilarity of his shipmates by his own sober face, yet upon the whole he refrained from making as much noise as the rest. This man interested me at once; and since the sea-gods had ordained that he should soon become my shipmate (though but a sleeping-partner one, so far as this narrative is concerned), I will here venture upon a little description of him. He stood full six feet in height, with noble shoulders, and a chest like a coffer-dam. I have seldom seen such brawn in a man. His face was deeply brown and burnt, making his white teeth dazzling by the contrast; while in the deep shadows of his eyes floated some reminiscences that did not seem to give him much joy. His voice at once announced that he was a Southerner, and from his fine stature, I thought he must be one of those tall mountaineers from the Alleghanian Ridge in Virginia. When the revelry of his companions had mounted to its height, this man slipped away unobserved, and I saw no more of him till he became my comrade on the sea. In a few minutes, however, he was missed by his shipmates, and being, it seems, for some reason a huge favourite with them, they raised a cry of “Bulkington! Bulkington! where's Bulkington?” and darted out of the house in pursuit of him.

It was now about nine o'clock, and the room seeming almost supernaturally quiet after these orgies, I began to congratulate myself upon a little plan that had occurred to me just previous to the entrance of the seamen.

No man prefers to sleep two in a bed. In fact, you would a good deal rather not sleep with your own brother. I don't know how it is, but people like to be private when they are sleeping. And when it comes to sleeping with an unknown stranger, in a strange inn, in a strange town, and that stranger a harpooneer, then your objections indefinitely multiply. Nor was there any earthly reason why I as a sailor should sleep two in a bed, more than anybody else; for sailors no more sleep two in a bed at sea, than bachelor Kings do ashore. To be sure they all sleep together in one apartment, but you have your own hammock, and cover yourself with your own blanket, and sleep in your own skin.

The more I pondered over this harpooneer, the more I abominated the thought of sleeping with him. It was fair to presume that being a harpooneer, his linen or woollen, as the case might be, would not be of the tidiest, certainly none of the finest. I began to twitch all over. Besides, it was getting late, and my decent harpooneer ought to be home and going bedwards. Suppose now, he should tumble in upon me at midnight—how could I tell from what vile hole he had been coming?

“Landlord! I've changed my mind about that harpooneer.—I shan't sleep with him. I'll try the bench here.”

“Just as you please; I'm sorry I can't spare ye a tablecloth for a mattress, and it's a plaguy rough board here”—feeling of the knots and notches. “But wait a bit, Skrimshander; I've got a carpenter's plane there in the bar—wait, I say, and I'll make ye snug enough.” So saying he procured the plane; and with his old silk handkerchief first dusting the bench, vigorously set to planing away at my bed, the while grinning like an ape. The shavings flew right and left; till at last the plane-iron came bump against an indestructible knot. The landlord was near spraining his wrist, and I told him for heaven's sake to quit—the bed was soft enough to suit me, and I did not know how all the planing in the world could make eider down of a pine plank. So gathering up the shavings with another grin, and throwing them into the great stove in the middle of the room, he went about his business, and left me in a brown study.

I now took the measure of the bench, and found that it was a foot too short; but that could be mended with a chair. But it was a foot too narrow, and the other bench in the room was about four inches higher than the planed one—so there was no yoking them. I then placed the first bench lengthwise along the only clear space against the wall, leaving a little interval between, for my back to settle down in. But I soon found that there came such a draught of cold air over me from under the sill of the window, that this plan would never do at all, especially as another current from the rickety door met the one from the window, and both together formed a series of small whirlwinds in the immediate vicinity of the spot where I had thought to spend the night.

The devil fetch that harpooneer, thought I, but stop, couldn't I steal a march on him—bolt his door inside, and jump into his bed, not to be wakened by the most violent knockings? It seemed no bad idea; but upon second thoughts I dismissed it. For who could tell but what the next morning, so soon as I popped out of the room, the harpooneer might be standing in the entry, all ready to knock me down!

Still, looking round me again, and seeing no possible chance of spending a sufferable night unless in some other person's bed, I began to think that after all I might be cherishing unwarrantable prejudices against this unknown harpooneer. Thinks I, I'll wait awhile; he must be dropping in before long. I'll have a good look at him then, and perhaps we may become jolly good bedfellows after all—there's no telling.

But though the other boarders kept coming in by ones, twos, and threes, and going to bed, yet no sign of my harpooneer.

“Landlord!” said I, “what sort of a chap is he—does he always keep such late hours?” It was now hard upon twelve o'clock.

The landlord chuckled again with his lean chuckle, and seemed to be mightily tickled at something beyond my comprehension. “No,” he answered, “generally he's an early bird—airley to bed and airley to rise—yes, he's the bird what catches the worm. But to-night he went out a peddling, you see, and I don't see what on airth keeps him so late, unless, may be, he can't sell his head.”

“Can't sell his head?—What sort of a bamboozingly story is this you are telling me?” getting into a towering rage. “Do you pretend to say, landlord, that this harpooneer is actually engaged this blessed Saturday night, or rather Sunday morning, in peddling his head around this town?”

“That's precisely it,” said the landlord, “and I told him he couldn't sell it here, the market's overstocked.”

“With what?” shouted I.

“With heads to be sure; ain't there too many heads in the world?”

“I tell you what it is, landlord,” said I quite calmly, “you'd better stop spinning that yarn to me—I'm not green.”

“May be not,” taking out a stick and whittling a toothpick, “but I rayther guess you'll be done brown if that ere harpooneer hears you a slanderin' his head.”

“I'll break it for him,” said I, now flying into a passion again at this unaccountable farrago of the landlord's.

“It's broke a'ready,” said he.

“Broke,” said I—“broke, do you mean?”

“Sartain, and that's the very reason he can't sell it, I guess.”

“Landlord,” said I, going up to him as cool as Mt. Hecla in a snow-storm—“landlord, stop whittling. You and I must understand one another, and that too without delay. I come to your house and want a bed; you tell me you can only give me half a one; that the other half belongs to a certain harpooneer. And about this harpooneer, whom I have not yet seen, you persist in telling me the most mystifying and exasperating stories tending to beget in me an uncomfortable feeling towards the man whom you design for my bedfellow—a sort of connexion, landlord, which is an intimate and confidential one in the highest degree. I now demand of you to speak out and tell me who and what this harpooneer is, and whether I shall be in all respects safe to spend the night with him. And in the first place, you will be so good as to unsay that story about selling his head, which if true I take to be good evidence that this harpooneer is stark mad, and I've no idea of sleeping with a madman; and you, sir, you I mean, landlord, you, sir, by trying to induce me to do so knowingly, would thereby render yourself liable to a criminal prosecution.”

“Wall,” said the landlord, fetching a long breath, “that's a purty long sarmon for a chap that rips a little now and then. But be easy, be easy, this here harpooneer I have been tellin' you of has just arrived from the south seas, where he bought up a lot of 'balmed New Zealand heads (great curios, you know), and he's sold all on 'em but one, and that one he's trying to sell to-night, cause to-morrow's Sunday, and it would not do to be sellin' human heads about the streets when folks is goin' to churches. He wanted to, last Sunday, but I stopped him just as he was goin' out of the door with four heads strung on a string, for all the airth like a string of inions.”

This account cleared up the otherwise unaccountable mystery, and showed that the landlord, after all, had had no idea of fooling me—but at the same time what could I think of a harpooneer who stayed out of a Saturday night clean into the holy Sabbath, engaged in such a cannibal business as selling the heads of dead idolators?

“Depend upon it, landlord, that harpooneer is a dangerous man.”

“He pays reg'lar,” was the rejoinder. “But come, it's getting dreadful late, you had better be turning flukes—it's a nice bed; Sal and me slept in that ere bed the night we were spliced. There's plenty of room for two to kick about in that bed; it's an almighty big bed that. Why, afore we give it up, Sal used to put our Sam and little Johnny in the foot of it. But I got a dreaming and sprawling about one night, and somehow, Sam got pitched on the floor, and came near breaking his arm. Arter that, Sal said it wouldn't do. Come along here, I'll give ye a glim in a jiffy;” and so saying he lighted a candle and held it towards me, offering to lead the way. But I stood irresolute; when looking at a clock in the corner, he exclaimed “I vum it's Sunday—you won't see that harpooneer to-night; he's come to anchor somewhere—come along then; do come; won't ye come?”

I considered the matter a moment, and then up stairs we went, and I was ushered into a small room, cold as a clam, and furnished, sure enough, with a prodigious bed, almost big enough indeed for any four harpooneers to sleep abreast.

“There,” said the landlord, placing the candle on a crazy old sea chest that did double duty as a wash-stand and centre table; “there, make yourself comfortable now, and good night to ye.” I turned round from eyeing the bed, but he had disappeared.

Folding back the counterpane, I stooped over the bed. Though none of the most elegant, it yet stood the scrutiny tolerably well. I then glanced round the room; and besides the bedstead and centre table, could see no other furniture belonging to the place, but a rude shelf, the four walls, and a papered fireboard representing a man striking a whale. Of things not properly belonging to the room, there was a hammock lashed up, and thrown upon the floor in one corner; also a large seaman's bag, containing the harpooneer's wardrobe, no doubt in lieu of a land trunk. Likewise, there was a parcel of outlandish bone fish hooks on the shelf over the fire-place, and a tall harpoon standing at the head of the bed.

But what is this on the chest? I took it up, and held it close to the light, and felt it, and smelt it, and tried every way possible to arrive at some satisfactory conclusion concerning it. I can compare it to nothing but a large door mat, ornamented at the edges with little tinkling tags something like the stained porcupine quills round an Indian moccasin. There was a hole or slit in the middle of this mat, as you see the same in South American ponchos. But could it be possible that any sober harpooneer would get into a door mat, and parade the streets of any Christian town in that sort of guise? I put it on, to try it, and it weighed me down like a hamper, being uncommonly shaggy and thick, and I thought a little damp, as though this mysterious harpooneer had been wearing it of a rainy day. I went up in it to a bit of glass stuck against the wall, and I never saw such a sight in my life. I tore myself out of it in such a hurry that I gave myself a kink in the neck.

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Since the Spirit Kings has never been absent, perhaps the Spirits themselves didn’t know what effects will be from the absence of the King, but the Spirits’ power is from their individual magical powers growth. Compared to that, were the monsters obtained their power from the king?

Whether or not the Demon Lord really exist, if this rumor is the result of the citizen’s anxiety coming to a head, as long as the frequency of the monsters’ attacks is not decreasing, it will be difficult to eliminate the citizen’s anxiety.(Flaruca)

Perhaps, unless the Demon Lord is defeated, the anxiety in the citizen may not disappear.(Bartol)

What do you mean?(Flaruca)

The origin of the rumors of Demon Lord is the stories from the refugees who came from the Imperial Capital. They said that there are humanoid monsters who seem to act with a goal in mind amongst the monsters that appeared from the castle.(Bartol)

Humanoid monsters? Have they not mistaken an elf or a dwarf for monsters?(Flaruca)

Their appearance is similar to a human race, although there is a difference like long pointed ears, or extremely short stature and hairy……

They lived a self-sufficient life in the hidden villages they constructed in the forest deep in the mountains, but outside of the rare cases of curious individuals leave their village, unless it is necessary, they wouldn’t leave their village that much. So in the cities like the Imperial Capital, many people don’t know about their appearance.

Though there are minute contempt from the other races, if someone is attacked by a monster in front of their eyes, they would surely help. Perhaps the refugee had a misunderstanding given the battles situation?

No. Even if they are referred as humanoid, it seemed that even if they have a human body, their limbs or half of their body are of beasts or insects.(Bartol)

Flaruca automatically frowned.

Had the monsters incorporate human-traits?(Flaruca)

It’s not clear. However, the Imperial Army soldiers who fought against them seemed to have called them as Demon Race(MAZOKU)[3]. I believed that this fact, together with the concern at the monsters that become ferocious, is the origin of the rumor of the Demon Lord.(Bartol)

Flaruca thought that Bartol's conjecture may be correct.

So they seemed to act following instructions that was given by someone…… Since the Imperial soldiers called them Demon Race, the humanoid monsters belong to a race that can control magic/demon ―― the Demon Race, hence the Demon Lord exists, or so the rumors state.(Flaruca)

Bartol nodded.

Because it is a being that rule over the magic/demon, the Demon Lord is also the origin of why monsters become ferocious, right?(Flaruca)

She could understand. Indeed, the people's anxiety wouldn’t subside unless the Demon Lord is not defeated.

Suddenly, Flaruca remembered something.

Since Monsters evolve by incorporating the traits of their prey, it’s not something that had not been seen before. Weren’t there rumors about sightings of unusual looking monster that sometimes appeared in Yggurd Heights a few years ago?(Flaruca)

Yes, there was.(Bartol)

And there was no army dispatch order given to the Lords.(Flaruca)

She heard that there was no army mobilization order to the neighboring Lords for the subjugation of the new monster. It seemed that everything was handled by the Imperial Capital Garrison Army. Even against a monster that they don’t know how strong it will be, – though, this was a delicate topic – they didn’t even draft the militia as sacrificial pawns.

The fact that the swarm of monsters appeared from the castle itself is also strange. Where were them in the castle in the first place? And then, why did the Imperial Army called the humanoid monsters as Demon Race?(Flaruca)

The Demon Lord rumor spread after the fall of the capital. In short, it was a recent event.

There hadn’t any mention or clue about the Demon Lord rumor before. The rumor content should be that since the Demon Lord exist then Demon Race exists, but the actual rumor was instead: since the Demon Race exists then their leader, the Demon Lord, exists. It should be the first time the Imperial Army saw a humanoid monster, but why they refer to those monsters as Demon Race?(Flaruca)

Flaruca, who was muttered as she put her thoughts together, felt a chill shivering down her spine.

The unusual looking monster that appeared on the Heights and the humanoid monster that appeared on the day the Capital fell, which the soldiers referred as Demon Race, perhaps were a similar entity?

…… Is it to destroy the evidence of experimentation involving monsters and humans?(Flaruca)

Were the magic beasts and monsters that appear from the castle was the thing that they want to conceal? Perhaps the Demon Race was born as a result of an experiment, or perhaps from an experiment mistake, and then an individual among them, who possess strong individuality, plotted for escape. Then that incident happened.

Perhaps, the Demon Lord really exist. Among the humanoid monster.(Flaruca)

But the citizens spoke of a rumor that the Demon Lord originated from amongst the Elves.(Bartol)


Flaruca tilted her head from confusion. Indeed, there were Elves who hate Humans. However, it is unthinkable the Elves who stick with their principle of noninterference would attack the Humans right now.

Because they are able to use strong magic without depending on the Spirits.(Bartol)

So they want to say that the Elves manipulated monsters – or perhaps it was the Elves themselves that turn into monsters – to attack humans? Although, they are indeed well-versed at  Sorcery Magic, using this as the basis to judge that the Demon Lord is an Elf, is a weak reasoning. Aren’t there other Races that is good in Sorcery, like the Dragons for example?(Flaruca)

If the opponent is a dragon, even if we send an entire army to deal with it, they would be wiped out with one breath attack without the dragon needs to move. However, there should be only tens or so people in the Lord’s Army that is on the level of the elites of the Imperial Magic Soldier Corps who had subjugated the dragons in the past. Even if they gathered the entire Imperial soldiers, their united power wouldn’t be enough. That’s why they wished that it will be better if the Demon Lord is an Elf.(Bartol)

This was the reason Flaruca felt exasperated.

It can’t be that they will persecute the Elves for that reason, right? If they do this then the Elves that have connections with the Humans would surely completely end the relationship. Even the other races may desert Humans. If the integration with the other races ended then the beautiful fabric, silverworks, or excellent metal goods that they brought will stop flowing. (Flaruca)

Although it had not reached a persecution level, the citizens are becoming distrustful. I have informed that the rumors are not true, but if they see an Elf or non-Human person, they are on the alert whether or not they will lead the monsters inside.(Bartol)

Flaruca sighed. It seemed that the trigger had already been pulled.

Even though there will be no benefit for the Elves to do such thing.(Flaruca)

If their hatred of Human become worse, they would only isolate themselves. After all, their principle is a self-sufficient lifestyle. The Elves who made connections with humans, only did it in search of excitement.

If possible, I will also investigate a bit more about the Demon Race at the Imperial Capital. Bartol, please direct the citizen so they not provoke the other races in the meantime. If we have good neighbors, then we could depend on them.(Flaruca)

I understand. I will do so.(Bartol)

Bardol bowed and then left the office room.

The next morning, even though her condition couldn’t be said as being well, Flaruca's mother insisted that she would see Flaruca’s off. Flaruca who left the mansion with her mother found the Thor who had finished with the journey preparation waiting for her. But he didn’t notice Flaruca arrival as he was exchanging a covenant with the Spirit.

…… Thus, I swear.(Thor)

Thor concluded the words of the covenant and was enveloped by a red light from the Fire Spirit.

Thor? What happened? Why are you making a covenant?(Flaruca)

I am coerced by Aide-done.(Thor)

As soon as Bartol noticed that the situation turned bad, he averted his eyes from Flaruca.

What did you swear about? To protect me and return?(Flaruca)

Flaruca asked as she thought that it couldn’t possibly that he swear an impossible thing like Won’t let even a single injury befall her. However, it was something that was outside her expectation.

I swear to not make a move on Luca during the trip.(Thor)


The Aide was silent.

B–A–R–T–O–L–! I wonder what are you had been worried about, HMM?

Given the current situation and in addition, since the partner of her journey is her fiancée, it didn’t seem that there will be a scandalous event. But for Bartol, he seemed to be worried that the scandalous even will come true.

Why are you worried about such thing at this kind of time! Even if Thor lose control of himself, I could just blow him away with Body Enhancement!(Flaruca)

Don’t worry, a light hug until the kiss are still SAFE.(Thor)

Are you really will stop at that point? Rather, why don’t you make those an OUT[4] as well?(Flaruca)

That will be a problem.(Thor)

Thor quickly approached Flaruca, who was hurling complaints, and hugged her. Then he pressed his cheek against hers and whispered in her ear.

It will be a nightmare if I am not able to touch you. I would collapse from Luca deficiency.(Thor)

Since when my fiancée is perverted like this?(Flaruca)

Bartol cleared his throat and made Flaruca remembered about the existence of surrounding people, who put Body Enhancement on her arms to push Thor away and gain a distance.

It’s awful to be watched directly by the others……(Flaruca)

The people who came to see them off were Thor’s parents and his little brother and Flaruca’s mother. The stare from both family’s mother going Ara ara, my my. *chuckle* was really bad for Flaruca’s heart. In order to change the topic anew, Flaruca took something from her coat pocket and thrust at to Thor.

Wear this. You can use it like a magic stone.(Flaruca)

Hanging on the necklace was small colored pebbles tied by strings: blue, green, white, yellow, and red in order. It was something that was given by a certain person to Flaruca as an amulet.

Can this be…… Orb Jewels!?(Thor)

Yes, I asked for it from the Earth Spirit King yesterday, including Thor’s share as well.(Flaruca)

Flaruca pulled out a matching necklace around her neck.

Apart from the yellow Orb, the Orbs were something that was obtained from the other Spirit Kings, courtesy of the Earth Spirit King. For the white stone, it was enchanted with a skill so that the Orbs wouldn’t be noticed at a glance. Unless someone took it in their hand and saw at it thoroughly, they would only look at the Orbs as just colored rocks.

An Orb, unlike a magic stone, automatically replenishes their Attribute Mana from the atmosphere, so there is no need to charge it every time it is used up.(Flaruca)

The Orbs obtained from the Spirits King seemed to be loaded with the King’s Mana, and so it was highly concentrated to the full from various Spirits Kings.

So, Orbs that can substitute mana stone for special magic?(Thor)

Even if your whereabouts are unknown, if you have the Orbs, it will be easy for the Earth Spirit King to find you.(Flaruca)

Thor thought that, as always, the Earth Spirit King was like a grandfather spoiling his grandchild.

Surely he was delighted that the Miko is relying on him.

The Earth Spirit King records every being that lives on the land. However, this doesn’t mean that he remembers it. In practice, he just receive and store everything.

Even for the King, searching the humongous past records for a record of a Human without any mark or hint is similar to searching for a needle that fell in the desert. Therefore, even when the family of his Miko was in a danger, unlike the Miko who made a contract with him, he couldn’t notice that danger and lent them his hand. Even now, he didn’t know whether they still alive or already dead. As soon as he starts searching for the records, the records in total will still continue to increase after all.

Perhaps because of this, he was thinking to help as much as he can by giving the Orbs to the Miko, when she said that she would go and search by herself. He couldn’t refuse when the Miko also pleads for her fiancee who will accompany her on the journey.

Thank you. I will put this to good use.(Thor)

While holding the necklace in a reverent manner, Thor expressed his gratitude, before immediately wearing it. He was covering the necklace under his clothes so it wouldn’t be seen from the outside.

Then, let’s depart.(Flaruca)

The two loaded the warhorse and depart for their long journey.


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[1] Young Lady.

[2] Both of them arein the Japanese. so魔王could mean Magic Lord or Demon Lord.

[3] Since Ma could means Magic or Demon: so, Magical Demon Race… LoL

[4] SAFE and OUT are from Baseball term.


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